Tips to consider before heading to the polls today

Polls open 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 5, 2013
Election Day across Erie, Huron, Ottawa and Sandusky counties offers a smorgasbord of appetizing options.

School levies, school board races, government issues and council and trustee races should satisfy any voter’s appetite today.

Before arriving at the polls, and to ensure your vote counts, follow these guidelines outlined by Erie County Board of Elections director Jen Ferback:

1. When can I vote?
Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. As long as you’re in line by 7:30 p.m., election officials must let you vote.

2. What do I need to bring with me so I can vote without any problems?
A valid form of voter identification includes one of the following:

•Current or valid Ohio driver’s license. Election officials won’t accept an expired driver’s license as identification.

• Military identification card. 

• Original or copy of current utility bill containing voter’s name. 

• Original or copy of current paycheck.

• Original or copy of current government check.

3. What happens if I’m confused about the voting procedure when arriving to the polls?
If you have a question, poll workers are trained to help you understand any confusing issues possibly arising.    

4. Where do I vote?
Most boards of election have a website where you can see polling locations.

Call your local board of elections as a last resort.

5. What are my rights?
You’re under no obligation to discuss your vote with anyone, and no one is allowed to influence how you vote. If you encounter any problems, immediately inform poll workers or call police.

Additionally, only voters are allowed within 100 feet of all polling locations on Election Day.

Some exceptions can be made, such as children accompanying their parents at the polls.

Anyone else must stay behind a line, which is usually marked by tiny U.S. flags or political signs placed into the ground.

Campaigners can peacefully support or protest a candidate or issue beyond the 100-foot boundary.

If you encounter any questionable or strange issues when voting, you can contact your local board office or the Register at 419-625-5500 ext. 5 or email  .



VOTE NO! Let's hope this is the last time we have to play these childish games that the current board likes to play!


subtle,you can continue to insult all the "misguided","uninformed" no voters all you want, it only reduces any credibility you may have had.


for starters....everyone in government wants my $26 a month....and everyone isn't going to get it!!

The BOE is there to represent the majority, not to argue with them!!

Numbers can be inflated to push a purpose, I highly doubt it will take $50 million. And many of the items required or needed can be prioritized. $ 3.5 million would have been a good start instead of investing in the plans for a new school the majority do not want.


Your information on Franklin and Ahner is nothing more than rumor and gossip, typical of the levy supporters.


Rumor and gossip? Hey, there is a no voter blogging it (belikemike). We r just repeating

Rumor and gossip seems to be the bulk of voteno campaign.


Well I guess rumors and gossip win AGAIN! This time by a landslide!


Yes they do win again. And the community and it's children lose.


There you go again saying false things, Did you get a chance to speak to Franklin???? Actually I did!! I was curious about what you had said and he said nothing of the sort. He did say the only thing he wanted to cut were the unsustainable fees that the school has put on those families. He did also say that he does not have a problem with ANY extra curricular program. Franklin had said that he has always been consistent with his message and never swayed from it. Here is a little information for you though, subtle, he had been going to the school board meetings for 6 years voicing his opinions to all of them and I guess one of the board suggested if he didn't like things maybe he should run for school board. I commend the guy for standing up for what he believes and not sitting around whining like everyone and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, and for the earlier post...yes I do believe HE would do the big fight in Columbus as well. I WILL vote for Franklin! and BTW no too!!


Where's the documents for all that.



A major advantage of the millage switch is a revenue source that doesn't need to be voted on. With this switch in millage the school board does not have to be directly accountable to the voting public on the cost or scope of new buildings. This is an unacceptable option to me.

If this present levy passes the millage switch goes into effect and the voting public loses their immediate ability to control building issues within the district.

I'm against the millage switch thus I am against the levy in it's present state.


The school board and school administration oversee the use of public funds. They are no different than politicians or officials in any government agency. They are bureaucrats just on a local level.


Where does the state generate their money? Taxpayers. Do they have a big bag of unused funds they are holding back from schools? Not if you look at their budget.

The state will not solve your problem of needing more funds for schools. You either have to reduce services or tax people more. Don't look at them as your savior. Look to yourself.

The Bizness

This is from the Oxford Dictionary;

an official in a government department, in particular one perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people’s needs.

If that is what you believe school board members are then by all means, carry on.

Vote Informed

VOTE YES for Perkins Schools! Vote Uher & Chapman!




That's a good one! What a funny guy!


Hi K.P.


Most of you continue to make the saaaaame lame comments over and over and over again. It's tiresome. Move already, would ya?






You do realize if the levy passes we would still be paying a cheaper tax rate than any schools in the area. People come on and complain about minimum wage needing to be raised all the time. What Perkins taxpayers pay the district in tax contributions is the equivalent to minimum wage, THE ABSOLUTE LEAST of any school in the area by a loooong stretch.

You can TRY to hide behind a mask of 'I don't like Gunner, or I don't like the current BOE' but the bottom line is it's been over a decade and there have been many superintendents and numerous board members of all agendas, beliefs, and goals for the district AND YET THE COMMUNITY STILL REFUSED TO SUPPORT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

You can try to hide behind the economic downturn we had a couple years ago, but the decade prior to that was the most financially stable decade in my lifetime AND YET THE COMMUNITY STILL REFUSED TO SUPPORT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

You can try to rationalize it however you want if it makes you sleep better at night; but the bottom line is that this community, that supposedly has Pirate Pride, offers only the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM SUPPORT for the school district.

Heck, we pay HALF THE TAX RATE SANDUSKY DOES and Perkins is a community with ALMOST DOUBLE THE MEDIAN INCOME of Sandusky. We have been consistently horrible with our support and trying to spin it any other way is like trying to say you 'do a great job feeding your children' because you gave them a box of Saltines to share three weeks ago.


"You do realize if the levy passes......" It didn't.