VIDEO: Perkins Township Trustee Candidate Debate

Watch the entire Perkins Township trustee debate between Mike Printy, Jim Lang and Tim Coleman.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 29, 2013
Incumbent trustees Tim Coleman and Mike Printy and challenger Jim Lang faced off at the Sandusky Register. 

Coleman is seeking re-election to a third term, while Printy is seeking re-election to a second term. The challenger in the race, Lang, is a retired Perkins Township police officer who most recently served for two years as chief with the Sandusky Police Department.

There are two open seats.

This debate, and all of the Register’s other fall campaign debates — the Huron, Perkins and Margaretta school board races and two Sandusky city commission debates — are available for demand viewing at  / decision-2013.

Watch the Perkins Trustee candidate debate in the player below

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Just Asking

Can you tell Coleman is in election mode? He was always addressing the camera in the first part. Started to forget until the very end.

Almost lost it when he said that "the trustees" were available 24/7. That may be true for some, but for Coleman is only happens during election time.

He never misses an opportunity to meet & greet. And for 3 months he is everywhere. Have you noticed how many articles in the SR had comments from Coleman and not the other trustees? Then for the remaining time you only see him at trustee meeting.

Printy seems to have done a reasonably good job.

Diane Schaefer

Wish I could have watched live, but had other things to do.

My question would have been: How can you say services were not sacrificed because of the building of the new complex at 2610 Columbus Avenue?

Starting in 2010 surplus estate tax was transferred to the Building project. This practice was continued in 2011 where almost all the estate tax was transferred less a small amount because of the excess cost of the two paving projects. And I believe the practice was continued in 2012.

Historically the estate tax has been used as the Township's share of Issue II projects for major road projects. So without those funds there was no money for the road paving in 2012 and 2013.


Are you still the treasure for the township or did you finally lose your job? If you have a complaint take it to the trustees and not air it out here in the public.


"If you have a complaint take it to the trustees and not air it out here in the public."

What right do you have to tell a private citizen or public official that they should not comment here in the public? Why do you think that the Sandusky Register provides this comment section?

Are you really a retired firefighter? You don't sound like it with your selfish ballsy comment.

Diane Schaefer

I have taken my concerns on this and a number of other matters to the trustees, but the current board does nothing about it (except maybe Mike Printy).

When I asked why they haven't used the website to keep the taxpayers up to date on financial matters, I get answers such as Mr. Dodrill (Hwy) or Chief Klamar (Police) are handling it. Why even Chief Wohlever (Fire) put together the previous levy information.

Why is it these people are tasked with providing the information instead of the current Trustees and/or Fiscal Officer?

I noticed in the agenda for the last meeting there was a new contract with Mike Regan (IT support). Have they gone to yet another web provider who will be doing the work instead of doing it in-house? And why? Could it be some people (elected officials that is) simply do not have the expertise to do it themselves?


"Lang, is a retired Perkins Township police officer who most recently served for two years as chief with the Sandusky Police Department."

I have several questions about this candidate. Usually law enforcement officers are not paid the best salary and that includes some police chiefs.

Did Mr. Lang make good investments, win the lottery, double dipping (Ohio's retirement law) or get a nice inheritance? Did his wife have a good income or received an inheritance? The reason I ask these questions is because Mr. Lang bought a house in 2003 for $425,000.
8/27/2003 $425,000


The first thing i would ask Mr. Lang is what would have happened if he had been trustee and instead of buidling a debt free buidling used that money for the 6 police officers? when that money ran out they would have still had to have been laid off. All Mr. Lang would have done was kick the can down the road.