VIDEO: City commission hopefuls debate at State Theatre

All seven Sandusky city commission candidates received a question in advance for tonight’s Register-sponsored debate.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 24, 2013


Candidates had one full day to research and prepare before answering at 7 p.m. at the Sandusky State Theatre.

The candidates included incumbents Diedre Cole and John Hamilton along with Dick Brady, Patricia Ferguson, Dennis Murray Jr., Scott Schell and Naomi Twine.

The debate was shown live at  and is available in the player below.


Julie R.

Maybe Tone and Binette could attend. Binette can chastise the city's hired attorney again about not following the proper procedures in filing paperwork that led to the reinstatement of one fired cop and Tone can tell why it was a cardinal sin to fire the part-time Sandusky police officer son of former Huron police chief and now appointed by Binette MetroParks commissioner Randy Glovinsky.


Do Tone and Binette pay Sandusky (OHIO) city income taxes? They work in the city.

I get all kinds of information and need to know what is the truth and what is fiction.

Do not elect an attorney as a Sandusky city commissioner. Elect someone who represent the common people.


Very interesting debate. Thanks for airing it for those of us who could not attend.


Wow look at that crowed. Had to keep people out due to occupancy requirements.

Seriously, either apathy is alive and well in Sandusky or else the voting public has already made up their minds on whom they are voting for.

Brady brought us City Manager Ard as head of the City Manager Search Committee.

Here we go again taking money from a fund and using it for something it was not intended to be used for. The EMS Fund was created to purchase safety services equipment and now will be used to pay firefighter salaries for two years---these type changes are never temporary they become permanent.

I had to shut this off half way through I couldn't take it anymore.

The Cedar Point Puppet Master was in the audience making sure the candidates said no to an increase in Amusement Admissions Tax.
Does anyone remember 5 years ago when the City Commission put a
.5%(?) income tax increase on the ballot and Cedar Point sweetened the pot by agreeing to their part increase ticket prices .25 cents if the ballot issue passed? Grand total would have been taxpayer $3 million in added income tax--Amusement Admission Tax $700,000 added. Sound fair?

Brady goes speaks at the 53.33 mark on how much Cedar Point pays the City--he mentions millions in property tax. He doesn't realize the City only sees a small fraction of that money.


We are moving $500,000 out of the general fund and moving the obligation to the EMS Fund for the next two years. It is like playing a shell game at city hall by moving money around out of different funds. We have just freed up $500,000 from the general fund that the city will have to play with when the budget looks better later on. Shifting the money around is not a solution.

Julie R.

Will there be debates when it's time to vote for COUNTY public officials? I sure hope so. I want to ask what happened to that $3 Million Mystery Account at Citizens Bank ---- the one the county public officials (falsely) claimed nobody knew about but the former Clerk of Court Barb Johnson.