VIDEO: Margaretta school board candidate debate

Seven of the eight candidates were available for Thursday evening's debate at the Village Pizza House.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 17, 2013

Watch the debate in the player below



anyone who will fire Ed Kurt has my vote!!


What's wrong with Ed Kurt?


Everything!!!! My vote is for the two who are not part of the good ole' boys club. Lippert needs to go he is as slimy as a snake. The only reason Bodey did not run this time is he knew he did not have a chance in hell this time. Bye Bye Bodey!!


For some reason The Dick Cheney look alike at 26:00 talking about defense turns me off, I kept waiting for him to say something like "Debt doesn't matter and remember 9/11".


Edwards is best friends with Kurt's son; Dan Miller is a supporter of Kurt; Kent Miller talks well, but is all for the 'coaches' instead of teachers; Lippert is jaded and needs to go; Ried has the right ideas, but would be eaten alive by McMahon--that leaves Rankin and Schoenegge--both of whom are not big Kurt fans.


This is laughable....Ried with the right ideas? Name one idea she had! Instead of eating her Wheaties, I think she ate a big box of rocks! Schoenegge talks in circles and makes no sense, he'd make as good of a board member as he did a teacher.

Lippert and Kent Miller are the only ones I'd consider at this point. I'm undecided if my third vote will be for Edwards or Dan Miller.


Ried made the comment that things need to change on the school board and the school needed to get students ready for college and the real world--that's what I meant by her good ideas. She certainly does not speak well in public and is too wishy-washy--that's why big, bad, mean McMahon would eat her alive. Lippert is a member of the Good Ole Boys Club. Kent Miller spoke well, but mentioned sports and coaching too much (although this is Margaretta Athletic Academy we're speaking about). Dan Miller looks and acts too smug for me--he appeared to think he was already voted in; PLUS he's friends with Ed. Schoenegge may not be the greatest public speaker, but he won't put up with Kurt or McMahon's bullying.


I can't stop staring at the green Crocs.


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I think we have some candidates on the ballot who have the ability to move our district in the direction it needs to go. Having been a life-long resident of the Margaretta School District, as well as a graduate of MHS, I know several of them on a personal basis as I'm sure many of us do simply because of the small size of our community. That being said, I am willing to set aside my personal feelings, friendships and vendettas to make sure that I vote for the candidates who I feel will better our community and school district and not choose someone simply based on their last name or because I have known them for decades and think they are a good person. My only hope is that others will be able to do the same. Anyone who has taken the time to watch this video will know that there are a couple candidates who, although they may have the better interests of our community at heart, simply are not capable of undertaking the task of making decisions for our community or children. I hope that we as voters can make the right decision in a few weeks, the future of our children depends on it.


I agree. Just because someone is on the board already does not justify STAYING on the board (Lippert). Being an educator and businessman who sat down with Jude Hammond for 3 hours to go over the books (D. Miller), doesn't automatically qualify you; and running a million dollar farming enterprise (Edwards) doesn't compare to a school board.

Castalia Gal

Well stated Logistics!!!!!