Huron school board candidates debate

Watch the debate at BGSU Firelands or here live starting at 7 p.m.
Jason Werling
Oct 10, 2013


The “Debate Thursdays” series continued tonight with Huron school board candidates facing off at BGSU Firelands College.

The debate was presented by the Register in partnership with the Huron Chamber of Commerce, the college and the Huron Library.

Five of the district’s seven candidates — Kevin Asher, Nancy Bulea, Donna Green, Cheryl Kleist and Scott Slocum — attended.

Candidates Sherry Catri and Eric Muehlhauser said they could not attend due to work-related conflicts.

Watch clips from the debate in the player below

The entire series, every Thursday through Oct. 24, is available for demand viewing anytime at 



send Asher to the Thunderdome


Erie County is heading down the toilet! Need industry!!!!!!!!


Huron's getting hotter


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Got a head like a house cat !


Nancy Bulea answered a question about the district making amends with Mr. Nelson and refers to him as Mr. Fox. I think that was a "Fredian" slip!


The district doesn't need to make amends with Todd Nelson. His slimy buddy Freddie needs to do that. Nelson can blame Fox for all of it.


I agree. I am tired of hearing about the lose of a great donor in Mr. Nelson. What about the local donors & families that support the district everyday. The Huron Market, Drug Mart, The Gym, Cornell's, The Chef's Garden/Farmer Jones, Marconi's, Berrardi's, Rye Beach Deli, to name just a few. These local donors give back to the students no matter who is the superintendent or who is on the board. If Mr. Nelson wants to be petty and pull his support because his buddy screwed up and go fired-let him go! Lets support the local businesses that do not hold the voters hostage but give because they believe and care about the kids.



Nice to see you up there again Mrs. Bulea!

google me

Asher sure is a Negative Nancy.


So, Donna Green sent a letter to the paper regarding the behavior of Mr. Fox before and after his termination?

Here's a question for you Ms. Green: Why is it OK to fire Fox, but still employ a certain coach/teacher who had STUDENTS pass love letters (during school hours) to another teacher he/she was having an affair with?

Oh wait a second, I know why: Fox wasn't "in bed with" Sowecke to lead the witch hunt.