Brady, Murray seek city commission seats

Both are circulating candidate petitions for November election
Jul 23, 2013

It could be back to the future for Sandusky City Commission when votes are counted Nov. 5. 

Two former city commissioners — Dennis Murray Jr. and Dick Brady — confirmed Monday they both intend to be candidates for city commissioner this fall. 

“I enjoy public service,” said Murray, a former commissioner and ex officio mayor. “I believe I can have a positive impact.”

Brady said he also believes the time is right. 

“We’re at a watershed moment in our history,” Brady said. 

The seats currently held by commissioners Pervis Brown, John Hamilton and Diedre Cole are in play in the November election. 

Cole said she intends run for re-election, and she welcomed news of Murray and Brady’s candidacies. 

“We need change on commission,” said Cole, who has previously expressed frustration with the current majority coalition — commissioners Jeff Smith, Julie Farrar, Keith Grohe, Brown and Hamilton — and their inability to be more decisive. 

“There are important decisions that must be made, and that’s not happening with the current makeup on commission,” Cole said.

Ask your questions and get answers live on 'Between the Lines' with guest Dennis Murray Jr. at 1 p.m. Thursday. 

Brown is term-limited, so he will not be on the ballot. It’s not clear if Hamilton will run for re-election, but several others are circulating candidate petitions. 

The deadline to file petitions is Aug. 7.

Brady praised Murray’s decision to run. 

“The real story is the other guy who’s getting in the race,” he said. 

The two men don’t intend to run as a team. 

“I could not be more pleased that Dennis is in,” Brady said. “But his candidacy is not tied to mine in any way.” 

Murray was elected commissioner in 2005 and served until late 2008, when he was forced to resign his commission seat after being elected state representative. He served two terms in Columbus. 

Brady was appointed to an open city commissioner seat in 2011, and he served for one year. He opted to run for county commissioner as an independent last year, rather than seek a full term on city commission. He was defeated in a four-man race by incumbent county commissioner Tom Ferrell. 

Brady said he sees much potential in the city, and he doesn’t believe city commission is taking advantage of the opportunities. 

“You’ve heard. I’ve heard it. People are always asking, ‘Why isn’t the city what it has the potential to be?’” he said. “Everywhere you look you can see promise, but in too many places in Sandusky, you see blight.”



Really, these two again? Didn't we learn our lesson the first time around with these guys?


Thank you!


Brady only served one term and he went on to running for another position in the county. How can we trust him that he won't leave again and then the commissioners will have to appoint someone else to take his place. Brady left us high and dry. Maybe we should do the same thing to him come November.

Keep Focused

To Darkhourse:

Always vote for the best people, then, when elected, treat them well and support their ideas and the will stay.

google me

Brady will probably sue the voters of Sandusky if he doesn't get elected!

There you go again

Will his attorney be Murray?!?!


Glad to see some knowledge of business and law coming back. Both could have set back and watched this city self destruct, but chose not to. Now we can send one back to mowing grass, and another back to whatever it is they don't do. Let's see how long it takes for them to get ripped apart by you know who.

doggie mom

Why what a surprise Ms. Cole has to have her 2 cents in the paper. Why is it we can't get a stament from anyone else? UGH!

Matt Westerhold

Thanks doggie mom. To answer your question, it's not possible to publish statements from commissioners who don't make statements or respond in a responsible way to legitimate inquiries about city business. 

doggie mom

Mr. Westerhold I do not believe it is the fault of the newspaper that none of the other commissioners are quoted. Ms. Cole always has her tongue wagging trying to get printed. I just wish some of the others would step up.


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Brady and the Murrat? No way, one is a quitter and the other, well can you say Marina Distric!!

AJ Oliver

I wish to correct a mistake I made in a Register blog post a while back; in it, I suggested that Mr. Brady behaved improperly during the CP Causeway sign affair. I was wrong, and regret the error.
Lets attempt to be accurate in our posts, take responsibility when we get things wrong, and use our own names when we criticize people or organizations.


AJ Oliver

What was the issue?


Dick. Yes, you.


Since these two have decided to run and it's obviously headline material, I'd like to know who the other "several" candidate's are, who unfortunately don't warrant the same headline.


Could either of them be any worse then what you have now? I don't think so.


Hope this isn't off-topic, but . . . anything new wrt the City Budget & the individual performance reviews of Ms. Ard that were supposed to be completed by the current city commissioners?

Julie R.

A Murray goes from state representative to seeking a city commissioner seat again in little one-horse Sandusky, Ohio? I smell something in the woodshed.

The Answer Person

So all you naysayers are perfectly happy with whom you have seated now, right?


Let's see...the man for whom City Commissioner wasn't "good enough" and dropped it all to run for a County office (which, in fairness, does pay a lot better) and, thanks to the vacancy he left, saddled us all with Deidre Cole. And a militant progressive liberal who declined to run again for state office but now wants to be a big fish in a little pond (the two facts probably related). Perfect.

WHO are the other people running again?

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

What if I were to run, Sam?


Run Forrest run..... ooops that has the wrong meaning

Seriously tho..... based on your points of view and independent thinking that you portray in these blogs, you might very well be a very viable candidate. I'm a neighbor next town over and just throwing it out there since u asked

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I appreciate it. I actually went to HMS/HHS and lived there for a long time. What I post here are my sincere thoughts and feelings, they have to be since I am (effectively) not posting anonymously. Running for office is something I have weighed for a while. Hmmm...


Matt, if you ran we would support you 100%..just saying. You have a good 'read' on things going on and we like your 'intelligent' comments. LIKE !!

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Got my papers today.


You have a vested interest in downtown Sandusky. You own and run a successful business in Sandusky. You care enough to participate in the community by writing a column for the Register. I'd say that makes you qualified! And the common sense exhibited in the vast majority of your postings not only makes you qualified, but a man I'd likely vote for.

Get your petition paperwork going. I'd be happy to sign it. And, depending on what positions you take during your campaign, I'd be just as happy to vote for you.

NOW you've done it... :-D


City pays Brady for 'stolen' sign concept

A former Sandusky city commissioner contends area government officials stole his drawings and installed a copyrighted sign without consent.
Andy Ouriel Sandusky Jun 20, 2012.

Sign design was done by Brady's company while he was a Commissioner


The design was copyrighted by Brady Sign Company. The person in charge of the sign build and fabrication for the city was warned to run it by the legal department first. I don't believe it was. All this for a sign that is unnecessary, not required by Coast Guard, but is only there so the drunk boaters can find their way home!

Julie R.

I don't think Murray's running so he can be a big fish in a little pond. There's probably something instead in the works.

Sort of like the Barb Johnson saga. I knew something was in the works there, too. She was the Clerk of Court for over 20 years and nary a word was ever said about her until Tone and Binette became judges. Then we started seeing all these derogatory articles about her and even pictures of all those court records stored in a building ---- yet they forgot to mention that Tone took over the 3rd floor and her office was moved to the small office on the 1st floor. And then that vicious removejohnson blog calling her a do-nothing clerk for over 20 years ....... and then sure enough we then started hearing about a $3 million dollar account of unclaimed funds at Citizens Bank that nobody in the county supposedly knew about but Johnson ....... then we heard the $3 million belonged to attorneys ....... then we heard how Binette renovated his court ........ and now (according to LuvsPlant) there IS no $3 million dollar account!