Brady, Murray seek city commission seats

Both are circulating candidate petitions for November election
Jul 23, 2013

It could be back to the future for Sandusky City Commission when votes are counted Nov. 5. 

Two former city commissioners — Dennis Murray Jr. and Dick Brady — confirmed Monday they both intend to be candidates for city commissioner this fall. 

“I enjoy public service,” said Murray, a former commissioner and ex officio mayor. “I believe I can have a positive impact.”

Brady said he also believes the time is right. 

“We’re at a watershed moment in our history,” Brady said. 

The seats currently held by commissioners Pervis Brown, John Hamilton and Diedre Cole are in play in the November election. 

Cole said she intends run for re-election, and she welcomed news of Murray and Brady’s candidacies. 

“We need change on commission,” said Cole, who has previously expressed frustration with the current majority coalition — commissioners Jeff Smith, Julie Farrar, Keith Grohe, Brown and Hamilton — and their inability to be more decisive. 

“There are important decisions that must be made, and that’s not happening with the current makeup on commission,” Cole said.

Ask your questions and get answers live on 'Between the Lines' with guest Dennis Murray Jr. at 1 p.m. Thursday. 

Brown is term-limited, so he will not be on the ballot. It’s not clear if Hamilton will run for re-election, but several others are circulating candidate petitions. 

The deadline to file petitions is Aug. 7.

Brady praised Murray’s decision to run. 

“The real story is the other guy who’s getting in the race,” he said. 

The two men don’t intend to run as a team. 

“I could not be more pleased that Dennis is in,” Brady said. “But his candidacy is not tied to mine in any way.” 

Murray was elected commissioner in 2005 and served until late 2008, when he was forced to resign his commission seat after being elected state representative. He served two terms in Columbus. 

Brady was appointed to an open city commissioner seat in 2011, and he served for one year. He opted to run for county commissioner as an independent last year, rather than seek a full term on city commission. He was defeated in a four-man race by incumbent county commissioner Tom Ferrell. 

Brady said he sees much potential in the city, and he doesn’t believe city commission is taking advantage of the opportunities. 

“You’ve heard. I’ve heard it. People are always asking, ‘Why isn’t the city what it has the potential to be?’” he said. “Everywhere you look you can see promise, but in too many places in Sandusky, you see blight.”



Are you kidding me? This is what Sandusky has to offer? Both have proven their worthlessness in the past. Somebody, SOMEBODY please come forward to help the city!!!


And by the way,,,these two really do deserve Diedre


these two really do deserve Diedre..Agreed!!!!!!


If Matt ran he would not have to rely on Ms. Cole for news.


I hope, for the sake of this city, that more people are running than Cole, Brady and Murray. It is time for this city to get NEW blood on the City Commission...people who are willing to work, make clear and good decisions in public and be open and honest with the people of Sandusky. I, for one, am tired of hearing only from Deidra Cole and Wesley Poole in the Paper when there are other people on that commission. I don't believe no one else will talk, I just don't think they are asked. But it is time to get new people who are leaders who will be happy to work FOR the people

Julie R.

Why doesn't Murray run for a county seat instead of city? Why doesn't he run for county commissioner? There's a lot more money in that than there is a city commissioner. Or how about running for auditor, recorder, clerk of court, common pleas court judge, probate court judge, or even prosecutor?


As Murray is going to be the guest on 'Between the Lines' tomorrow afternoon, perhaps the following questions could be posed to him:

1. Why have you decided to again run?

2. What will you do differently this time?

3. What are your goals?

4. What is your timeline to achieve the goals?

5. How will you keep the citizens of Sandusky informed and aware of what you've accomplished and what you plan to accomplish?

Ultimately, it would be good for all candidates to appear in a public forum to not only present themselves but also field questions from citizens. The Commissioners need to remember they represent the citizens who elect them, meaning they have to remember they ultimately answer to the public. It's something elected officials need to remember as they seem to so easily forget.


We need candidates running interested in improving the entire City.

My concern with the Hero Zone gentleman running is, if elected, here come another elected official with tunnel vision working on downtown projects only at the expense of Sandusky taxpayers and the sale of city owned waterfront.

Murray was at the top promoting the Battery Park Marina District Project that managed to rip this community to shreds.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

You make a very valid point, and I say that non-sarcastically. I do own a business downtown and my motivations could be called into question regarding those decisions. In this case, if it was legally and/or ethically necessary I presume I could abstain from a vote. After going to the POLA classes, I felt the ethics presentation was one of the best.

However, and if this helps ease your concerns, I also do have a pair of lungs and while I don't smoke in order to keep them healthy, I also need to make sure my brain and heart are functioning in order to stay alive. So there's more to this city than just its downtown. If I lost my business (hey, things happen!) I would need to find a job elsewhere and there's a lot of elsewhere outside that area.

Plus...I've roleplayed (and fought against) enough evil emperors in D&D and other games that I both know what happens to them and wouldn't want to make my recreation my avocation hahaha!

I appreciate your concern, honestly, and I don't take it personally.


Once again, I suppose Murray and Brady have their eye on developing the Meigs Street property along with the pavilion property and we start all over again with the battle of the property and what to do with it. The city is just recuperating from all the money we spent on the project and now we can plunge back into it. This is exactly why we can't get anything else done in this town because all funding and resources are going into development that cost the taxpayer money in the end. After their rein, we will be filing for bankruptcy.