Lang wants Perkins trustee vote

Former Perkins police officer and retired Sandusky police chief says he will be candidate in November.
Jun 29, 2013


He's served as a police officer and commander for more than 30 years. 

Now he wants to be a Perkins Township trustee. 

Lang, who stepped down earlier this year as Sandusky police chief after a two-year stint during which he stabilized the troubled department, said then he was considering a run for trustee.

A Facebook Page supporting Lang's candidacy was started in late-May and appears to make it clear he will be on the ballot in November.

Click here to see the page. 

The seats currently held by incumbent trustees Tim Coleman and Mike Printy are both open seats in the general election Nov. 5. 



Why? What does he think he can contribute? What does he think should be changed? What are his ideas?


SR - how about a link to the FB page?

Matt Westerhold

Here's a link: A link also has been added to the copy above. Thanks for the suggestion. 


I wish the best for you Mr. Lang. You have always worked hard and treated people fair. You have my vote!


Stabilize a troubled department???? Didn't all the bad stuff happen while was "interim" chief???? I wouldn't vote for this guy to be a crossing guard....but if deidre cole can be voted a city commissioner after milking the welfare system for 20+ years, hell anythings possible


Agreed! Wolf in sheep's clothes!


lang couldn't wait to be done with SPD he complained everyday now he wants to be What??????? what you smoking jim?


Why do people think they can escape the long arm of the law ?
You have to learn that there are a lot more of them then you think and they have something you dont have , and thats a radio that can find yea no matter where you think you can go
It just show me that they think they are better then anyone else and they can get away with crimes .Use your god gift of commen sense . good grief people


and this has what to do with this story?

J Cooper

Did everyone forget that he was the head metro park ranger during the Nazi like tactics on the Greenway, destroying private property.

Darwin's choice

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Stay retired.


I'll vote for him. He served Perkins and PIB well. As of Sandusky, He must of owed someone a favor. Didnt Mike walk. We need not say more. Welcome back to Perkins.