For Perkins Schools, it's 'Yes' and 'No'

District voters kill 4.98-mill additional levy, approve 2-mill renewal (Updated 9 p.m. with final tally)
Sandusky Register Staff
May 7, 2013

Perkins voters will decide the fate today of two levies the school district has on the ballot — one a renewal, the other a request for new money.


The 4.98-mill, 10-year additional levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $153 a year.

Here are early unofficial results, with all votes tallied:

For: 1,397

Against: 2,535


The 2-mill, five-year renewal levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $61 a year.

Here are early unofficial results, with all votes tallied:

For: 2,027

Against: 1,918


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If the regular vote is similar to the absentee ballots than both the school levies will go down to defeat. Again, if this holds true, the school board and superintendent need to pack their bags.

Losing a renewal is a non-confidence vote on the leadership of the school system.

Sharin' Johnson

Think they'll be many absentee ballots for a three issue ballot in May? Prolly not Dunkin.


Ok. Deleted because of attached advertisement.

Perkins Resident

It's pretty bad when a renewal levy barely passes. Maybe it's time the board listens to the voters.


It is a shame that our community can not come together. Yes we might not like the board, but we are hurting the students and staff. All of you that said no should be ashamed of yourselves. Your not punishing Gunner, your just hurting the community, staff and students. Good luck trying to sell your house if we have a terrible school system. You all should have voted yes!


I can turn that around. Change all your yes's to no's.


jaznjen13 I don't think all those who voted NO are punishing Gunner or anyone. It may come as a suprise to yo but some people just might not have the money to pay the additional tax. You know there are some people on fixed incomes and whether you like it or not they don't see the raise in their income that you feel they feel they get.

I always love the reverting to hurting the community, staff and students etc. That's an old campaign tactic worn thin. I doubt it cuts it with majority of voters today. Also, I highly doubt that the defeat of this levy will suddenly result in a terrible school system. There are state standards and again like it or not the State of Ohio does really believe what they fund in the schools does not equal a terrible school system. There are many school districts in SE Ohio etc who actually do educate on that level of funding and do oa pretty good job of it.

Way too often folks moan on what they didn't get and they fail to recognize and respect what they have been given over and above the minimum many school districts have. Count your blessings on what you DO HAVE in a very tough economy. Many people in this community are out of work and sorry to tell when it comes to your desires putting food on their table is more important than keeping you happy at school.


Well said Garden.




It is a shame Gunner and his cronies came together to make poor decision. Perkins is still still a good school system that can continue to provide an effective education without a dream campus. If anyone is hurt, look to the school board, not the voters.


Which one was for funding to build new schools?



The 4.98 mil operating levy was a building levy in disguise. The school board moved about the same amount of operating millage over to permanent improvement millage. The had to replace the operating funds they moved. Through all the smoke and mirrors the voting public realized the truth.


Thanks, that's what I thought but the renewal stated about permanent improvement levy and I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be for building a new school, since that could be considered a "permanent improvement."


I'm proud of the Perkins voters today! Thank you for showing that the taxpayers have a voice and won't be stolen from. The renewal nearly went down as well, which should tell Gunner something.


Sounds like the renewal passed by a 51% to 49% margin.

The building levy disguised as an operating levy was defeated.


Will they now move the money back to the operating budget that they took without our permission?


My guess is the egos of the board and superintendent will pass this vote off as a non-issue and put the same levy up again.

Mr. Gunner told me that he will keep putting it on the ballot until it passed. That was based on my meeting with him about six months ago.


It's too bad both levies didn't fail. That would have really sent a message. They will be back in August for sure. They will keep coming back until they get what they want. I can't wait to hear their spin.


Look out voters they will try and sneek a new school through without going to the voters. The levy went down but they will find a way to build a new school. Gunner should live in Perkins not where he does.


I predict that the BOE and Gunner (in their infinite wisdom) will say that the passage of the renewal (which they are now using to fund the building plan) is the community's endorsement of their decision to proceed with the new facilities. They will not look at the defeat of the emergency operating levy as the community saying we don't want you moving funds. They will use this in the way that suits their already ingrained decisions.


I agree with you. By passing the renewal we gave them what they want. It's hard to believe people would pass one and not the other. We will be stuck with this board and Gunner.


If the board and Gunner keep up the threats, parents in Perkins and the surrounding areas need to look at other districts. Huron, Sandusky, Margaretta, etc. all have open enrollment just like Perkins. Wait until the parents pull their kids out of Perkins and send them elsewhere and all that money goes to other districts. All these threats of cutting this and that will come back to haunt them when the parents start pulling kids out because of that.


Already seeing teachers comments on Facebook how disappointed they are in the voters of Perkins Township. Hey teachers, be disappointed in your boss and school board. They made the decision to put facilities before staff.

If they moved PI money back to operating where they stole it from, no jobs would be lost. Don't blame the voters!


And it goes down in defeat again , now the heat is on as to what they will do .
In my opionion , I think with employement rates and the way this state is in , Now would be a bad time as I said before .
I think voters may wander if the condition at Perkins High School as bad as we are lead to believe , or if its just a ploy to get the voters to ok the 5 mil levy .
I know I have my doubts as to what is really bad at that school and what is not . It seems to me if this school is in such sad shape why in the world didnt someone do something before the school got to that point ?{if its true } and why would the school system keep the school open ?
I know I have read every thing I have seen on this sitution , and its got me thinking that its not as bad as we are lead to believe .
I could be wrong , but then I could be right on the money .I have never toured the school and was shown what was wrong and I think that is the board thought it was that bad , instead of talking about it and losing attempts at levies a couple of times , they would have gotten parents involved if nothin else to protect the kids that go there
And why would the board as well as the Parents of students let their kids go to a school that was in such bad shape ?
If its true about the school then I say if nothin else , aprove the levy to protect the kids , but if not , then it was right and the board should replace the whole board in the Nov election


The school board and superintendent could not pass a building levy the traditional way with public vote. So they concocted a millage move and tried to pass the building levy off as an operating levy. That failed.

For some reason the school board and superintendent are unable to sell the public on a new school.

It can't be their inability to understand their constitutes. It can't be the voting public does not trust them. Might be the voter are just too dumb.

Come on guys....what say you now? (Shawshank Redemption)


What's oldpirate have to say now?


He'll be bashing us soon enough.


I wish the renewal would have failed too.


I hear from many people that the teachers and staff are not satisfied with Gunner, the BOE, and the direction they are leading the schools. Morale is low and this will likely send it lower. Largely, we've been pleased with the teachers our children have had. I do not see this vote as one against the teachers, but Gunner and the BOE have held the students, teachers, and staff for ransom.

Now is the time for the teachers and the employees (through their unions) to present a unified voice objecting to the direction the leadership of the district has taken the schools. When Bucierri was presiding over her rein of terror, the teachers finally said enough and took the matter of confidence in the leadership to their membership who returned a NO CONFIDENCE vote. The time has risen again.

No confidence in Gunner and the BOE.


I would definitely back the teachers and the union on this.