For Perkins Schools, it's 'Yes' and 'No'

District voters kill 4.98-mill additional levy, approve 2-mill renewal (Updated 9 p.m. with final tally)
Sandusky Register Staff
May 7, 2013

Perkins voters will decide the fate today of two levies the school district has on the ballot — one a renewal, the other a request for new money.


The 4.98-mill, 10-year additional levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $153 a year.

Here are early unofficial results, with all votes tallied:

For: 1,397

Against: 2,535


The 2-mill, five-year renewal levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $61 a year.

Here are early unofficial results, with all votes tallied:

For: 2,027

Against: 1,918


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Good 2 B Me

You and me both!


You think that the teacher's union can solve a community problem?

You need to put some thought into this. We scream bloody murder when teachers go on strike. We blame teachers for our economic problems. We know that there is a school funding problem, yet we expect teachers to do our dirty work. When teachers speak out about problems in our buildings or education in general, we taxpayers stop paying them. Until all of us value the voice of our teachers, none of the problems in education will be solved.


When trying to discuss low morale and why it is as low as it was when Bucierri was Super, teachers are retaliated against. Do not expect staff to solve this community problem. They have lost their voice. The last time they rose up many in the community did not support them, which resulted in a strike. That strike should not have been necessary and it resulted in trauma for all.

It is the community's turn. Your vote is not enough. Be aware that anything that you do will likely result in more staff retaliation. Every time you see that the board is/has meet in executive session you can assume that this is the case.


Underthebridge you are probably correct but having said that is very hard for teachers alone to change the direction the school leadership is going. I think that rests squarely in the hands of the voters. Last night was an indication to these you speak of their direction is not the right direction. I think what needs to happen is voters telling the Board that the next election we will not support you if you run. Then make it clear that new members on the Board will not endorse the current leadership of the district. Then and only ten will you see things change. They know clearly what is on the line for Board members and key district leaders.


Go to tonight's meeting and find out what happens when teachers with courage speak up.

@Gardenman: Go. See if you agree with board decisions. "Very hard for teachers alone" is a serious understatement.


More taxes and now My house will be harder to sell. Who wants to live in a conjested area with high taxes? Many want Perkins to be big city, big school, big everything. I moved to Perkins 35 years ago because it was a little community on the edge of the country. Time to sell and move on. I just keep reminding myself of the lack of common sense in an election, same people voted for O'Bama.


Actually, if Perkins Twp incorporated into a city, the school problem would be solved. You see, businesses move to the twp because the twp cannot levy the same taxes on them as a city like Sandusky can, income tax being one of them. If the twp incorporated, all that money being lost by not collecting income tax an business could be recouped and used for the school to the tune of millions of dollars. But then again, some of the businesses would probably just pack up and move to huron twp.

Diane Schaefer

Going with your presumption that the Twp incorp, how does this generate any more $$ for the school? The Twp would be the one collecting the income tax, not the school.

And if there were an income tax would those same businesses locate in the Township? Or would they stay just outside like Kalahari?

And while it is not something I know a lot about, cannot PERKINS LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT pass their own school district tax? While I believe it may need to be voted on, it would affect more than just Perkins Township since the school district also includes parts of other township such Huron, Milan, Oxford, Groton, and Margaretta.


The city (not twp if you incorporate) would indeed collect the taxes. What would stop the city from designating a percentage to the school district? I am not aware of a law that forbids it. Heck, there shouldn't be any problem doing it that way because the Ohio Supreme Court already ruled that using property tax levys to pay for schools is unconstitutional, so why are we still funding them this way?

You are right about the school being able to enact an income tax for the school district, and it would have to be voted on. To be honest, this should be the way they go, since it probably has a better chance of passing, since it not only includes all the areas served by the district, it also exempts people on a fixed income, like retirees, from having to pay it. The state exempts retirement, and social security pay from the school income tax. That alone would probably help it pass.

Diane Schaefer

I think if the Twp was to become a "home ruled" twp they could collect income taxes and still remain a township. But that comes with a lot of extra costs.

I think the example of the Ohio Supreme Court ruling that property tax levies cannot be used to pay for schools is for the twp, city, village, etc. And the reason that they cannot use levy funds would probably be the same for an income tax. This would only seem logical since the school itself has the ability to pass both.

But then when has anything that Ohio's government been logical especially with this administration that was only able to balance their budget by stealing from the local governments.


The disguised building levy (operating levy) was defeated by 64%. The attempt prior to this levy was defeated by 58%.

What number will it take for the superintendent and school board to understand they have a trust issue with the voting public?

This defeat was not directed at the teachers or our educational system per say. This falls on the shoulders of the school board and superintendent.

Gentleman, we are your boss not the other way around. We have lost confidence in your ability to steer the school system in the direction we desire.


You accomplished nothing.You only prolonged the misery and made the end result more expensive. You are like addicts who have to hit rock bottom before making the hard choices. Gunner woke up still has a job. The board has not been affected. However the teachers, students and community are a different story.



Just a matter of time.


How much time? How many good people will suffer? How many great teachers will suffer retaliation? This problem is on you, the community, the staff cannot solve this problem for you this time.


"How many great teachers will suffer retaliation?"

Isn't that why they have a union? Or are you finally admitting that the teachers union is worthless?


You need to ask a teacher, as I have. Eye opening. Do you remember the reactions from Huron teachers?


He may still have a job, but he won't have a new building. It's too bad he feels his facilities are more important than his staff. Direct your frustration at Gunner and board for poor management of our hard-earned tax dollars.



If you use your own logic than you should give over all your money now to the federal, state and local governments. Why prolong the misery and make the end result more expensive?


Thank you to all voters who saw through the smoke and mirrors.

Thank you to all the voters who stood up for their rights to vote for building levies.

Our community, our school, our children.


You forgot...our money!

Matt Easterhold

If they were honest and upfront when this all began I believe the outcome may have been different. The next school board elections will be interesting. I for one will not vote for any current member.

My thoughts

No one will run against them. There are a bunch of disgruntled people in Perkins that talk a big game on a message board but won't put their name on the line. I would love to see some new blood on the school board.


Dear Mr. Gunner,

It's not your students, your school or your community.

It's ours.


Perkins Residents


P.S. Now put OUR money back into operations and lets get back to operating! Or do you feel your staff is not worthy?


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You're in the wrong article. This article is about the good news of the Perkins emergency school levy failing. And oldpirate, we accomplished a lot yesterday! See you in August, when your master wastes more money by putting up the levy again (only to watch it fail for the third time).


SLAM DUNK ON GUNNER! Doing the happy dance!


It's way past time that you people step up to the plate. Put up the money where you cast your vote. You want this so bad, you should voluntarily be paying unstead of expecting all residents of Perkins to pay your tab. How bad do you want the new school? I want a new roof and siding but I don't expect my neighbors to pay for it. Yeah, I've seen a lot of you people at charitable events. You want to run the "Show" but when it comes to putting money in the jar you donate the least. Yes, this is the education that Perkins has turned out. They don't have the common sense to understand basic economics. People have a whole lot less money to "GIVE".

The New World Czar

The facade levy and the police levy were along the same line, percentage-wise. Please, give it up- the voters in the township have spoken loud and clear. Get rid of the non-essential programs and personnel and give the taxpayers a better return on their investment.


I still wish I knew how a school district, who claims to have such financial problems, now has one of the nicest football stadiums in northern Ohio....I realize Firelands paid most if it, but wouldn't that money have been better spent in education rather than a "state of the art FBI stadium"? Just wonderin....