Shutting down the Perkins police department

Every job at the police department now depends upon the levy's approval.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 21, 2013

"This levy is important for the safety of your community and the safety of our officers," Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

Without new money, the department would be gutted — all 17 full-time officers, commanders, and a detective.

"We are a proud township and we deserve a police department," said township resident Baranda Adams, wife of Perkins police Officer Brent Adams.

Read a Q&A in today's Register about township finances and the plan to slim down if voters defeat the tax levy on the May ballot. Click here to subscribe to the ePaper, for home delivery or buy a Register at a newsstand near you every day.  

Perkins police replacement levy proposal


LENGTH: Five years through 2018.

• WOULD GENERATE: $1.9 million a year, up from $1 million the department presently gets.

COST: Annual cost to owner of $100,000 home equals $168.44

USE: To fund daily police operations, including patrols, investigations and other related services.

Read a Q&A in today's Register about township finances and the plan to slim down if voters defeat the tax levy on the May ballot. Click here to subscribe to the ePaper, for home delivery or buy a Register at a newsstand near you every day. 





Sounds like football might be leaving to if the levy isn't passed.


is this part of the fiscal cliff?




I still say there is something in the water local politicians are drinking. Maybe they are drinking directly out of Mills Creek?

Uncommon Sense

Fact: There is no levy that currently funds the police department.
Fact: This would be a new tax in additional to all the current taxes.
Fact: State government cut local government funding way, way back.
Fact: The Erie County Sheriff would be automatically responsible for Perkins Township if the Perkins police department disbands. This doesn't mean they have to hire additional deputies.
Fact: If Perkins Township disbands the police department and wants dedicated law enforcement coverage in the township, the trustees will have to contract with Sandusky PD or the sheriff to provide dedicated personnel.

Opinion: It's good that state government cut the local government funding way, way back. Let local government go get local money in the form of local taxes and fees to run local operations in the way that local people want it run.

Opinion: The state level finances are better off doing it this way and there are discussions to lower the state income tax.

Opinion: Perkins is too big to remain a township. Either incorporate or be annexed into Sandusky. Let the voters decide.

Question for every Perkins voter to answer: Knowing that this will be the first of many levies and tax increases for the police deparment throughout the coming years and all other tax funded entities are going to continue to need more moeny, are you better off with Perkins having its own police department and are you willing to pay more for the perceived benefit?

My answer to that question: No.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Wrong uncommon sense...

Fact...the police dept is funded through the general fund levy which is going to expire at the end of 2013. We the TWP residents are paying on that now.

Fact...government funding started being cut a few years ago and is just now affecting the TWP, that is why the TWP is asking for a few more dollars on top of the levy we are currently paying for.

As far as contracting another dept out for our safety is just ridiculous, we still have to come up with money to pay for that.

We are already paying for the PPD they are just asking for a few more bucks to continue the excellant service they have been providing us for years. I don't get why that's so hard for some of you to get. Crime is on the move every where, criminals find out that we don't have our own PD and with all the businesses we have here guess what this area will no longer be safe for any of us.

I vote yes for prevention of crime and for the safety of our community.


Fact...I'm gonna get me one of those cement ponds with all the money I'm gonna save by voting no!

Fact...I'm gonna get me a new trailer too

Fact...with that there indoor plummin!

Fact...I gotta hit the head!


Three levies on the ballot for millage. Two for schools and one for police.

What do you chose?


NO, NO and a NO.

Uncommon Sense

@Don't Worry

Do you seriously believe the township will not try to keep the general fund levy? If it were that simple, it wouldn't be going on the ballot as a police levy.

A few more dollars? Seriously!?!?!? How about 900,000 more dollars! Nearly double their current operating budget. What do you suppose they're going to do with all that money? Save it up? How about they're going to waste it.

Disbanding police departments is becoming popular: San Bernadino, CA; Gaston, TX; St. Charles, MN; Newport, PA; Fryeburg, SC; Camden, NJ; Baldwin Park, CA. I actually found an economist's article on how this is becoming a good way to consolidate law enforcement and eliminate duplicate services and waste.

I still vote no. Incorporate, merge with Sandusky, or keep within the simple operational structure of a township. Stop trying to act like a city when you're not one.

Dont Worry Be Happy

The general levy expires at the end of the year, it is being replaced by the police levy, a few more dollars were added because of government funding being cut to keep the same policing we have been receiving for years.

If you would go to the meetings you would understand what is happening. Again the police levy is replacing the general levy.



Dont Worry Be Happy

Read the article. Also if you live in Perkins TWP you should have received all the info on the cost.



Just wanted to see you again say $900,000 is a few more dollars . What so you consider a lot of money?

Uncommon Sense

@ Don't Worry:

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you may not thoroughly understand property taxes. The township wants to put this new levy on to fund the police department. But then they won't have the money to fund the general operations of the township. So they're going to put on a "new" township general operating levy at the grand bargain of only a couple mils. A couple of mils is less than 5 mils right? Wrong. The 5 mil levy they're going to let expire likely was based on housing valuations many years ago so its effective milage is probably alot lower. So a replacement levy for only a couple of mils will generate more revenue than the levy they're going to let expire. And of course they're counting on the fact that scare tactics work. "Vote yes or we'll disband the police department (or the fire department or the street department that plows your road)". The really cool thing - from the township's perspective - is that they can probably have a general fund property tax of a couple mils without even going to the voters. I guarantee that if the police levy passes, it will be the first of many tax increases to come in Perkins.

Dont Worry Be Happy


While I'm not claiming to know everything about property taxes, I do know this much. The township currently has a 2.7 mil general operating levy, not a 5 mil, that is going to expire at the end of this year. Once that expires, they are seeking to replace it with the proposed 5.5 mil police levy. I also know that this levy that we will vote on in May is what is called "outside millage." We also pay "inside millage" to the township that does not expire and will be there whether or not the police levy passes. That "inside millage" is what will be used to fund the highway department, and administration. The highway also has road and bridge millage that is considered "inside" as well.

So, in summary, the outside 2.7 is expiring and "going away." It is being replaced with the propsed 5.5 that will last for the next 5 years. Most of this was in the flyer I got in the mail Saturday. If you live in the township and have questions, 6pm every 2nd and 4th Tuesday there is a meeting. You can also contact the Board of Elections for all of this as well.


Sorry, Uncommon, there has been no mention of putting a general fund levy on the ballot. Don't know where you're getting your info but it's not accurate.

Well stated, Don't Worry.

Oh, Uncommon, there's a meeting tomorrow night at 6 pm at the township hall. Will you be there?



Whether it is "inside" or "outside" millage it still is a tax, correct? Whether it is "inside" or "outside" millage it still comes out of taxpayers pockets, correct?

It doesn't matter what you call it.

It's still a tax.


What do you think all these new taxes will do to the cost of spindle bearings?
I'm sure KBI will just pass it on, right? They are doing so well that it won't matter.........

BW1's picture

"Do you seriously believe the township will not try to keep the general fund levy?"

They CAN'T - it's a fixed term levy - when the term is over, the levy ceases. If you don't even comprehend this basic concept of Ohio tax law, you're not adequately informed to ethically participate in a levy vote.

The last thing anyone in Perkins should want is to contract with Sandusky for police protection - that means you have armed law enforcement, with all the powers that implies, patrolling your community who ultimately answer to officials you can't vote out. That spells zero accountability.

Merging with Sandusky would be just as bad. Sandusky's underclass would use sheer numbers to vote themselves more and more free programs and services at the expense of Perkins' productive tax base. The productive people in Perkins would flee, driving down property values until Sandusky's section 8 slumlords could afford to set up shop. The end game, Perkins becomes Sandusky and Bogart Road, the new Hancock Street.


Shutter down!! Bring back Jimmy Dee !!!


If the levy fails does it mean our township property on the Ohio 2 By-Pass will no longer be patroled by Perkins? Maybe if everyone would just patroltheir own areas. Sandusky patrol Sandusky--Perkins stay off the state routes and the State Patrol stay on state routes and keep out of all the back alleys.


If you tax renters, not just homeowners it would be easier to digest. most homes are worth more than $100,000. I really need the extra money to survive on. I already turn my waterheater down to vacation after a shower and back up 1 hour before. Gasoline,I shop 1 day a week to save on gas. Taxes have to stop.......Do more w/ less, I am....