Shutting down the Perkins police department

Every job at the police department now depends upon the levy's approval.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 21, 2013

"This levy is important for the safety of your community and the safety of our officers," Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

Without new money, the department would be gutted — all 17 full-time officers, commanders, and a detective.

"We are a proud township and we deserve a police department," said township resident Baranda Adams, wife of Perkins police Officer Brent Adams.

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Perkins police replacement levy proposal


LENGTH: Five years through 2018.

• WOULD GENERATE: $1.9 million a year, up from $1 million the department presently gets.

COST: Annual cost to owner of $100,000 home equals $168.44

USE: To fund daily police operations, including patrols, investigations and other related services.

Read a Q&A in today's Register about township finances and the plan to slim down if voters defeat the tax levy on the May ballot. Click here to subscribe to the ePaper, for home delivery or buy a Register at a newsstand near you every day. 





The article goes on to say that Perkins might contract with Sandusky if the levy fails. I think not! Perkins is on their own to provide for their own, not unless you want to annex us properly. Sandusky doesn't have the money to support Perkins Police protection. Perkins people are fools for passing this levy which gives Perkins more money out of the general fund to spend. Perkins need not to push their duties off onto Sandusky. We can't even keep our own force together let alone furnish Perkins police protection.


The township is NOT asking for a renewal of the general fund levy. That means that it will stop generating funds when it expires at the end of this year. By law, the township is allowed some inside millage and that is all the general fund will receive. If passed, the police levy will only be allowed to fund the police department, like the fire levy. The funds will not be able to be used for general fund expenses.

Perkins Police have always been proactive rather than just reactive. That won't be the case if we have to depend on the sheriff's office for our police protection. And if you think it will be cheaper to have the sheriff's office take over, think again. The sheriff's office doesn't have any money to add any additional officers now. If they were to take over for Perkins Police, they would have to make do with the current number of patrol officers or raise your county taxes to hire more officers. As a township resident I don't want to have to wait for an officer over in Vermilion township or out in Margaretta township to respond to my call for help. Do you?

If you are thinking of voting against this levy because of the new township hall, please don't penalize the police department for the actions of the trustees. The trustees made the decision to build, NOT the police department.


Don't punish the police department because of the actions of the trustees. Don't punish the kids because of the actions of the board and Gunner. Yadda, yadda, yadda.... Read my name!

Matt Easterhold

Merge Merge Merge Merge Merge Merge Merge Merge!

Why pay more more taxes, merging does not necessarily mean less for Perkins. In fact by combining resources it would make Perkins safer!

More money for police!
More money for fire fighters!
More money for schools!

When does it stop, merge the city and township pppllleeeeeaaaaasssseeee!


Ha ha ha, how is merging going to keep Perkins safer? All merging is going to do is put all the Perkins cops on Sandusky streets since that is where all the shootings are! Sandusky will reap ALL the benefits of Perkins taxpayers!

Matt Easterhold

Sheer numbers is how, more police by volume, more on the same shift. A quicker response time might help them actually catch the thiefs from all the robberies in Perkins.

Close the SPD station and put them all in Perkins, they would be in the middle of the area and able to patrol the township and city.


You will have the same number of officers covering the same amount of area. It is a merger of area as well as personnel. Where do you come up with more officers to cover the area?


Matt never was good with mathematical story problems!


Cowboy likely barely graduated. Has no further education, maybe a certificate. How much would your property value go down without a police force? Probably more than it would cost per individual...


My property value won't go down, it's protected by Smith & Wesson!


...and not that it means anything, but since you seem to want to match educational experiences, I graduated from college with honors.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Can't imagine that cowboy ;)


Hey Matt do you have any idea what mileage the average sanduskyian pays vs the average perkinian? When you have a clue come back with a reply. Sandusky is the county seat. Merging by law will require a match in mileage with the city of sandusky. Once that FACT sinks in you moron come back with something that justifies any merge in your simple mind.


Is that you, Timmy?

Dont Worry Be Happy

Good one :)


So the Police department with the newest (and one of the largest) fleet of vehicles out of the Tri-County area needs money or they will gut the department and contract with Sandusky. For some reason I find this funny. (Yes, I realize that vehicles don't always come from the same funding)

Yes, I am not a Perkins resident, however I do not think merging the two departments will help because Sandusky has enough problems to deal with without a larger jurisdiction.


Worse come to worse, we have enough Deputy Sheriffs living throughout Perkins to keep us safe. But, I'm pretty sure the township can find the money to keep these officers employed. Take notes from what the school system is doing! Cut the fluff!


Plus, we all have guns!




Where the deputies live doesn't mean that is where they patrol. There are not enough deputies to do their current duties and take over for Perkins Police. To add more deputies the county will have to increase your taxes too.


All the taxes from the hotels generate enough funds for policing? It certainly cant be because they surely dont put the money into the roads. Build a brand new police station, then threaten to close it..Way to go Perkins!


They can go back to working out of the Sheriffs Department for all I care!


I don't remember voting on building the new you?


Did you attemd any meetings and voice your concerns when the trustees were making the decision to sell the old building on Rt 250? You elect the trustees to make decisions. They made the decision. Don't penalize the police department for the trustees decisions. The police department didn't make the decision.


Ha ha ha then I guess the trustees better come up with the money because the taxpayers aren't flipping the bill this time! WE'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP!



Now there ya have it. Politicians make our decisions for us. Oh brother.


Did you attend twp meetings and voice your concerns or objections? Did you call any trustee and talk to them about your concerns or objections? If you don't give input, they can't read your mind.


Well i guess its "goodbye".... can't say as i will miss paying for your services.


Should have bought that helicopter years ago, then you could have just cut that service!


Lets analysis those numbers.

The police need $168 dollars per year combined with $240 a year the school needs. That's $408 dollars on a $100,000 dollar home. Since the average cost of a home in Perkins is $175,000 dollars lets multiply that number by 1.75.

That's $714 dollars per year additional to your present taxes. Now, make your decisions with a true number. Not the spin doctor's numbers.

For those of you planning on living in the township for the next 30 years that number explodes to $21,420. This is without any additional levies or taxes assessed over those 30 years. We all know that's not going to happen.

If it's .08 per hour or $59.50 per month it's still $704.00 per year added to your present taxes.