Local voting goes smoothly for most

In much of Erie County and surrounding areas there were no problems, save for a few hiccups.
Emil Whitis
Nov 7, 2012


Among them:

• A Sandusky man wandered into the Ebenezer Baptist Church at about 7 p.m. to vote. When poll workers told him he was at the wrong place, the man got loud and caused a scene, police said.  
Workers called police, who escorted the man from the church to the correct location. No one was injured.

“We didn't have to arrest him,” Sandusky police Sgt. Scott Dahlgren said. “He was just confused.”

Poll workers at Faith Baptist Church were forced to open a ballot box at about 3:30 p.m. after a ballot got stuck in a ballot scanner. Erie County Board of Elections director Jen Ferback said the ballot was scanned, but it got stuck before dropping into the ballot box. The jam set off a beeping noise and blocked other ballots from being scanned. Workers had no choice but to open the box.

“(The technician) did everything by the book,” Ferback said. “A person affiliated with the opposite (political) party watched as the technician opened the ballot box and freed the ballot. It was done right out in the open for everybody to see.”

The ballot was counted, the problem was fixed and voting resumed, Ferback said, adding that opening a ballot box for technical issues is allowed under law.


• An 18-year-old Edison High senior found out she wasn’t registered to vote Tuesday.

Jacklynn Nottke said she filled out a registration card the previous year and turned it over to a Edison High teacher, who told her he sent it to the board of elections.

When Nottke’s mother, Debbie Nottke, went to vote early Tuesday morning, poll workers told her Jacklyn wasn’t registered.

“(The teacher) basically told us to fill them out and he’d take care of everything else, so that’s what I expected,” Jacklynn said. “He screwed me out of the election — the most important election in a long time.”

Edison High principal Jeff Goodwin said no faculty member had recently taken registration forms from students.

“Teachers explained the process,” Goodwin said. “At no point this year did we collect voter registration cards from students. And even if we would’ve, how do you know the problem wasn’t with the board of elections?”

Goodwin said it was not a school issue and it's up to students to make sure they're registered.


Seen it All

Am interested as to how this plays out, as it was more than 1 Edison student who was turned away from the polls yesterday. The teacher had them fill out their registions LAST SPRING, not this school year Mr Goodwin, and he assured the students he hand delivered them to the board of elections himself. I'm thinking something smells fishy down at the board of elections office!


Take a witness


At the age of 18, it's a life lesson. Never ever rely on someone else to take care of that kind of stuff for you. Always make sure you do it yourself or follow up with a phone call.

I vote absentee, and I always call my county BOE to make sure they received my ballot. Just to double check.


Make sure all of you students register to vote before spring so it will be more NO votes for the school levy..lol!!


Since July 5 of this year I have been wanting to write this letter to set the record straight. Now that the election is over I am free to do this. Regarding President Obama's visit to Sandusky this summer there are many misconceptions that need straightened out. The ECDP invited the president to come to Sandusky. FALSE. The ECDP had 300 special tickets to give out to 300
special invitees. FALSE. The ECDP paid for the ice cream social. FALSE. The responsibility of the president's visit fell on the Organizing for America office in downtown Sandusky. The reason for this is because the president's campaign arranged the visit, NOT the ECDP. I was a volunteer for OFA, vetted for the visit, and know the details. Horrible rumors perpetrated by this newspaper led to a lot of angry people visiting our office, demanding one of these special 300 tickets that the Register incorrectly reported were circulating out there. We had a 15 minute warning of when to assemble phone bank of volunteers 90 minutes later. We were given call lists sent to us by the president's campaign, not people picked by the ECDP. The 300 people invited to this event was a number given to the regional field organizer by the president's campaign, to be made up of 60 people from each of five field offices, not 300 special people chosen at random by the ECDP. Each of the five field offices had a time limit to make phone calls and a number limit.
Once those limits were reached we stopped making calls. Now, these so-called 300 special super secret tickets were tickets handed to each invitee before they entered the FBI checkpoint the day of the visit. Their names were on checklists so as no one would be able to enter that had not been invited.
Secret Service, FBI, SECURITY. The president's campaign paid for the ice cream
social, not the ECDP or the OFA office, which by the way is a grassroots campaign not connected with Obama For America. Organizing for America is a non-profit. So thanks to the sordid rumors by this newspaper, the misinformation deliberately put out there by this newspaper, a giant mess had been created causing a lot of accusations and name calling, not to mention people in the OFA office being physically threatened and called names that some of us had never heard before. A little bit of responsible journalism goes a long way.
Sincerely, Kerin Hall


The visit was a joke and the main reason why I voted against every single local democrat on the ballot. The President's visit for a "community" ice cream social was an insult to the community since the COMMUNITY wasn't invited


I did want to add that Matt and Andy did a disservice to the community. Because of the shoddy reporting about the president's visit it will likely be a cold day in you know what before a president visits our city again.


He was misunderstand after looking board for vote and entered wrongly inthe church by mistakenly.


saw a guy from Huron county trying to vote in Erie, but he left with little scene


Yea, but who paid for all the local security?


So in other words the 300 special tickets were rewards for supporters. No big surprise there.


This entire community is SICK AND TIRED of hearing one lie after another about who did and didn't know about the President coming for that visit and who got invited in advance.

Come now. Anyone with half a brain knows that the FBI and the Secret Service will not allow anyone near the President of the United States without being first checked out IN ADVANCE. So please do NOT try and tell anyone that people were not given advance notice that he was coming because it just isn't so. Likewise, those invited up close and personal for the "meet and greet" were checked out in advance as well.

You would have to be "stupid" to believe that the SS and FBI would let any tom/dick or harry in there just to get to meet the President without first being checked out completely, so there was a LOT of checking out done in advance.....and Amy Grubbe knew who they were.

People can flap gums about anything different until the cows come home and it doesn't make it so, nor does it make it correct. Patterns are what they are.

We had the chance to talk to TWO agents who told us they knew for MONTHS they were coming. So who is the liar here?

It isn't the newspaper that made up the stories at all. Nope. Trying to save face seems to be the order of the day right now but it may be a little too late for some.

Why bother now? It's OVER. This is why party politics makes me SICK to my stomach. There should be no parties at all, just the value of the candidates running.

You get less lies.


I can tell you why it's important to them to keep up the lies. Just two days after the election, I got a call from the Democratic Party asking for a donation. "Now that we've successfully defended the White House, there's more work to be done blah blah blah. Can we count on your support of $50?" Ummmm, no, you can't.