Perkins voters consider police, fire levies

(UPDATED) Perkins Township voters approved a fire levy renewal on Tuesday night, but knocked down a township operating levy that would have supported the police and highway department.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 6, 2012


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Voters approved a 5.5-mill fire replacement levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $15.31 per year. The levy will generate funding to maintain staffing levels and services for fire prevention and protection.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, according to unofficial results:

For the levy — 3,628

Against the levy — 2,883


Voters turned down 3.3-mill operational replacement levy would have cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $18.37 per year. The levy would have generated funding to support staffing and services for the police and highway departments through 2017.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, according to unofficial results:

For the levy — 2,864

Against the levy — 3,602



Just Thinkin

The Fire Dept. Proves thier worth all the time, They support us, We needed to support them, Congrats!

Dont Worry Be Happy

I can't beleive you have the nerve to say this. Both Fire and Police are important to every community. Without a Police Dept. the crime here will be awful. You like whats happening in Sandusky? Well then get used to it if the levy does not pass in May.


I cannot support a police department who has a cocky, woman-chasing employee like Hilton. And now I hear he's off to some type of FBI or detective training--hope we got a hat big enough for his expanding head. Sorry to the HD, but congrats to Chief Wohlever and the rest of the fire department!


The township probably won't be fixing as many potholes either. The money you would have spent on taxes will now be spent on auto repairs!


Fact of the matter is your leaves have not been picked up like in other years due to Perkins HD wanting to wait until after the election. Now that the operating levy failed who knows what they will do.

Here's what needs to happen...our township officials need to get together - that includes perkins school officials as well as police and general operating officials. They need to look at the new 2012 revaluations completed by the Erie County Auditors office. There is absolutly no consistency in the new valuations. As a matter of fact the only common denominator to establish a fair/lower tax value on a person's parcel is if that person is a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church or a personal friend or supporter of the Auditor. That is a fact and many know this.

I will never vote for a levy in Perkins Township or Erie County for that matter until property tax valuations are fair and consistent throughout the county. Be proactive people - look up the new 2012 tax valuations in your neighborhood. Are they fair? do they make sence? are they consistent or do some recieve more tax relief than others? What is the common denominator for those who receive the lower valuation?

It is in the best interest for officials to get to the bottom of this as this issue will affect any future tax levy presented to voters - get that Mr. Gunner?

Dont Worry Be Happy

Not only will your leaves not get picked up and potholes get fixed you will no longer have a Police Dept. Perkins twp people will have one more time to vote in May if the levy does not pass then in 2014 you will be taking your own leaves to the landfill, driving around potholes, getting stuck in snow and crime will be on the rise because everyone will know there is no PD to protect you.


Good. Contract the Sheriff's Office.

Dont Worry Be Happy are not very smart, they have a budget also and that means no more than 3 officers on a shift they have that now and its still not enough. So that means they would have to turn to the people of Perkins TWP to pass a levy. So basically that puts you in the same boat:-)


Wow, I am STUNNED that the people in Perkins didn't support their police department and their HD better than this!!!!

You are about to get what you deserve. That was a HUGE mistake on your part, you should have backed them up, not let them down. They are there for YOU. I have met several of your officers and they DESERVE your support. Shame on the people who voted NO for the police and HD

Dont Worry Be Happy

It saddens me that some people look at a levy like it's a game. The safety of my community is most important. I think there are cocky Policemen and firemen all over the world but it does not keep me from doing whats right for my community. I do hope that many of you see how important the levy is come May because I would rather not have any cuts in the safety departments. As far as these officers that you have a problem with either you have been picked up by them so that's why you don't like them or you just know them and don't like them either way you should call their Chief if you have that big of a problem with them. I had to do that once and the situation was taken care of and the Chief even got back to me about it.

Please residents of Perkins TWP consider the levy in May I really want our community to stay safe.


He's an idiot. If the department rewards his nehavior by promoting this type of person, they don't need my money. If you're so worried about the safety in your part of the community, maybe you need to move to a safer place. Haven't heard about any home invasions or murders taking place in Perkins Twnshp. lately.

Dont Worry Be Happy

No I have not heard of to many SERIOUS problems in the TWP and that's probably because we have a great PD to thank for that, did that ever come across your mind? Lol.I'm not going to debate with you any more cause it wastes my time.