Fantozz, Krabill vie for Erie County Treasurer seat

(UPDATED) Jo Dee Fantozz (D) retained her position as Erie County Treasurer.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 6, 2012


She won back her seat with 58 percent of the vote against her opponent Jeff Krabill (R).

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With 100 percent of precincts reporting, according to unofficial results:

Fantozz — 21,348

Krabill — 15,023



The republicans need to come up with new blood. Really, no one wants to vote for these serial candidates. Makes us think all they want is a taxpayer paycheck.


Republicans are too weak. They need to plan on making themselves strong and running good candidates.

Just Thinkin

Glad she made it, Sorry Bamma did though


I can't believe that a person who through her own negligence allowed almost $150,000 of taxpayers money to get stolen by an employee of hers gets another shot at it again. It shows me that the only thing that matters to the voters around here is a D or R, not the persons ability. Forget positive ID at the polls, give an IQ test.


It wasn't the R or D. It was her opponent.

Julie R.

"Forget positive ID at the polls, give an IQ test."

Thanks for the laugh!


Julie R
You are welcome.


Whew thank goodness

Erie Countian

I'm a "D" who voted for "R" Krabill, because I didn't think Fantozz should be rewarded for her negligence. Had she not messed up so badly on her watch, she would have had my vote. But really, I think it's time for Krabill to give up politics. He seems like he is desperate to get into any kind of political position he possibly can, but he just keeps getting shot down. Don't know what it is about him, but maybe the Repubs should try someone new and quit running him for whatever.


I think Jeff is, at heart, a good guy who just wants to do something for his community. Though I think for now he should stay with the school board and be content.


This is a shocker and a disappointment.

Julie R.

Obviously, people found no fault at all with an employee getting away with stealing almost $150K of taxpayer monies under the watch of Fantozz and obviously they didn't find any fault with Fantozz forgiving Baxter's $200K of back taxes, either. Yet I'm sure if she now goes after the ones that owe back taxes --- people that you can bet are probably having a hard time making ends meet as it is --- she will be applauded.

Go figure.