Four battle for Erie County Commission seat

(UPDATED) Long-time Erie County Commission Tom Ferrell has successfully defended his seat, according to unofficial results Tuesday night.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 6, 2012


Brad Hartung (I), Dick Brady (I) and Steve Kraus (R) tried and failed to unseat incumbent.

Pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register for full coverage of this race and all the election results from Erie, Huron, Ottawa and Sandusky counties.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, according to unofficial results:

Ferrell — 15,816

Brady — 7,434

Kraus — 9,176

Hartung — 3,631




Good 2 B Me

One is a 20+ year old Yearbook photo. The others have no name with their pictures. That helps


I can help you out a little. Tom Ferrell is the silly one with the bad fake tan.

Good 2 B Me

Thank you!


i have proof that in the late 90's, ferrell campaigned for a rise in the sales tax, but on voting day he voted against it....i have proof....ask him about it....


Top Left is Hartung, Top Right is Kraus.
Bottom Left is Ferrell, Bottom Right is Brady.

Good 2 B Me

Much appreciation!


I thought Brady would get it I guess based on the number of signs. Never say a candidate that had as many signs as he did.

I asked a friend of mine who was quite active in the Democrat campaign. I said there are Rommey signs all over snd so few Obama is that not bad. He said NO we are spending our money in more productive ways.....said let Republicans spend their $$$ on signs. Said signs just do not do it in getting you elected. Said good example of that was John Majoy as he had signs all over Huron last Spring and he did not win one precinit. Said signs just do not do it anymore........seems like Rommey and Brady just proved him correct.


Congratulations Leatherface, I guess when you spend 80 million of our children's money over the last 24 years, you've paid off enough degenerates to "win" reelection.


Good now is over so all of you go pickup your signs, scrape the paint or stickers off those vans, and put the crane away. And Shane what are you going to do with all your time now that you are not moving vans around?

Now on a real note, thanks to all the voters,people who ran for office, and congrats. to the winners


Kraus beat out Brady.

Just Thinkin



Darkhorse yes that really surprised me that Kraus beat out Brady. I was not a fan of Kraus but at the SR candidates forum with the commissioner candicates loved Kraus' comment. He sat there and applauded Brady and said I got to hand it to you there is not a place in Erie County one can be that they are not in eye shot of a Brady side. That was no joke....very true.


This is no surprise to me. Independent and third party candidates rarely win. Republicans would have voted for Howdy Doody if Howdy had an "R" behind his name. Same with the Democrats. Both parties vote along party lines no matter what the qualifications of the candidates are.


Did nearly 16000 people vote for man who has never turned on his work computer? Really, Erie County?!


Mr. Brady has registered as a democrat in the past and should have challenged Mr. Ferrell in the primary as a democrat.


Congrats Tommy!!

Clark W

Let's see if I have this straight.
The SR blatantly stumps against Tom Ferrell. Ferrell wins easily.
The SR blatantly stumps for Dick Brady. He comes in an embarrassing third.
The SR blatantly stumps against Jo Dee Fantozz. She wins easily.

That tells you how much pull the SR has, and what people think of the newspaper.

Julie R.

Not really. Just take a look at Cuyahoga County. The FEDS raided the chambers of two corrupt judges and before they charged the one (Bridget McCafferty) she ran for re-election and got thousands of votes. Goes to show how ignorant the voters are.


Those were some really stupid Democrats to vote for an indicted judge, all 131,379 of them. It was a close race too. That crooked judge got almost 48 percent of the vote. It just goes to show you that many stupid and ignorant people decide elections for the rest of us. Like somebody said before, they should require an IQ test before one can vote. Howdy Doody could easily be elected to office by fellow dummies.

Julie R.

When the FEDS indicted that crooked judge McCafferty, she was put on paid leave and continued to collect her over $100 grand a year salary while visiting judges handled her cases at $200 an hour. Had she been re-elected (and she almost was) the Cuyahoga County taxpayers would have had to continue paying her salary plus the salary of the visiting judges. Hard to believe that over 130 thousand IDIOT voters in Cuyahoga County voted for that but they sure did!


Actually it says more about the power of a democrat party candidacy in a presidential election year and an amazing get out the vote machine organized by the democrat presidential candidate.


Here is an idea for the large Brady signs: Paint one side and use them to cover the open windows of the Keller Building.


I really thought Brady might get this one with all the press he got, but nope....congrats to the winners