Hammond, Shenigo aim for Erie County Commission

(UPDATED) Erie County voters re-elected County Commissioner Pat Shenigo on Tuesday.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 6, 2012


Shenigo (D) was challenged by Jude Hammond (R) in a hotly contested race for the seat.

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With 100 percent of precincts reporting, according to unofficial results:

Shenigo — 20,713

Hammond — 15,724





Glad to see Erie County residents made one good choice. Can't say that about the other (Ferrell).

Just Thinkin

What ashame


Yes!!! So happy about this!!!!

yea right

S**tngo cannot run a business we r screwed again

2cents's picture

Sorry Jude, we tried : (

Julie R.

Wonder why Hammond didn't run for auditor last time around.............


Good choice

Julie R.

A bit off the topic here but considering how no comments are allowed on the foreclosure stories.....

If attorneys are saving all these homes from foreclosure, why are employees in the court of Binette working six days a week because of all the foreclosures in Erie County? I also would be curious to know how much that Saturday work is costing the taxpayers.