Obama, Romney pursue last votes in close race

President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney made their last stands of the 2012 campaign Monday, employing their last vestiges of energy, celebrity boosters and plenty of jet fuel to encourage every supporter and the few remaining undecideds to tip the vote in their favor.
Associated Press
Nov 5, 2012


National polls of the eve of Election Day showed a neck-and-neck race. But the winner will be determined by which man gets 270 electoral votes, and Obama had more paths to get there.

The incumbent and the challenger, both fighting weariness and speaking in voices that have turned hoarse, closed by arguing they could do more to lead the country out of the tough economic times that dominated Obama's term. "This nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow," Romney said.

"Our work is not yet done," Obama told nearly 20,000 people who filled the street in front of the Wisconsin capital building.

Both men campaigned in states they need to win. Romney was in Florida, Virginia, and New Hampshire, while Obama was trying to protect Wisconsin from a late-breaking GOP challenge before heading to Iowa.

And in an indication of just how all-important Ohio was once again to the future occupancy of the White House, both candidates planned to be on the ground in Columbus in the evening for dueling rallies several hours and seven miles apart. The state has gone for the winner in every presidential election since 1964.

Republican campaign officials said Romney was considering a possible return to Ohio on Tuesday. Without the state, he has to win nearly every other battleground state to defeat Obama.

Both candidates were also hoping to benefit from some star power. Romney planned a final rally in the day's final hour in New Hampshire with Kid Rock while country rock performers The Marshall Tucker Band was joining him in Columbus. Obama had actors Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock doing urban radio interviews, "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm making calls in Colorado, rapper Jay-Z joining him in Columbus and rock legend Bruce Springsteen as his traveling warm-up act.

"He promised me a ride on Air Force One," Springsteen said, strumming his guitar as he made a political pitch between songs.

The rivals planned to appeal to pro football fans in the eleventh hour, taping interviews with ESPN's Chris Berman that will air during halftime of the Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints.

Both candidates predicted the winner will be determined by which of their operations can get the most supporters to the polls. "This is going to be a turnout election," the president declared in an interview broadcast early Monday as he pleaded with urban radio listeners to get to the polls.

Romney's rally in Lynchburg, Va., featured an enormous "Get Out and Vote" banner. "We have one job left," and that's getting people out to vote, Romney told more than a thousand people at a rally at his previous stop, the airport in Sanford, Fla., near Orlando. The crowd chanted "One more day!"

Obama raised the possibility of defeat as he pleaded with listeners of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show to get to the polls. "If we don't turn out the vote, we could lose a lot of the gains we've already made," Obama said.

It was one of two of the president's radio interviews airing Monday aimed at turning out minority voters, the other with a Spanish-language station in Ohio. The president is relying on black and Hispanic voters to help offset Romney's lead with white men in particular, but the risk for him is that some of those key supporters aren't as motivated to vote as they were in 2008.

"Four years ago, we had incredible turnout and I know people were excited and energized about the prospect of making history," Obama said. "We have to preserve the gains we've made and keep moving forward."

A final national NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll showed Obama getting the support of 48 percent of likely voters, with Romney receiving 47 percent. A Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll had Obama at 49 and Romney at 48. A Pew Research Center poll released Sunday showed Obama with a 3-point-point edge over Romney, 48 percent to 45 percent among likely voters.

Obama dispatched former President Bill Clinton to Pennsylvania on Monday to keep the state in his column. First lady Michelle Obama went south to North Carolina and Florida. Vice President Joe Biden made a final reach in Virginia, while Romney running mate Paul Ryan was covering the most ground, flying to Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, about 30 million people have already voted in 34 states and the District of Columbia, either by mail or in person, although no ballots will be counted until Election Day, Tuesday. More than 4 million of the ballots were cast in Florida, where Democrats filed a lawsuit demanding an extension of available time. A judge granted their request in one county where an early voting site was shut down for several hours Saturday because of a bomb scare.



The Big Dog's back

Better luck next time robme.

Darwin's choice

Big Dog, have you thought about what its like to be nutless? Never mind, you're already are showing us.......


Darwin, tell us, Whats it like? you know.

Darwin's choice

Romney supporters, don't get discouraged tomorrow, Obama will have the early lead, but, the rest of the Romney supporters will vote when they get off of WORK...........


Voters who live in small town and rural areas have no idea what it is like to have to stand in line for hours. It has nothing to do with who is working. It has everything to do with population numbers. You and I live in an area where a few thousand people live. Darwin: Try your hypothesis out in an area where millions of people live. Keep your batcrapcrazy comments to yourself.

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Starting to get nervous erie??????? Your pretty mouthy tonite!


Alway both. Americans have been fighting to be able to vote since our founding. This election has been that same kind of battle. I am at a loss for words to describe my profound sadness. I have watched as a small percentage af Americans made fact, or the truth, irrelevant. I honestly thought that this character flaw was only relevant to the topic of Climate Change. I was wrong. It is an overall character flaw for far too many Americans. Thus the sadness.

By the way. I have called every doctor in the telephone book through the Ms, so far, and asked about taking Medicare patients. Some are not taking any new patients, but offered to make an appointment with a partner. None stated that they would not take new Medicare patients. Another false statement, "Obamacare has caused doctors to refuse to treat Medicare patients".


"Some are not taking any new patients..." and then eriemom says "None stated that they would not take new Medicare patients."

eriemom, re-read your posts as one contradicts the other. typical blah, blah from the left. just wait.....

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Or, do you mean batcrapcrazy comments like these...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f... savior, hahahahahahahahaha!


@ eriemom:

I lived in the NW suburbs of Chicago for over two decades; lines were NEVER a problem.


Most days I would say "Screw politics, GO BUCKS !" but today I say "Vote for love of country, not because voting is the best revenge."


Tomorrow is your chance, American voters. It's time to remember just how horrible things were in 2008, at the depths of the recession. It's time to remember that the same party that caused the recession is now pushing a new candidate with the same old ideas, and the exact same economic plan that caused the recession. The same plan that resulted in a loss of 500,000 jobs per month by the end of 2008. They want you to forget just how BAD things were on their watch, but you do remember, don't you?

If you want to continue the steady recovery, join me in voting for Obama and the middle class. If you want a return to the recession, in which the rich prospered and the rest of us struggled, vote for Plutocrat Romney. It's really that simple...


Talk about fear mongering!! Obama has kept most if not all Bush's economic policys. That pretty much rules out anything you just wrote coaster.


No, Randy, not fear mongering. Coasterfan was stating fact. The Bush administration caused this mess. Two unfunded wars and a prescription drug benefit to seniors AND tax cuts. These didn't just go away. The bills keep coming in even though the economy crashed causing less cash in the treasury.



@ eriemom:

FACT: Both major political parties were culpable in the '08 credit crisis.

The most recent financial crisis has just been “papered over” through the use of Federal Reserve money printing and Treasury borrowing.

Hope you're prepared for the next worse one.

Also, enjoy the upcoming Federal debt ceiling debate.

Borrowing, printing and spending our way to prosperity. LMAO!!!



Arent we still at war and the deficits have grown, along with the debt, Healthcare is still a mess because as it is projected 30 million will still not have it, The only thing that is going up besides the debt is the taxes for healthcare? If Bush was so bad why do we have the same policy's after 4 years?


Correct, Eriemom.

Randy: If Obama has merely "kept all of Bush's policies" (which he hasn't), why have Republicans complained nonstop about him for the past four years? Certainly, they didn't complain when Bush was in office...
I wonder if you realize that you basically disproved your own point?

Darwin's choice

Say, Coasterfan, how is that Guantonamo Bay place doing now, being freed and all????? Just saying, about keeeping promises.........and being a mouthpiece.


Oh i did complain, CONSTANTLY. I on the other hand arent a party hack so i can see the hypocrisy. What did Obama change exactly besides a healthcare bill that no one wants and making all the taxes go up?

Darwin's choice

Goodbye, Coasterfan.......Bye Bye Barry,,,,,,,,!


LOL. I certainly hope Obama wins, since it would be better for the country than the "Romney Rewind America to 2007" plan, but I'm not one for sour grapes. I put up with the extreme incompetence of George W.Bush for 8 years, so I can put up with anything.

If I lose my job and get my home foreclosed upon in 2013 or 2014 as a result of Romney policies (as I did in 2008 thanks to Mr. Bush), I'll simply pick myself up and work hard to recover. And in the meantime, I'll console myself with the knowledge that America gave those millionaires yet another tax break as a result of Romney policies.

The only reason Romney even has a chance is the fact that millions of Americans have a short memory and don't remember just how bad things were the last time a Republican was in office. Let's just hope the right thing happens: let Obama finish what he started, and let the progress continue.

Darwin's choice

AAAHHHHHHH!!! Backpeddaling already???? You are exactly an obamabot!! Don't worry though.....you will still have a job, along with most other Americans, and be able to support yourself. Whenall the holes are plugged, and the leaking stops, America will be righted again!


Obama is still the odds-on favorite to win. Romney would have to take all or nearly all of the battleground states in order to pull off an upset, and no experts are predicting that. I'll bet Ann Romney can't wait to get back to the country club. Being Mitt's wife during the campaign is the closest thing she's ever done to real work in her entire life. Hmm...I guess that makes her one of Mitt's 47%, huh... What IS it about Republican politicians' wives over the past 20 years? They all look so fake, so vacuous...

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Try some antacid coaster....your going to get an ulcer worrying how to cope with tomorrow!

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Do you really want to go there with barrys wife, who single handly has been destroying the dignity of the previous first ladies?? You are an AZZhat!

Darwin's choice

Man seen at polling spot wearing a shirt that said "I would rather take a shower at Penn State than vote for Obama"


The market ended up 133 pts. on "rumors" of a Romney victory.

If Obama wins, watch the market's reaction tomorrow. The assumption? Negative.



No celebration in Grant Park?

Election night party at McCormick Place and only for the elites.

What a difference four yrs. make. Thank you sheeple.


yep....that is how I make market decisions......I base them on "rumors".



With the dividend taxes going up i bet the second recession makes the first look petty with the selloff.