Redfern on a hot seat

An Ottawa County commissioner candidate filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission, alleging a mailer from Ohio Democratic Party chair Chris Redfern's office made false statements.
Tom Jackson
Nov 3, 2012


A panel of the commission ruled 2-1 there was probable cause incumbent Republican Ottawa County commissioner Mark Stahl's complaint was valid, and it referred the matter for a hearing before the full commission, with a Republican and an independent siding with Stahl and a Democrat voting against him.

When the full commission meets sometime after the election, it has three options: Decide Stahl's complaint has no merit; decide the mailer was in fact false; or finding the matter so serious it should be referred to a prosecutor, said Philip C. Richter, executive director of the agency.
Get the full story in Monday's Register and find out why Redfern's not sweating it.



This shouldn't come as a surprise. In a local radio ad where Redfern is endorsing Democrat Tom Ferrell, he makes a very misleading statement along the lines of "Tom Ferrell has balanced the budget every year in office". While Redfern makes this sound like an accomplishment, balancing the county's budget is required by state law. How many voters can Redfern try to mislead?


When will Redfern's free run of living off of the taxpayer end? The man needs a real job.


The Register has not given his Republican opponent Don Janik fair coverage.
Mr. Janik a 21 year old, collage student at BGSU, working hard to pay his own way through collage. While other young adults are not involved in our community or it's future, Mr. Janik feels it important to get involved, make a diference. I have talked to this young man & he is a Conservative with Constitutional values. Our comunity needs more young adults like him!

Phil Packer

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I called him a waste of O2 and Matt deleted my comment. Now he realizes I was correct..

Finn Finn

Career politician. The Democratic machine, particularly the one in "DEMOCRAT WITH A CAPITAL D" OTTAWA COUNTY, will keep getting him elected, and he'll continue to be the unlikable person that he is. Get this past week's Port Clinton Beacon Newspaper (in street newspaper boxes and at check out lines until this Thursday -it's free) and read Mark Stahl's letter to the public which explains Redfern's misleading flyer sent out to voters one week before the election.

While you're researching Ottawa County elected officials, count the number of Double Dipping Democrats. Quite a large number, and a slap in the face to the taxpayers.