Volunteers stump for schools

Four school districts asking voters for new money while seven others want support for existing tax levies.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 2, 2012


Armies of volunteers from 11 area school districts have stumped for weeks asking residents to support their schools on Tuesday. The Sandusky, Norwalk, Edison and Monroeville school districts are asking for new money from taxpayers.

Seven other area districts need support for existing levies on the ballot:  Bellevue Schools, Clyde-Green Springs Schools, Fremont Schools, Lorain Joint Vocational Schools, Port Clinton Schools, Willard Schools, and Woodmore Schools.

Watch the Sandusky Schools volunteer committee plan for Tuesday's election in this segment of "Between the Lines."

Get the Sunday Register to find out why volunteers believe a vote “for” the tax measures is a vote for the community’s future. 



Vote NO to every levy until they account for every dollar and to where and to whom paid.


Well said!


The schools can keep asking. There is still more to cut. We have nothing to give anymore. Start asking the unions to take concessions to come in line with the private sector. I sure am not going to feed the union's demands for more money and benefits.


f the schools...cut the staff.....vote no....no new taxes....teachers have it easy....quit complaining.


Then remember to NOT complain where there is NO bussing, Pay to Play or NO sports, and your children FLUNK out of college in 3 weeks. Yes there are cuts to be made, we all make them, but your childrens futures are on the line.


Any parent who relies on the schools to do all the teaching for them to secure our children's future is foolish. There are cuts to be made? Why not make the cuts first and ask for more money later?


They sold a several buildings claiming it would save the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintaining costs. Where did that money go? Sandusky already has the highest property tax burden in the county, why can other schools make it with less millage?


Ref: Eggsandpeaches

While I agree that times are tough and staff (at least in the district I'm in) have it good, there is a MUCH MORE TACTFUL WAY OF PRESENTING YOUR STAND.


If the schools think they are going to win this levy, they better think again. This time will not be a slam dunk because people can't even pay their own taxes let alone pay more on top of what they are behind in. The schools are unrealistic to even ask for 4.5 levy.


Those volunteers got an earful!


The cost of education keeps rising (or so we're told), yet the U.S. standing in the world as far as quality of education goes keeps falling. Something's wrong with this picture!

If throwing money at the schools would solve the problem, I might be more inclined to occasionally vote in favor of a levy. But given the already ridiculous tax burden (not to mention the fact that "taxmageddon" looms, thanks to the Obama administration), combined with the falling standings in the world on scores that actually MATTER (like math and science, as opposed to football), you can count on me for a rock-solid "NO" vote on Tuesday!


http://illinoispolicy.org/blog/b... Obama's home states Education pension is broke, I wonder why?