VIDEO: Erie County Commission candidates debate

Erie County Commission candidates Tom Ferrell (D), Dick Brady (I) and Steve Kraus (R) went head to head on taxes, the violent crime task force and Erie County landfill issues during a 90 minute debate hosted by the Register on Tuesday night. Watch all of the action here.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 30, 2012


Commission candidate Brad Hartung (I) could not attend the debate due to an illness.


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Mr. Brady, you talk of Tom Ferrell not being in the office. What are you going to do if elected with your business. Will you be at the office or at the county?


put your trust in a man that tells you he is a Dem. running as an independent and will punch a Repub. ticket all day long. or at least next Tuesday

Swamp Fox

Four candidate, with two being independent, Tom is back in with 33% of the vote. Incumbent always win with more than two candidates.

How bout that

Mr. Brady is only a registered Democrat so he can vote for his buddy Pat Shenigo in a Democratic primary. I really question if Mr. Shenigo is a Democrat, what with his disdain for unions and working class people. I really suspect they are both Republicans.

How bout that

I was just wondering if the same question was asked of Mr. Shenigo. That being who does he support, Mr Ferrell (a fellow Dem.) or perhaps Mr. Brady or one of the other gentlemen.

my oh my

Same ole rhetoric from all candidates blah blah blah.....