Election guide in today's Register; Commission debate tonight

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Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 30, 2012


We're also hosting a debate tonight with Erie County Commission candidates Tom Ferrell (D, incumbent), Dick Brady (I), Brad Hartung (I) and Steve Kraus (R).

The debate starts at 7 p.m.

We will be accepting questions from the audience through our live chatroom during the program. You can also post questions below.

We'll have live election night coverage here at sanduskyregister.com starting at 6 p.m. Nov. 6.




For Ferrell- How do you justify the depletion of the county's cash reserves from 12 million to 2 million. (from 1988 to 2008)


For Tom Ferrell - What qualifies you to oversee a 111 Million dollar budget?


For Brady---You were engaged in a Public Contract with the City of Sandusky through your private company for flashing boat signs on the Cedar Point Causeway during and after your stint on the City Commission. Sandusky paid you $6,900 after you threatened legal action.

Ohio Revised Code 2921.42(A)(3). This section prohibits an official from occupying a position of profit in a contract if the contract is authorized by the official, or by a body, committee, or board of which she sits, unless the contract is competitively bid and awarded to the lowest and best bidder.

Furthermore Sandusky Charter and Code of Ordinances Section 525.10-- No public official shall knowingly do any of the following: Have an interest in the profits or benefits of a public contract that is not let by competitive bidding if required by law, and that involves more than one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).

Ethics is a concern.

Erie County Resident

If I were to guess this seems like a Ferrell post.
One post right after another by the same pavedparadise attacking one candidate, looks like Obama tactics.
No this isn't Brady or any other person running. Just somebody tired of all the attacks.


Nope. Just a concerned Erie County resident looking to find an honest politician. Good luck with that I guess


How does a free design proposal at the request of the city constitute a public contract?


$6900 doesn't sound free to me. A ten year old child could have deisgned the final installed product Brady claimed was an infringement of his design. Oh did he patent it? Not.


If you took time to look at the design, you would have seen it was indeed copyrighted. Patents are for an invention, Brady is a smart guy but I don't think he invented the lighted sign.

I would suggest not trying to defame a person who is clearly much more ethical than yourself.


For Brady-- At the end of your appointed tenure as Sandusky City Commission, you stated you would not run for re-election because you wanted to spend more time with family. What makes the County Commission less demanding on family obligations?


For Brady-- During your appointed tenure as Sandusky City Commissioner, you agreed to and then refused to provide public information to a Sandusky constituent asking for information regarding a taxpayer funded City project.

As a voter, I'm concerned about your lack of understanding the Ohio Open Records Law.


for Ferrell - How can you justify over 5 million dollars of engineering costs on a $20million dollar cell site expansion? Is 25% a ripoff?


For Ferrell-

What is your rationale for not using email or a computer? Your phone number is unlisted. How does this inaccessibility serve residents?


To Ferrell:
Can you explain to me why you voted to purchase the Rye Beach Road property that was intended for Judge Lux's Courthouse for $442,000.00 only to find out the 7 of the 23 acres is in a flood plain?

Pastor Ron

How did things work out when Sharon Gravelle (the wife of the guy who put kids in cages) reported Steve Kraus to the Labor Relations Board for paying them wages under the table when they worked for his auction business? I pray that Steve asked God for Forgiveness! Hopefully the voters will forgive him too!