GOP disputes Redfern's Ottawa County residency

Chris Redfern, asked to comment on claims he no longer lives in Ottawa County, phoned the Register from the kitchen of his Catawba Island home.
Tom Jackson
Oct 29, 2012


“Maybe I’ll run into you at Kalahari this afternoon when I’m taking my 4-year-old,” he said.

Redfern, who readily admits he divides his time between Ottawa County and Franklin County, where he works as chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, is being asked to explain why an Ohio Democratic Party list of delegates to this year’s national convention listed him as a resident of Bexley, a Columbus suburb.

Redfern is a candidate this year for an Ohio House district that includes Erie and Ottawa counties. His opponent is Donald Janik, a Huron Republican.

A conservative blog, Third Base Politics, accused Redfern on Wednesday of living outside of the district where he’s running for office.

The posting cited Redfern’s real estate holdings in Franklin County and the delegate list, among other items.

Redfern’s Catawba Island house on North Bluff Ridge Drive is currently listed for sale at an asking price of $990,000.

He said he’ll live elsewhere in the district if the house sells.

“The answer’s yes, of course,” he said.

Redfern noted that he’s never tried to hide that in a typical week, he spends part of his time in Columbus and part of his time in Ottawa County. His filing papers show that he listed the Catawba Island address when he filed for office. He serves on Ottawa County’s board of health and has attended several meetings in Port Clinton this year.

As for the delegate list, Redfern said he doesn’t know what happened, but said it might have gotten on the document as a mailing list.

He said he took the Register’s call after eating breakfast at the Sweet Home diner near his home.

“I am looking at beautiful Lake Erie from the my back deck.

Ohio’s current secretary of state, Jon Husted, was accused of not actually living in Montgomery County when he represented the area in the Ohio legislature. Redfern criticized Husted in a September 2009 press release, saying, “Overwhelming evidence, including utility records and media investigations, shows that Jon Husted does not reside at the Kettering house.”

Husted’s office did not return a call asking for comment.

Redfern said the Husted dispute was different because the evidence showed Husted was absent for months at a time. Husted “didn’t flush his toilet for more than six months” according to utility records, Redfern said.



Gee, I guess Husted should have gone home to flush, huh?


Mr. Redfern used the residency card against an political opponent but can't take the heat when the rules are turned on him.

Do as I say not as I do.

Licorice Schtick

Redfern has deep roots in Ottawa County and his work in Columbus has been good for Lake Erie Shores and Islands. He has a passion for this area. We should appreciate that.
He plays by the rules. This is just partisan sniping.


Ah, yes, Mr "F" Bomb, the former county commissioner who helped ram a public water system down the throats of county residents to get Port Clinton a new water treatment plant.
Thanks to his political cronies who have stepped aside so he could be appointed he has made quite a name for himself on the coattails of others.

He has no intention, if elected, to work to better Ohio, only to disrupt the Republicans and anything they propose.

If he was so interested in helping the local area he would be involved in projects to get meaningful jobs moved back to Erie and Ottawa counties.

Phil Packer

Good Halloween head shot. Creepy.

2cents's picture

I had to look at other photos, this picture is bad, makes him look like an alcoholic! This one is better, even for a Dem, LOL


Same picture, cropped and color crapped.........

local observer

How is it that this "champion of the common man" can afford a lake front home worth almost $1,000,000.00. As far as I know, Mr. Redfern has never held a significant private sector job. Ahhh, the benefits of being a career politician. This should be reason enough to vote against this individual.


"has attended several meetings in Port Clinton this year." Yep, that settles it, he attended some meetings in Port Clinton so he is a resident!


I went to some meeting in Columbus. I'm I a resident of Franklin county?

Darwin's choice


Mr. D

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Swamp Fox

Redfern lives in a $900,000 home on Catawba and real esate holdings in Franklin County, does he sound like middle class or more like the 1%?

The Big Dog's back

So that means you should like him swampy.


Re: "Ahhh, the benefits of being a career politician."

u ain't even close....

He made his money the "hard" way........



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LOL, this guy worked one year!


I took lessons from "Schultz"

I know nut ting........




I believe that you know a lot more than you tell. I wish that you would have contacted me.


Refern never worked a real job in his adult life, now tries to sell himself to the working class people. Sadly, enough fools vote for him to continue his life of living off the taxpayers.

Mr. D

Said it once and I'll say it again. . . Nothing here, just tea#ard jibberish. . .

Mr. D

Mr S. . . You are incorrect in your statement. . . Less jibber, more facts please. . .