In speech, Romney promises to revitalize economy

Mitt Romney is promising to revitalize the nation's economy with "bold ideas" and a senior aide said the Republican presidential candidate would not cut ties with an Indiana Senate candidate who said pregnancy resulting from rape is "something God intended."
Associated Press
Oct 26, 2012

As President Barack Obama took a break from the campaign trail, Romney delivered what his campaign billed as a major economic address in swing state Iowa on Friday to help win the dwindling number of voters yet to make up their minds. While the speech did not break new ground, it was designed to help crystalize the differences between his and Obama's economic approaches less than two weeks before Election Day.

"If Paul Ryan and I are elected as your president and vice president, we will endeavor with all our hearts and energy to restore America," Romney said. "Instead of more spending, more borrowing from China and higher taxes from Washington, we'll renew our faith in the power of free people pursuing their dreams."

Minutes before the speech, senior strategist Eric Fehrnstrom said Romney would not call on Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock to remove TV ads featuring Romney's endorsement. Fehrnstrom said Romney disagrees with the Indiana Republican's recent comment about rape, but would not interfere with Mourdock's advertising.

"That's his decision," Fehrnstrom said when asked whether the campaign wants Mourdock to remove the ads. He added that Romney feels he has addressed the matter and doesn't plan to discuss it further.

Romney has not spoken about Mourdock's comments directly, despite repeated questions from reporters about it in recent days.

The candidate was focused on the economy as he addressed several hundred supporters on a cold autumn day outside a local construction company.

Romney argued that Obama has no proposals that can meet "the challenges of the times." He dismissed the president's signature legislative achievement, a health care law, as "his vaunted Obamacare" and said he would instead focus on saving Medicare and Social Security.

He repeated many of his standard campaign themes: that Obama is focusing on small issues like "characters on Sesame Street and silly word games" and that Romney will improve kitchen-table concerns like health care, job creation and school choice. His signature refrain is that America can't afford another four years like the last four years.

The speech came hours after the government reported a slight pickup in economic growth in the final such report before the Nov. 6 election.

The pickup to 2 percent from July to September from the 1.3 percent in the second quarter may help Obama's message that the economy is improving. Still, growth remains too weak to rapidly boost hiring. And the 1.74 percent rate for 2012 trails last year's 1.8 percent growth. Romney called the news "discouraging."

"Slow economic growth means slow job growth and declining take-home pay," Romney said in a statement. "This is what four years of President Obama's policies have produced."

The White House had a more positive take on the news in a blog post by Alan Krueger, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. "While we have more work to do, together with other economic indicators, this report provides further evidence that the economy is moving in the right direction," he wrote. Obama got better news from a survey out of the University of Michigan showing consumer confidence rising to its highest level in five years.

An Associated Press-GfK poll out this week shows Romney overtaking Obama as the candidate that likely voters trust more to handle the economy. The poll found 51 percent of those voters surveyed Oct. 19-23 picking Romney, compared to 44 percent for Obama. The two candidates were tied among likely voters on that issue in the previous poll in mid-September.

Still, the two are locked in a dead heat in the nationwide poll. Other surveys show a tight race in the swing states that will decide the election, with the winning candidate needing 270 Electoral College votes. With Hurricane Sandy threatening the East Coast during the final full week of the campaign, Romney canceled a rally in Virginia scheduled for Sunday. Obama aides said they were watching the storm's path before deciding whether to call off any of his events.

Obama was pushing back on Romney's criticism on another front — relations with Israel, which could have an impact particularly with Jewish voters in swing state Florida. The Republican has repeatedly criticized Obama for not traveling to Israel as president. Obama visited as a candidate in 2008.

A new ad shows images of Obama's trip and video of his pledge during his final debate with Romney that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon while he's president and that "our bond with Israel will be unbreakable."

Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg responded that Obama's Middle East policy "has been a failure."

"As president, Mitt Romney's first overseas trip will be to Jerusalem, and under a Romney Administration, the world will never question America's solidarity with Israel," she said in a statement.

Romney was expanding his TV advertising into Minnesota, where President Richard Nixon was the last Republican to carry the state 40 years ago. The investment is described as a small buy that Democrats suggest is simply intended to generate media coverage and force the incumbent campaign to spend money there as well. And Obama's campaign followed suit, going up with what it described as a small buy meant to reach voters in neighboring Wisconsin.

Romney's running mate Paul Ryan also spent time in states not expected to affect the race's outcome, with fundraisers in South Carolina and Alabama. Ryan was scheduled to join Romney for a rally Friday evening in North Canton, Ohio, before the vice presidential candidate embarks on a two-day, 400-mile bus tour of the state.

At a midday luncheon in Huntsville, Ala., that raised more than $1 million for Romney's campaign, Ryan told donors they were helping pay for television ads in battleground states and staff to get voters to their polling locations. "Historically, Republicans have not been as good at that," Ryan said. "We're getting a lot better."

Vice President Joe Biden, campaigning Friday in Wisconsin, said Romney "meant what he said" when he was caught on tape saying that 47 percent of the nation considers themselves victims.

"Romney talks about victims. I don't know where the hell he lives," Biden told about 1,000 people at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. "I don't recognize the country he's talking about." The Obama campaign has a radio ad playing heavily in Wisconsin keying off of Romney's 47 percent line and using it to question the Republican's priorities. Both Romney and Ryan plan to campaign in Wisconsin early next week.

Obama arrived back in Washington late Thursday following a 40-hour battleground state blitz of eight states. He took a one-day break from the campaign trail Friday, spending much of the day at the White House, with a trip to Democratic Party headquarters to film a live appearance on MTV. Turning out young voters who tend to vote Democratic is a key strategy for the Obama campaign. He was scheduled to campaign in New Hampshire on Saturday.

The president also planned Oval Office interviews Friday with American Urban Radio Networks, which has a largely black audience, and Michael Smerconish, the conservative-leaning radio host who backed him in the 2008 election.

Obama also planned to talk to local television stations in swing states. And the campaign announced Friday that the president will travel next week to Colorado, Wisconsin and Ohio for a series of campaign rallies and events.




@ OMG.LOL.WT_ writes:

"...Romney said during a Univision candidate forum Wednesday."

Weds.? Isn't that from Sept.?

In Mr. Romney's mind it's a states rights issue, not a "one size fits all" Federal diktat.

Know the difference.

John Harville

Yeah... in September... with his Boehner Spray Tan.
Whatever Romney says or thinks, healthcare no longer is a states rights issue since the advent of Medicare and Medicaid.

Perhaps we should make disaster relief a 'states rights' issue - Gov. Christy certainly has changed his tune on THAT.

What was that other states rights issue? Oh yeah, slavery.


@ John Harville:

Reads like you prefer Anti-Federalism. Why bother having the individual states?

Not-to-worry, on their present fiscal course the M&Ms will go bankrupt along with SS.

John Harville

FEDERALISM as established by the Constitution is the sharing of power between two governments - in this case the Federal government and the individual state governments.
States want individual power over healthcare, reproductive rights, and a myriad of other things. They also want money for healthcare (Medicaid), education, highways, the list goes on all the way to disaster relief.
The states also expect to be protected from attack by a universal military.
Thus the Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation because the Confederation had no real power.
Things are blowing away in New Jersey and it's ample governor is praising the president for all the assistance... but why should Ohio - or Nebraska - be forced to contribute to the assistance? And why should New Jersey be forced to contribute to tornado cleanup in Missouri?
Why have the individual states? Perhaps because Colorado has no concept of life along a Great Lake...and Ohio has no concept of life with huge mountains...and Virginia has an ocean but no concept of life in Tennessee when the Mississippi floods? But while each state has its own unique features, there are also broad areas than can and must be addressed nationally - a disaster is a disaster is a disaster. E Pluribus Unum.


@ John Harville:

To think that political and fiscal power has not increasingly ceded toward the Federal govt. and centralized planning demonstrates naiveté.


why would we ever want photo id's to vote? hmmmmmm...

"...And a compelling video that surfaced last week, documenting a blatant attempt at voter fraud by a Virginia congressman’s campaign, shows exactly why.

The video features Democratic Rep. Jim Moran’s son, campaign field director Patrick Moran — who was later forced to resign — coaching someone on how to commit voting fraud."

"Democrats and the Obama team, of course, won’t acknowledge that voter fraud is a real concern.

But criminal cases involving ACORN in several states put the lie to that."

and dems wonder why the repubs want tougher laws!!!!!
(just for you mhl..ny post)

John Harville

When did this occur? you said that bastion of honest the nypost but didn't say when...?

John Harville

CBS news... no report of a 'blatant attempt' but a response to a question by a 'conservative journalist posing as a supporter' saying he had a 'friend' who wanted to ride around in a van and vote 'for a hundred people'. Moran's director foolishly discussed how someone could accomplish such a feat using utility bills...and how to force such documents. We also should report this 'conservative journalist' as yet unidentified was working for the guy O'Keefe who is under indictment for simila 'hidden videos' four years ago.
Moran resigned.
Is a photo ID foolproof? I mean, kids haven't been manufacturing fake photo IDs to get into bars for, what, decades?
I have been 'mistaken for' 12 other people in this area by people walking up to me and calling me by some other name or saying 'don't I know you from...?'
The diff between me and thee Mikel is my concern to make sure as much information as possible is put forth rather than just the part that supports my position.
It's called integrity.


john, apparently you have more than enough time to search this for yourself.

John Harville

...and why do you assume Republicans corner the market on preventing in-person voter fraud? It's a whole 'baby with the bathwater' issue. Dems want to assure everyone who has a right to vote, votes. Republicans want to 'prevent' an unproved imagined problem by having fewer voters (ironically they seem to think only non-white voters would think of committing fraud.). It's kinda like if you don't let your kid get a driver's license, the kid can never be in an accident - except when kid is a passenger.


@ mikel:

Pres. Obama presented his photo ID to vote.

So minorities are disinfranchised????

John Harville

@Mikel and Contango... In Ohio you don't have to present a photo ID to vote early as the President did. But you do have to fill out a form listing the last four of your SS, your driver's license number or identifying information. Then the elections can check that identifying information with what is in the record... and your signature against the signature on file. In the pollbook you are listed as already voting so there is no chance to vote again. The same with absentee voting. Obviously this is a much better way to vote.


""""In Mr. Romney's mind it's a states rights issue, not a "one size fits all" Federal diktat.

Know the difference."""

How could anyone possibly know Romney's mind?

It changes with the wind.



You continue to spew the Obamasheeple campaign rhetoric very well. Didn't you once respond to me that you weren't an Obamabot?

What Mr. Romney 'actually' has said:

" The plan we put in place in Massachusetts deals with the 8% of our people who didn't have insurance. The 92% of people who did have insurance, nothing changes for them. If I'm President, we're going to get rid of ObamaCare and return, under our Constitution--the 10th Amendment--the responsibility and care of health care to the people in the states."

States rights. Got it?

IMO, abortion should also be a states rights issue.

John Harville

IMO you state then that personhood is left to individual states? That a baby conceived in Ohio might be a 'person' at conception while a baby conceived in Michigan might not be a person until it can survive outside the womb while a baby conceived in Florida might not be a person until born or that a baby conceived in Arizona by Hispanic parents who come across the border to conceive then move back to Mexico? Ooops. I just crossed from abortion to immigration... so that would mean that Louisiana could allow Mexicans to become Louisiana citizens (which by the 14th amendment makes them US citizens. Or that Wyoming could have open borders while Minnesota had closed borders and Main could allow anyone in - including men who take 'take-off' lessons but don't take 'landing' lessons.
States Rights... yeah, I got it.


@ John Harville:

So at what age do the rights of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" begin?

According to our founders, from where do rights originate?

Good to read that you believe in our Federal bureaucracy to be divinely inspired and infallable.


I'm not an anybodybot or a sheeple!

"When the going gets tough, The Romney's go to France on a bicycle!"

On Dec. 31, 2006, Romney became the first major candidate in the 2008 presidential election to sign a prominent taxpayer protection pledge offered by Americans for Tax Reform, an influential anti-tax group headed by Grover Norquist.


Not a bot oh one who comes right back with DNC spin has to be a bot


@ OMG:

Not an "anybodybot"? You sure don't read like an "independent."

I agree: It's not a taxing problem; it's a spending problem.

IMO, the Dems won't quit spending and the Repubs don't have the political will to stop them, which leads us to the inevitability of a fiscal and economic collapse.

If this economy were in great shape, Mr. Bernanke wouldn’t be taking monetary action to help support it.

Ned Mandingo

Why are you people worried about one lie or who understands a quote. He is a politican, just like obamma. every promse he makes the public now will be forgot about the first day he takes office. He will be too worried about paying back the corparations that paid for his campaign. Just like obama.
Do you want to see romney lie? Got to youtube, his lies and double talk are documented there. Just like obama's.
When will people wake up and realize these "issues" are a distraction the media distributes to keep people divided. Its all a big show, it doesn't matter if romney or obama wins the same things are going to happen. they are two pupetts with the same master.


All I bleepin' know is:

Tomorrow it'll be seven weeks since the "act of terror" in Benghazi; what's the "official" WH story today?

In a corp. this putz woulda been fired by now.

John Harville

YOu just can't get over that can you? Do we have the complete 9/11 story yet?
The 2001 nine/eleven?


@ John Harville:

See the 9/11 Commission Report:

So for you Benghazi is so yesterday?

Don't answer the question, just obfuscate like your political Messiah.

John Harville

Is that anything like the Warren Commission Report and the 'magic bullet'?

+No. Four deaths is NOT 'so yesterday', anymore than those dreaded WMDs and more than 4,000 needless deaths...but I don't want another rush to a bombing raid based on a debunked FB post.
+And how long did it take to get an Iran-Contra report that whitewashed Reagan's involvement?.
+Oh yeah... and how long did it take to get to the bottom of Watergate? 8 months?

Just admit you want some way to crucify this president and we can all move on.


@ John Harville:

More obfuscation and deflection. Those are not relevant to the question at hand.

Is the WH still sticking with the video story or not?

"Crucify"? So for you he IS the Messiah? LMAO!!!


I don't really care for either candidate but I think I hate the Republican agenda more than the alternative.
They are against anything that helps the common man.
Their idol, Reagan increased the national debt per capita by 188.6%.......
They never worry about it unless they are in the minority.
I tried to give a link to the stats but filter would not accept.
Google this:
US National Debt & Interest Expense by Presidential Term, Percentage of GDP



So Pres. Carter's stagflation, gas lines and foreign policy disasters were better?

Which party controlled Congress under Pres. Reagan?


Contango: Your arguments are non sequitur.

It is unfortunate that the most powerful member of both the House and the Senate is unelected -- Grover Norquist. Those who signed Norquist's No Tax Increase Pledge have given away their power. And if a member violates that pledge, the threat of a challenger in the primaries is real. It is extremely difficult for pledgers to revoke their pledge, even if signed years ago and times have changed.

The No Tax Increase Pledge is a major cause for the stalemate in Congress. Republicans vote no for any bill that has a tax increase. And now Mitt Romney proposes a 20 percent cut, which will transfer more wealth to the wealthy. If tax decreases create jobs, where were the jobs from the Bush years?

John Harville

Let us not forget Romney meets Norquist's Five Requirements for our next president: enough digits to hold the pen and sign the taxcut bills sent to him.
Romney is a tool.


@ John Harville:

And Pres. Obama is beholding to none? :)