GOP alleging Obama camp traded pizza for OH votes

Republicans in battleground Ohio accused Democrats of possibly trying to buy votes with pizza.
Associated Press
Oct 26, 2012

The Ohio Republican Party filed a complaint Wednesday with the Franklin County Board of Elections alleging the Buckeyes for Obama student organization at Ohio State University violated a law that prohibits offering something of value for a person's vote.

Ohio State is one of America's largest campuses, with more than 56,000 students. Buckeyes for Obama began a series of early vote rallies Oct. 22 that run through Nov. 1. On posters, the events are advertised: "Free Food. Come Together. Make History."

Ohio Republican Chairman Bob Bennett attached an affidavit to his complaint letter quoting an anonymous student staffer of the Obama campaign saying the campaign has an "unlimited" tab with the pizza chain Donatos for the six rallies, being held at the Ohio Union.

Participants also got free bumper stickers and free transportation to the nearby early voting center, the complaint said.

Bennett's letter to directors of the bipartisan election board said "it is reasonable to infer that the individuals handing out food, including the Obama for America staffers, were attempting to — and in fact, may have succeed at — influencing electors to register to vote and/or cast a ballot. Such conduct is clearly prohibited under Ohio law."

The Franklin County board plans to take up the issue immediately.

In a media briefing Friday, the Obama campaign said its yearslong grassroots organizing effort in Ohio is paying off with strong showings in early voting in key areas across the state, including college campuses.

The state Democratic Party said the GOP's challenge was ironic coming from Republicans who tried to block early voting opportunities ahead of the Nov. 6 election.

"Democrats went to court to fight off the Republican attack on the final three days of early voting. Meanwhile, Republicans threatened us with a lawsuit because they're upset about a pizza party," said party spokesman Jerid Kurtz. "The difference in priorities couldn't be clearer."

County election boards in Ohio are comprised of two Republicans and two Democrats. Ties are broken by the secretary of state, who is currently a Republican.




@ coasterfan

You're absolutely right.


I love how the GOP tries to make mountains out of mole hills


wondering if big dog and coasterfan are driving the vans full of somalians to vote courtesy of the dnc.

Julie R.

I sure will be glad when this election is over even though I still haven't decided who I'm going to vote for.


We're the ones they are after, Jules. I have never voted before the first Tuesday of November and I'm not about to start now.

I'm not waiting to see promises as much as I'm waiting to see who pisses me off the most.


Pres. Obama bought a round of beers in NH.

He most likely used taxpayer money and called it "stimulus" spending.


@ 4shizzle:

So if someone offers you money that was stolen from you in the first place you don't take it?

The problem with Mr. Obama and the Progressives is that they steal money and then want you to thank 'em when they give some of it back.


@ contango

ha ha ha ha ha


Same way i get my cats that are not real smart to come in the house. You put a treat in front of the them and they march like little mindless soldiers.


Woohoo! The Oct. 31 independent Quinnipiac poll has Obama up 50% to 45% in Ohio. The Prez is also up in Wisconsin and Virginia.

In a related story, Romney's latest campaign ad, in which he pushes a blatant lie about Jeep moving jobs to China, was given a "Pants on Fire" rating (100% false) by the independent fact-checker Politifact. The vultures are beginning to circle...


Just saw a new Romney ad in which he proclaims himself to be “better for autoworkers than Obama”. The ad repeats the completely false claim that Jeep will move American jobs to China.

Romney is hoping that we will forget his 2008 full-page editorial in which he said “we should let American auto manufacturers fail”, with millions of American jobs instantly vanishing as a result. He is hoping that we’ll forget that the state of Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation while he was governor. He’s hoping that America won’t notice that his own home state (Michigan) and adopted state (Massachusetts) – the people who know him best – are voting for Obama in 2012. He’s hoping that we’ll believe his economic plan (the same one that caused the recession) is the answer.

Our country was stupid enough to vote George W. Bush into office TWICE. Let’s hope we don’t give Bush a 3rd term by voting Romney.