GOP alleging Obama camp traded pizza for OH votes

Republicans in battleground Ohio accused Democrats of possibly trying to buy votes with pizza.
Associated Press
Oct 26, 2012

The Ohio Republican Party filed a complaint Wednesday with the Franklin County Board of Elections alleging the Buckeyes for Obama student organization at Ohio State University violated a law that prohibits offering something of value for a person's vote.

Ohio State is one of America's largest campuses, with more than 56,000 students. Buckeyes for Obama began a series of early vote rallies Oct. 22 that run through Nov. 1. On posters, the events are advertised: "Free Food. Come Together. Make History."

Ohio Republican Chairman Bob Bennett attached an affidavit to his complaint letter quoting an anonymous student staffer of the Obama campaign saying the campaign has an "unlimited" tab with the pizza chain Donatos for the six rallies, being held at the Ohio Union.

Participants also got free bumper stickers and free transportation to the nearby early voting center, the complaint said.

Bennett's letter to directors of the bipartisan election board said "it is reasonable to infer that the individuals handing out food, including the Obama for America staffers, were attempting to — and in fact, may have succeed at — influencing electors to register to vote and/or cast a ballot. Such conduct is clearly prohibited under Ohio law."

The Franklin County board plans to take up the issue immediately.

In a media briefing Friday, the Obama campaign said its yearslong grassroots organizing effort in Ohio is paying off with strong showings in early voting in key areas across the state, including college campuses.

The state Democratic Party said the GOP's challenge was ironic coming from Republicans who tried to block early voting opportunities ahead of the Nov. 6 election.

"Democrats went to court to fight off the Republican attack on the final three days of early voting. Meanwhile, Republicans threatened us with a lawsuit because they're upset about a pizza party," said party spokesman Jerid Kurtz. "The difference in priorities couldn't be clearer."

County election boards in Ohio are comprised of two Republicans and two Democrats. Ties are broken by the secretary of state, who is currently a Republican.



The Big Dog's back

Why do Repubs hate voters?


They don't hate voters,they hate stupid voters.have you seen the video of the interview with the lady in Cleve.? She says I's vote for Obama cause he gives me a phone.They also don't like people of the party that don't want any Christian,Gun Totin ,Rednecks that like God in their camp either !


Seriously? Is there something wrong with you beside the fact you can NOT make a point?



Especially Democrat voters ?

Phil Packer

What...kind of pizza...

indolent indiff...

not CiCi's pizza


"The difference in priorities couldn't be clearer."

Next week it will be (The New Black Panthers)handing out looks for the dems, Acorns to pizza, LOL

Taxed Enough Already

too bad he didn't take care of the Benghazi mess.


If anyone still supports the liar-in-chief after his actions over these last two weeks, they are thoughtless, brainwashed and incapable of rational thought.

Obama should simply withdraw himself from the race after this fiasco… But he will not.

Obama felt that the American people would believe what he wanted them to believe, after all he is the narcissist-in-chief basking in the glory and praise of his devoted followers (see Big Dog).


Remember when Romney was passing out turkey subs at one of his rallies? How soon folks forget! And Romney sure has been passing out a lot of "whoppers" on tv.

Darwin's choice

He may have passed out subs, but he wasn't driving voters to the polls while doing it! Desperate actions by worried people.........

swiss cheese kat

Yep. Rabid Obama supporters KNOW he is going to lose, so the only option is to lie, cheat, and try to STEAL the election.


Steal the election??? Romney's family owns the voting machines - NOT obama's.


Passing out subs at a rally is completely different than advertising free food, then, once people are there, driving them to vote early. Your wopper comment was funny though.


Buying Delphi stock. Then telling us all to let GM go bankrupt. Making millions from the auto bailout. Lastly, refusing to release 2009 tax returns that would show how much money the Romney's made on the tax payer from TARP.

And we are worried about a few pizzas.


GM did go bankrupt under Obama and that is what Romney said they should do. Romney advised they should reorganize and come up with a plan that would make them profitable, sell any unneeded real estate and consolidate what they could to become more efficient. He did also say they should be funded via private capital with government loan guarantees to allow that to happen.

Obama pumped billions of dollars into GM before allowing them to enter into bankruptcy, there are no clear solutions for them to be profitable, they are losing money on every Chevy Volt sold, that does not seem congruent with profitability. The preferred bond holders were thrown under the bus and the union and government took over.

Will be interesting in the future when the union negotiates for raises and benefits at they will also be negotiating against themselves as part owner


Buy votes with pizzas? Please!

You buy votes with entitlement.


Who is "you"?


Yep....that is what Romney is trying to do with corporate welfare promises...except he has sold his soul to get those votes.

swiss cheese kat

Wow, you really drink the koolaid don't you?


Don't that beat all????



Rmoney told another big one in Defiance yesterday. He said Chrysler was closing the Jeep plant in Toledo and moving it to china !! I can't believe anyone would actually believe anything the idiot says !!!!

OOPPPSS...Romney didnt make it up.


If your comprehension is high enough you will see that not one job will leave Toledo. They will just GO BACK to building Jeeps there for the Chinese market. But that isn't what Rmoney said.


Check your other post im not skipping back and forth.


Reading and understanding is the key Randy !!! ;o)


Nothing better than proof...thumbs up


AHH, another who can't read and comprehend !!

Must be a repub !!! LMAO


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alot on here have that comprehension problem!


do you know what the original source of that mention was, He did not make it up he reported what he read. Although he should have fact checked it prior to reporting it