VIDEO: Krabill discusses run for Erie County treasurer

Erie County treasurer candidate Jeff Krabill (R) dropped by the Register office Thursday afternoon to talk about his run for office.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 25, 2012


Krabill's opponent in the race, incumbent JoDee Fantozz (D), declined an invitation to join Krabill for a debate.

Watch the program below.


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If we have so many less students that you need to cut staff why weren't any administrators eliminated ?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Administrators have been eliminated. Everytime a building has been closed, the district lost an administrator. Even the middle school lost one.



Taxed Enough Already

Fact that JoDee declined to show up speaks volumes to me. Jeff is very capable of doing the job and therefore he will get my vote.

Swamp Fox

My only problrem with Jeff is that every election he runs for a new office, it seems he only is interested in going on the public payroll not serving the public.....


Swamp Fox, I'd agree with your concerns if Krabill were, for example, a serving County Commissioner who decided to run for Treasurer, and a few years from now, a serving Treasurer who decided to run for State Rep, etc. But he didn't win his State Rep race, so the point there is mostly moot.

Krabill has been on the School Board for some time, and says it's that experience that's helped make him as qualified as he is to run for Treasurer. We can either agree with him on that claim or not. But I don't think we can criticize him for running for office, even if he's run for other offices before. He's not "job jumping," after all!

I'd also note that, despite almost non-existent pay, Krabill has served on the School Board. I think that qualifies pretty well as "serving the community!" Would YOU do it for that little money and that much time? Me, neither.

P.S. Whatever I think of the idea of Krabill leaving one office for another, the fact is I'm appalled at some of the stories about our CURRENT County Treasurer. There's absolutely no excuse for missing monies, account discrepancies, delays in audits, etc. It's THOSE things that get my vote for Krabill rather than anything else.

Julie R.

I don't know anything about Krabill but I sure wouldn't vote for Fantozz, not only because of the theft in her office but also because of that $200K in back taxes she forgave of Kevin Baxter's. Just another good example of how the public officials in Erie County all wash each other's you-know-what. The whole bunch of them have about as much respect for the people as they do the law -- which is zilch and then some.


@ Julie R.:
Let's not forget about the 10's of thousands that were stolen from the treasures office under Fantozz's watchful eye, and couldn't even figure how much was stolen without the help of an outside firm!! Yea Fantozz you are indeed a piece of work!!! Pack your bags as the residents cannot afford your lax in duties and special favors to Baxter!!