State audits question Hammond, Margaretta Schools

How taxpayer money gets spent is always fodder for political candidates, and it’s become central in the race for Erie County commissioner.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 13, 2012


Republican Jude Hammond contends his opponent, incumbent Democrat Pat Shenigo, has mismanaged the county’s $111 million annual budget.

But Shenigo says Hammond is the one who can’t manage a budget and the annual state audits of the Margaretta school district prove he’s not competent to the task.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Saturday's Register.


Home Boy

Trust me, Pat Shenigo knows how to handle money/a budget. He's run a very succesfull busines (make that VERY sccessfull) for a long time. He knows what how to eliminate waste, and focus on the bottom line. Jude Hammond may be a nice guy, but he lacks the private sector experience of Shenigo. Sounds like political demagogue to me.

A Shenigo built home owner.


Hammond threw down the gauntlet, so Mr. Shenigo can use the same media he did. That is unfair?. I think the Register is giving all the candidates equal time. Bias does not come into play here folks. As Jack Nicholson said: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Man of the Republic

There has not been equal time given at all. When was the last time Shenigo was given ANY negative press in the Register? You can't think of it because it hasn't happened. When they published the "fact-check" they did no real research other than to ask employees of the County, those who depend on Shenigo for a job, so of course they would agree with Shenigo. They also left out that Shenigo had his good buddy Baxter employ his daughter with FOJ funds. The most damning piece of evidence against Pat was left out of the paper entirely, because there was no real answer that didn't involve Shenigo looking bad. That's why nearly everyone on here can see the plain truth that the SR is just Pat's press release firm.


I've seen some of the homes that Shenigo built. Cracks in the walls and ceilings and other issues. Makes me wonder if he cut corners on construction. If so, is he doing the same thing at the county? There is a difference between being cost efficient and cutting corners.

Taxed Enough Already

I agree, I worked in one of his offices. I wouldn't let him build my dog a house.

Man of the Republic

The Register is really reaching to find info on Hammond for their golden boy Shenigo. I mean this stuff isn't even damaging. These are just useful suggestions to make the system run smoother. Really Andy? This is absolutely nothing thats being blown into something. Grow up Register


Looks like Shennigo is doing a number on Hammond with the help of the paper. Throwing dirt on your opponnent doesn't work and often backfires. They were not deficiencies only suggestions. There is a big difference. Shenigo wants to build a big NASA runway at the cost of 40 to 90 million of tax dollars. Everything with Shennigo is about NASA and nothing else matters.


This is one time we need "none of the above" on the ballot.

How bout that

Could it just be me or does the Register really comes off sounding like Shenigo's PR firm? I also wonder if how much Shenigo spends in ads with the Register influences their coverage on Mr. Shenigo. My suggestion is if we are to have a Republican for this seat please vote for the one who is not afraid to call himself a Republican.

Swamp Fox

Any office holder who feeds information to this newspaper will receive favorable coverage.

car 54

Can someone check on which candidate has lawsuits?


Still waiting for Brady to answer if he will retire/resign from his business to be a full time commissioner.

Taxed Enough Already

I already voted for Hammond.


I would like to see Hammond clean up the delinquent taxes of 6 million alone just in Sandusky. How does this happen? No body collects delinquent taxes anymore? The schools have the nerve to come to the taxpayer for more money instead of pressuring the county to collect what is due to them. Where is Westerhold on this story during the school levy? Let's be fair and balanced.


Heck, a school board member in Margaretta school district is habitually late on paying his property taxes while Mr. Hammond and the school board beg for more tax money.

Those in power don't follow the same rules as regular taxpayers. They pass and enforce the laws not follow them.

Which evil do you want in this election? Both candidates have closets filled with skeletons.


It's not surprizing that many of these comments support Hammond and are negative to Shenigo and the SR. Hammond represents higher tax rates and more money to spend "Wages Mainly" in Margretta while Shenigo actually has kept His Campaign Promises to keep County spending down and save us all money. I know we can't give names but while commenting on this topic try giving your occupation. I am a small business owner. I have to wonder what the occupation is of the negative commenters.

Taxed Enough Already

I am also a small business owner and I work for the Government. What does that have to do with anything?

Julie R.

Had it not been for Jude Hammond as an auditor authorizing a fraudulent transfer of my mother's property seven months before her death by those sneaky attorneys and those 2 power of attorney FRAUDS from Huron under a fraud quitclaims deed that falsely stated a forged power of attorney concealed in another county was on file in Erie County so the idiots could then defraud a 4th beneficiary on a new fraud TOD deed causing serious defects in the title, the Eeerie County common pleas court and the Eeerie County probate court --- knowing the property couldn't be sold through normal channels unless the fraud was acknowledged and the property put back in my mother's probate estate --- would not have been able to force the property with serious defects in the title to be sold at an illegal scam sheriff sale through a scam partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report at a substantial discount to a realtor to use as rental property. Which means neither would the jokes have been able to take out over $40K right off the top of the scam sheriff sale --- sheriff sale fees, clerk of court fees, attorney fees to the one moron's Cleveland attorney for the fraud preliminary judicial report he filed, plus another $33K left from a flat-out fraud $50K Home Equity Loan that a dirty Huron bank allowed the other moron to take out several weeks before her stepfather's death by falsely verifying she was on the title.

I wouldn't vote for Hammond if I was paid to!


Hammond will do the best job...
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Julie R.

Before an auditor can authorize a fraudulent transfer of an elderly, incompetent person's property under a forged power of attorney hidden in another county, doesn't the auditor have to clear it first with the prosecutor and the probate court judge?


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