Register candidate debates begin next week

The schedule is set for the Decision 2012/Kasper Auto Group Register debates.
Oct 9, 2012


The Register news team will be developing a series of questions for each debate, but readers also are encouraged to post their suggested questions in the comment section below this blog entry for possible inclusion. Readers are encouraged to click on at while the debates are live and ask their own questions of the candidates.

Each debate will be shown at live while it happens and be made available later for demand viewing at the news website.

The debates will be an hour-long Q&A timed format unless otherwise noted and will include questions from the audience in the interactive chatroom.

Debate schedule

Tonight: 7 p.m. from Room 300 at Sandusky High School with the school district’s levy campaign committee.

Oct. 17 at 7 p.m.: Erie County Juvenile Judge Robert DeLamatre and challenger Beverly Newell.

Oct. 24 at 7 p.m.: Incumbent Democratic Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo vs. Republican opponent Jude Hammond.

Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.: Incumbent Democratic Erie County commissioner Tom Ferrell Jr. vs. independent challengers Dick Brady and Brad Hartung and Republican challenger Steve Kraus, for this 90-minute debate.

Also, mark your calendars and be sure to look for the Register’s Presidential debate watch Oct. 16 at BGSU Firelands College and coverage of the last presidential debate Oct. 22.

Incumbent Democratic Erie County treasurer JoDee Fantozz declined the Register’s invitation to debate her opponent, Republican Jeff Krabill. Krabill is scheduled to appear on a special “Between the Lines” program at 1 p.m. Oct. 25.




IN MOViE `2001


Fantozz declined the Register's invitation to debate her opponent. Shame on her. What is she afraid of? It is not a good sign to duck a debate when running for office.


Maybe Fantozz is afraid that a debate will show her incompetence? For example how somebody in her office could embezzle money. Another example would be allowing the Island Rocket ferry enough time to sell the boats and any assets. There goes $200,000 in taxes down the drain and instead went into the pockets of the owners.

local man

Ask Tom Ferrell how people are supposed to get a hold of him. He doesn't use email, r we supposed to look him up at his mornig spot or one of his 2 afternoon spots???


Sorry cant vote for dems I didn't get a ticket to see Oboma..An eye for an eye lol

Julie R.

Gee, I'm disappointed that Fantozz isn't going to participate. I wanted to ask her about that $200K in back taxes that were forgiven. I personally felt that was like a slap in the face to the citizens of Erie County.

She also mentioned in last Friday's paper that other Erie County offices have had recent problems with finances, insinuating that theft of taxpayer dollars has been going on in those public offices just like it did in her office. I wanted to ask her if she could maybe give us the names of those offices before the election is over and it gets swept under the rug.


wouldn't vote for Krabill ever. Says whatever he has to to further his agenda. He hasn't served Sandusky Schools well and won't do any good for Erie County either. By the way I'm Republican.

Julie R.

According to a letter in yesterday's paper, somebody from Huron by the name of Brian Crandall called out Steve Kraus in reference to his comment to Dick Brady about the city of Sandusky: "I'm not sure what part of Sandusky you live in but the part that I live in there's drug dealers on the street openly."

According to Mr. Crandall that's impossible because Kraus lives across the street from him. Crandall lives on Snowy Egret Drive in Huron. I believe ~ but I'm not quite sure ~ that Snowy Egret Drive is in Huron's Wexford.


I cannot believe JoDee will not come out and talk about the theft in office. Shame on her.

Brick Hamland

I would like to ask canidate Beverly Hancock two things. First, with a history of showing up late for court appearances or skipping them outright and generally having an attitude of disrespect to all judges and courts, how does she expect to run her own court room and will others in the courtroom respect her? Second, after failing to manage her own finances to pay her own mortgage leading to a foreclosure on her home, how will she be able to be financially responsible with tax payers money and balance court budgets? I would be interested to hear the answers to those questions.


Question for Mr Kraus:

Do you still support the child abusing Gravelle family?


Question 2 for Mr Kraus

What other facts have mislead people on.
We see you have distorted your military experience.
We know you said you lived in Sandusky, when really you live in Huron.

Anything else you would like to make up to enhance yourself?


Question for Mrs Fantozz:

If I didn't pay my taxes, like Mr Baxter, would you forgive mine?


Question for Mr Shenigo:

Have relations with city government improved or diminished during your time as commissioner? Why do you think this is?


Kstreng, Those are great questions. I am sure no one will ask them. Why should we know about the character of the people we are about to elect.


As a former Democrat central committee member, Pat Shenigo is a disgrace to our party. I would NEVER vote for him. He has attacked our skilled unions in this county and tried with Bill Monaghan to put them out of business.


Thanks SallyS. I have many more where those came from. However, I am sure you are correct. No one will ask these guys hard questions.


(clear throat) Ummmmm Mr Ferrell how much county business can really be conducted between noon and 2 at Manny's?


Mr Krabill, What office will you run for next if you lose this race?


Mr Shenigo, Will you have your friend Kevin Baxter hire any of your other children to work for the county off the books?

Julie R.

Judge Delamatre: In the majority of Ohio's 88 counties, the Juvenile Court judge also serves as the Probate Court judge. Why is it different in Erie County? Also, how can the Erie County Probate Court judge also serve as a Common Pleas Court judge when a Common Pleas Court judge is an elected position?

Julie R.

I already know the character of Jude Hammond. Back as an auditor he authorized a fraudulent transfer of my mother's property under a quit-claims deed that even a 10-year-old would of known was fraud.