Jobs report gives Obama boost

President Barack Obama celebrated much-needed good economic news Friday as the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level since he took office. "We are moving forward again," he boasted. Republican rival Mitt Romney retorted that the president still hasn't done enough to help millions of people who are out of work.
Associated Press
Oct 5, 2012

The figures announced by the Labor Department — 114,000 new jobs last month to bring the unemployment rate to 7.8 percent — gave Obama fresh evidence on the heels of his disappointing debate performance to argue that his economic policies are working. Romney countered that the country can't afford four more years of the president's leadership and argued that the rate is low in part because some people have quit looking for work.

"These are tough times in this community," Romney told a rally outside a construction equipment store after meeting with coal miners who have been laid off. "We're going to bring back jobs and bring back America."

Obama responded that Romney wants to roll back policies that are repairing the economic damage.

"Today's news certainly is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points," Obama said. "It is a reminder that the country has come too far to turn back now."

The unemployment rate fell from 8.1 percent in August, matching its level in January 2009 when Obama became president. There is one more monthly unemployment report before Election Day, so Friday's numbers could leave a lasting impact on Americans who are already casting ballots in states that allow early voting.

The candidates campaigned Friday on opposite ends of one of those early voting states, Virginia. Romney, in the state's far western coal country, said he wants to develop coal and other domestic resources to make the United States energy independent in eight years. Obama focused on recruiting women at an appearance in the Washington suburbs, where he argued that his health care policy has improved their health care choices.

Obama, seeking to rebound after Romney dominated their first debate Wednesday night, is accusing his rival of being dishonest about how his policies would affect the tax bills of middle-class families and the Medicare benefits of retirees. He told an audience at George Mason University that his rival "got an extreme makeover" in their face-off.

He also argued Romney can't bring change to the country when he's "willing to write off half the nation before you take office," a reference to Romney's disparaging remarks about the 47 percent of Americans who don't pay federal income taxes. Romney made the comments at a fundraiser in May that was secretly recorded, but the videotape did not emerge until last month. Romney went as far as he's ever gone to try to take back his words in an interview Thursday night with Fox News.

"Well, clearly in a campaign, with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question-and-answer sessions, now and then you're going to say something that doesn't come out right," Romney said Thursday. "In this case, I said something that's just completely wrong."

At the White House, senior adviser David Plouffe retorted: "I would take with a huge grain of salt trying to clean something up five months after you said it for the first time."

The next presidential debate is not until Oct. 16, a town hall-style meeting at Hofstra University in New York, giving both sides ample opportunities to blanket battleground states and raise money for the final weeks of television advertising.

Romney released three new ads on Friday, offering a window into his strategy for the coming week. One, called "Facts Are Clear," focuses on the national debt and accuses Obama of wasting trillions of dollars instead of creating jobs. A second spot features Greg Anthony, a former professional basketball player from Nevada, talking about his roots in the state and his switch from backing Obama in 2008 to Romney this year.

The third spot is titled, simply, "Ohio Jobs." It features Romney looking straight at the camera to talk to voters from the Midwestern battleground state seen as critical to his White House hopes. Obama also was campaigning in Ohio on Friday.

Obama's team countered with an ad targeting Romney's tax plan, accusing him of planning to raise taxes on the middle class. The ad was airing in seven battleground states.

Romney planned a rally later in the day in St. Petersburg, Fla., kicking off a weekend of campaigning in that state, the largest of the prized battlegrounds. Obama was holding a Friday rally in Cleveland before heading to California on Sunday for a fundraising spree that will include a concert in Los Angeles featuring Jon Bon Jovi, Katy Perry and Stevie Wonder.

Traveling aboard Air Force One, Plouffe foreshadowed an intense focus on Ohio in the coming weeks, where polls have shifted in Obama's favor. No Republican has won the presidency without winning Ohio, and Obama's campaign sees blocking Romney there as one of its best paths to victory.

Plouffe said the true measure of the first debate was whether it moved voters in the battleground states. Speaking of Romney, Plouffe said: "Is he going to take the lead in Ohio? If he doesn't, he's not going to be president," he said.




this jobs report did not reflect the people that are still unemployed because they have exhausted their unemployment ....these numbers dont tell the real story ! more lies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't know one person who has lost a job and run out of unemployment. Where are they?

the office cat

Untrue. Those for whom UE has been depleted remain in the tally and numbers and many of them (nay, most) continue to seek employment.

the office cat

Thank you Mitt Romney.
After the debate, 15 people came in to headquarters to find out how to register and early vote.
They said they were among that great unwashed 'undecided' group but Rmoney had made up their minds for them in the debate. Then they left with a ballot card and went to the BOE to vote early - for Obama.


So you had 15 people, totally incapable of thinking for themselves, decide to vote straight ticket D.

I'm shocked! SHOCKED I TELL YA!

the office cat

No Pete, you weren't in the group. And nobody said they were voting a straight ticket. In fact some mentioned Republicans for whom they would be voting. You just can't help yourself can you? Don't hate.


@ toc:

Good that you appreciate Mr. Romney.

Nice assumption. Unless you positively saw how they voted you really don't know.

The odds are very likely that we will have another financial crisis on the next president’s watch. If it’s Mr. Obama, I’m sure that you’ll be very supportive.

Watch out for the next request to raise the Federal debt ceiling from $16.394 trillion - probably in Dec.

the office cat

I didn't say I know how they voted - only what they SAID.
And they came to our office because the Rmoney-ites don't have an office.
But, unlike the SOS Husted, believe EVERY Ohioan should have the RIGHT to exercise the RESPONSIBILITY to participate in self-government.


Interesting analysis:

If the labor force participation rate and the unemployment rate are compared, the reason why the unemployment rate dropped is that many people have just stopped looking for work.

Maybe Pres. Obama can get the unemployment rate to 0%?

Swamp Fox

According to office cat, 15 people came to the HQ to find out how to register, really democrappers are that dumb they don't know how to register? My guess is they are well versed in how to obtain government entitlements.
Nationwide Republican registration and requests for absentee ballots are up 10-15%, democrappers request are down 5-10% and independents holding steady compared to 2008, not a good sign office kitty.... Obama is heading towards the litterbox


You mean all of those entitlements like social security and medicare???


@ Swamp The only way that republicans will ever be elected in Ohio again is if they cheat--draw weird lake and figure eight representative lines and keep people from voting. Gov. Kasick woke the tiger.


i hope that they don't need a photo id to use pussycats services.

the office cat

@Mikel. There goes that bliss again. No photo ID necessary to REGISTER, to REQUEST ABSENTEE BALLOT, to VOTE ABSENTEE, to VOTE EARLY - because all that can be verified prior to the election with use of last-four-SS or a DL number.
Photo ID required ONLY at poll on election day since there is no opportunity to verify before voting - even then, one can vote provisionally and have 10 days to verify identity.
All these rules promulgated (that means passed) by Republican state legislatures.
No need to thank me for enlightening you.


If Republicans had did what they "contracted" to do, I MIGHT trust them. This was #1:

1. require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply to Congress;


Wow so a president that has a majority and can pass the largest healthcare disaster in history through congress but cannot apply it to themselves are innocent, The republicans are blamed because of it? Yeah, I get it now, You people are totally tarded.

the office cat

ya know, ya can leave off the "re" but we still know you are being a bigot.

Put out the word to stop the 'word'.


I have been channel surfing this morning. It seems that the conspiracy claims are bogus. I can give others some anecdotal evidence for an improved economy. In 2008 there were 4 adults in my immediate family. Three of them were unemployed. One was in construction, laid off and collecting unemployment compensation. One was looking for part time work, but not collecting unemployment. The third was still in college and could not find part time work. Only one was, and continues to work full time.

Of the three unemployed, the construction worker changed professions. Thank you President Obama for helping to retrain. He has been employed full time since early 2010. The college student graduated and is now working full time.Thank God! He was able to work out a payment plan for his student loan repayment that he could live with. Thank you President Obama. The worker looking for part time employment went to work about a month ago.

Above are three examples of people whom are now working and could not find work in 2008. Two of them have never been a part of all of the stats that everyone is throwing around.


eriemom writes:

"Thank you President Obama."

Reads like a cult of personality.

The resident slaves in the DPRK also thank "The Great Successor" for their well-being.

You're correct, it is anecdotal evidence and statistically useless.


How many "statistically useless" more families are out there. This is just one. You follow my posts religiously (pun intended), so you know that I am rational.


@ eriemom:

How does a follower of a cult of personality equate to rationality?

The followers of the late Sun Myung Moon might agree.


The rich and powerful people and corporations picked Obama and Romney. They are not for the middle class.

You have a third choice that the rich and powerful silenced. You have choices. Pick one of the two that the rich and powerful picked for you.

The third choice is Gary Johnson.

Swamp Fox

Sandusky Steve more people on entitlement, I know of far to may younger people who are on SSI and are healthy enough to drink, smoke, reproduce on a regular basis and be regulars on the area court docket, increased welfare, food stamps under obbie than any time in our history..Obbie gutted the bi-partisan welfare reform championed by Bill Clinton. Now instead of welfare to work we have welfare to snooze. We should provide a safety net for our citizens who truly deserve it and earned it not a hammock for the lazy.

office kitty, so the three people in your family that found jobs were given jobs by obbie or directly were employed by the goverment they did nothing on their own ability or hard work to get these jobs? At least they are not part of the 300,000 less Americans working since obbie took office.
My son is paying for his own additional degree, I paid for my own retraining to allow me a second career, my daughter took a lesser job in her profession until she was able by her own ability to be promoted, all of my family has succeeded by hard work not by any goverment help. Am I better off than I was four years ago, no about the same but I am paying more taxes, goverment fees, higher gas prices and higher health insurance premiums than I did four years ago.


@ Swamp
You can thank republican governors for the change to state "welfare". The states asked for more freedom to work within the federal rules. Clinton's welfare reform is still intact, and you know it. This is just another lie to get you to vote.

1st question: In what way were court dockets different under past President Bush, than now under President Obama?
2nd question: Why are you asking Office Kitty a question about my post.There was nothing in my post about government jobs. Why go there? My post does fly in the face of your rationale that people who are not working are lazy.
3rd question: Who paid your children's college costs? If you were paying for your own retraining, than I doubt that Mom and Dad paid for it. I also doubt that they worked their way through with the economy that we have lived with for many years. We were bleeding construction jobs way back in 2006, put since these are blue collar workers, nobody in the Bush administration took notice.

the office cat

Just ask Swampy for the names of those 'schools' and 'colleges' and 'retraining' locations. Since ALL education - even private and parochial - somewhere is PUBLICLY SUBSIDIZED, Swampy didn't pay for ALL the schooling.

the office cat

Swamp Fux says "office kitty, so the three people in your family that found jobs were given jobs by obbie or directly were employed by the goverment they did nothing on their own ability or hard work to get these jobs?"

Now we know you only seek to spew, not to discuss rationally and accurately. I never said anything about anyone in my family 'finding' jobs. We're all gainfully employed - some of us with advanced or multiple degrees which we obtained by hard work, conscientious use of collateral and yes some subsidized loans which we repaid with requisite interest.
Oh, and did I mention that all of us got those degrees - in part - with scholarships based on the quality of the PUBLIC education which Thomas Jefferson wrote into the Ordinance of 1784 that was part of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 under the new Constitution under which Ohio was the first state formed out of the Northwest Territory (I learned all that in PUBLIC school).
Since those degrees served us so well, we have worked to help young men and women advance their educations.
So... what have you done for your country?


And who is reporting the governments arm twisting about Boeing's layoff? Not the liberal media. Only CNN and Fox. The Democratic camp got ahold of them and strongarmed the layoff until after the election. Or that would have really kept the numbers up there-12,000 layoffs after the elections. The camp told Boeing that even though they knew it is illegal to to delay the notifications-don't worry. The federal government will back you. Vote this idiot out of office!


So then, who is the liberal media? I don't know if Boeing builds aircraft for the military. If they are then I would expect that with ending Bush's two wars we would need fewer military aircraft. It is also my understanding that republicans in the house pushed for military aircraft that are not needed. Spending that is not necessary for national defense.

We have already spent a few trillion dollars on bogus wars. Where does it end?


@ eriemom:

Know your History:

LBJ never paid for Vietnam - and we're 'still' paying for it decades later.

You do know that the "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution" was based on a BIG LIE don't you?

Better study up on the defense layoff cover-up:


Hmmm so now the Vietnam war is also increasing the deficit over time? Sounds like a lot of things are contributing to this mess that Obama is accused of "creating". I'm not sure it is totally fair to say he creating anything. And it is hard to work on fixing things when from the day he took office he has had to defend himself from republicans swearing to get him out of office no matter what happens and from the republicans stopping anything he attempts to fix for the very same reason.

And since you guys believe so heavily in the republican party, why are so many of them so outright ignorant and in some cases just plain stupid???

You have Akin that makes an idiot out of himself every time he opens his mouth - for instance a woman that gets "really really raped" can't get pregnant" and now this other moron republican (also trying to get into a control position in congress) who believes (and had the bible to back him up - stupid) that unruly children should be put to death, by law!!! Come on guys - wake up - you believe that WE are drinking the kool-aid? It's those followers of the cult called republican party that is drinking kool-aid and they are going to drink it to the end of what we call the United States of America after Romney and Ryan kill off everyone making less than 200,000 dollars! Who will buy your products? Who will pay the taxes? Romney can't create jobs - he didn't in MA and he can't for the country either. Romney can't help the middle class - he doesn't even know what the middle class is!!

I still enjoyed reading about giving children who are unruly the death penalty - this from a party that is so PRO-LIFE! Someone once said that republicans only believe in pro-life until baby is born, and then to hell with it! Everything Romney and the GOP stands for proves it every single day.

The only reason they are against abortion is because they have the hope of having more republicans born - and in the end that is the only babies that will be born. Another republican believes that all gay people should be put the death as well.

Talk about relating things to Hitler's time ---- Isn't what he did was to attempt to extinguish anyone that wasn't just like him and his party? It isn't Obama that is trying to turn this country into something Hitler would love, it's the GOP doing it.