VIDEO: Watch the replay of the 9th District Democratic Debate

Two congressional heavyweights and a political rookie took the stage at BGSU Firelands on Thursday night.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 26, 2012


Two congressional heavyweights and a political rookie took the stage at BGSU Firelands on Thursday night.

U.S. Reps Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, and Dennis Kucinich, D-Cleveland, along with challenger Graham Veysey, attended the Register’s 9th District debate at BGSU Firelands.

The three candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination in the March 6 primary. The Democratic candidate receiving the most votes in March will advance to November’s general election to face Republican candidate Steve Kraus or Samuel Wurzelbacher to determine the area’s congressional representative.

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The New World Czar

"Triple Threat" Debate...Not sold out??


Good old Dennis is sure popular with the welfare and foodstamp crowd, look where all his signs are.


if there are extra tickets, it means that taxpayer can't do any scalping at the door. "A taxpaying citizen voting for Barack Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."     you got that right.   

The New World Czar

Veysey starts out sounding like a republican, Kaptur and Kucinich start out sounding like...themselves.


that vesey would be my second choice but kucinich still gets my vote. kaptur thinks that obama is the greatest. i had no choice for kaptur, the districrt was changed. we had gillmor  before the district lines were changed a few years ago.


New World Czar, I would just like to point out, as a tax paying citizen, my spouse and I have paid less taxes since Obama has been president than before he took office.  


Informed, may i congratulate you and your spouse on your puritanical lifestyle. It's great when a couple doesn't use alcohol or smoke. Also congratulations for your work for the party comrades because you are becoming part of Chairman Obama's special people.


“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”

Smart Sailor

 goofus, as a socialist, I'm offended that you equate Obama's policies to my ideologies. 


I have not been at the Firelands campus in years.  It was not a good debate.  I would vote for Veysey.  I wanted to ask some very hard, truthful and poignant questions, but decided to listen and give them a chance.  It took everything I had to keep quiet like a sheep at a loser democrack debate.  We are now the Lake Erie congressional district.  It is incredible our district now stretches from Toledo to Cleveland.  That is a two hour drive from one end to the other.  It is the same amount of time from here to Columbus.  If that does NOT prove to you liberal losers and the Register that people are FLEEING because of sound socialist and liberal government, UNIONS, crybaby entitlements and NO leadership, you are definitely practicing the liberal head in your anal itch policy.  Ha! Ha!  How about the number of people FLEEING out of the city?  Forget about those people?  How about the people who are TRAPPED and cannot move out?  Oops, we must ignore that.  It is NOT newsworthy and liberal stories should be created to make you freaks "FEEL GOOD" about the dismal success of metropolis Sandusky.  Veysey made more sense.  The queen of entitlement spending and a UFO nut could have done better if they were subject to the rotten cabbage stage routine.  Ha! Ha!  I do believe Kucinich will win and give Kaptur the BOOT!  He is too popular from Sandusky to Cleveland, a lot more people in population than here to Toledo.  I am going to vote in your primary, then scrub the liberal, loser, democrack mephitis off of me.  I will enjoy seeing Kaptur set out to retirement.  NOT to worry liberal saps, your loving liberal queen Kaptur's congressional pension and FREE congressional health care for LIFE places ANY UNION pension into mortified humiliation!  Ha! Ha!  Steve Kraus or Mr. Sam to the rescue!     

The New World Czar

Best scenario for all is if the loser (in this case, both are) between Bumbling Marcy and Dennis the Menace gets snippy and runs as a third party candidate.

Now, that would be pure Springer-esque entertainment.


" I am going to vote in your primary, then scrub the liberal, loser, democrack mephitis off of me."    taxpayer is going to vote as a democrat? here all along i thought that taxpayer was a staunch republican. matt westerhold did a great job as the debate moderator. kaptur kept ignoring matt's 10 seconds time limit for additiinal comments. she went after iott for playing a ss nazi . will she do something similar to kucinich as election day draws near? what kind of dirt will she throw at kucinich like she did iott?


But, Taxpayer if you change your status to Democrat, you won't be able to vote for one of the four LOSER'S  the Republicans have running for President.  Oh, maybe that's the point.  You will have an excuse to not vote for one of them.


Frugal, Marcy didn't need to throw dirt on Rich Iott. He came with his own peculiar set of baggage which turned many voters off.  He was already a definite NO vote from me even before his Nazi fiasco simply because his platform was the exact opposite of everything I believe in. Rich Idiot is more like it..... Then there's Joe the Plumber. Why is it that the LESS qualified and LESS educated a GOP candidate is, the more Republicans think they are viable candidates?


LOL!! Still going on about a re-enactor, If that is the bar in which you pick your representives we are in deep trouble. You have one that wheres tin foil caps, One that steals money by creating false companys to get Fed funds and you hold a guys hobby as a reason to not elect him. I wonder though, Why dont dems who re-enact the  civil war make it more realistic and dress as the confederates? For that matter you would think a guy dressed up as a national socialist would get the dem vote? Poor Poor people dont know thier history, Read a little it helps.


@ origen, I don't have to read history.   I'm old enough that I have lived a lot of it and that's why I'm a Democrat through and through.  I know how things were first hand.


I know it's a different campaign, but Shenigo must be worried.  He's spending a lot of money having at least one ad in every day's Register.


I am voting for Veysey...he cares about jobs, the debt, education and the poor.  I am ready for some fresh ideas.  Kaptor and Kucinich have both had their chance. 


As a former strong supporter and campaign worker for Congressman Dennis
Kucinich I must state why I am no longer supporting him and why I am
supporting Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

I worked on the 1994 Kucinich State Senate campaign against Anthony Sinagra
and the 1996 Kucinich Congressional campaign against Martin Hoke.  During
those campaigns I came to know Dennis quite well.  I had just completed a
run for Cleveland City council in Slavic Village and wanted to continue in
politics.  In fact, I still hold the record for most yard signs placed
during a State Senate campaign.

What concerned me then and concerns me now is why Kucinich failed as Mayor
of Cleveland and still fails to succeed as a Congressman.  The only common
denominator is his lack of people skills.  He does not now {nor did he then}
have the critical ability to communicate properly with constituents, fellow
lawmakers and the media in general.  Some politicians are able to "re-make"
themselves.  Sadly, Kucinich has chosen not to and look what this has
resulted in for the previous 10th Congressional District.

On the other hand, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur reminds me of the type of
congressperson we desperately need during these troubling economic times.
She truly cares about her constituents.  From the moment you meet her you
can't help but be struck by her well-honed people skills.    She has
utilized these skills very effectively and look at the difference it has
made in Toledo and the surrounding area.  On Tuesday, March 6, please
support Marcy Kaptur for Congress and help give the new 9th Congressional
district a start on the right track.



To I Says: I don't consider it odd, wrong or unusual that Joebialek would always vote for a Democrat. I always read up on candidates, and 98 times out of 100, the Democratic candidates views are more aligned with mine than those of the GOP candidate. So, I vote for him/her - not because he/she is a Democrat - but because I know he/she sees things pretty much the way I do.

There are, of course, people who DON'T take time to learn about the candidates, and DO just vote party line. But these lazy ones are prevalent among the voters of both parties, and it's silly and incorrect to assume that everyone who votes along party lines is a brainless simp.