Voters show strong turnout at the polls

Say what you will about Tuesday's election, but never say it failed to attract a crowd.
Melissa Topey
Nov 9, 2011


Say what you will about Tuesday’s election, but never say it failed to attract a crowd.     

In at least two local counties — Erie and Ottawa — more than half of the eligible voters showed up to cast a ballot.

There was a strong turnout elsewhere, too, and seemed to be Issue 2 that drew people to the polls in this off-year election.

According to the Associated Press, Tuesday claimed the state's highest voter turnout in 20 years for an off-year general election.

Results posted early Wednesday by the Ohio Secretary of State's office show 46 percent of the state's registered voters cast ballots on Tuesday. To find a higher turnout for an odd-year election you have to look back to 1991, when 51.3 percent voted.

For complete coverage of local issues and races, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register. Results from Tuesday evening can be found here.

Tuesday’s voting turnout
Registered voters: 52,043
Turnout: 26,759 (51 percent)

Registered voters: 29,866
Turnout: 16,728 (56 percent)

Registered voters: 37,361
Turnout: 16,915 (45 percent)

Registered voters: 39,722
Turnout: Unknown at press time



I hope all you no voters realize Ohio is broke.  The unions are bleeding us dry with their rediculous demands of  the taxpayers.  We can't afford their pensions, their pay raises, etc.  How does anyone believe Trumpka, he's the biggest bully when it comes to the unions.  We are out of money.  Why is this so hard to understand? 

I Judge you

BOO HOO! Issue 2 failed, oh what will we do? Ohio made the right choice!


Lay offs will begin



Poor right wing wackos just don't know what to do now !!!!!!




Registered voters: 52,043
Turnout: 26,759 (51 percent)

How can 51.44% be a STRONG voter turnout? Last year (2010), the Erie County voter turnout was higher at 54.59%

I consider a strong voter turnout as being well over 65%.



I agree, but it will go way beyond that.

teachers and government employees are laughing all the way to the bank, while putting grandma under a under pass to live. ah hahahahahaha

El Guapo

A big thank you to Ohio voters today.   Watched the Ed Show last night with him being in Columbus.  Brought a tear to my eye seeing cops, steel workers, autoworkers, firefighters, construction workers, postal workers, teachers, high way workers and many more workers both private and public come together for this issue.  Kasich has accomplished one good thing - SOLIDARITY - among the working class.  Now if he tries to screw with any of us he has to deal with all of us :) .

@ madgrma68,  please educate yourself on the issues and please watch something other than Fox News.  Union membership has dropped significantly over the years, look it up (Ah nevermind, I will for you) :

The number of American workers in unions declined sharply last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday, with the percentage slipping to 11.9 percent, the lowest rate in more than 70 years.  You should read here which will show you that the top 20 % of the wealthy own 85% of the wealth.   Republicans, like yourself, like to complain that the rich pay all the taxes, well duh, they make all the money and have worked hard to make it that way. 

Where do you get this from? "We can't afford their pensions, their pay raises, etc"  Union workers dont get many raises any more, havent in quite awhile, but cool story bro :).   If the state cant afford to pay the working class a fair wage why can it afford the following?:

* Repeal of the estate tax - $333.8 million loss of revenue (2009 statistics). This money
       only goes to people with estates worth more than $338,333. This money used to go to
       local governments and schools.
    * InvestOhio - $100 million each year in tax credits to people who invest in Ohio
       small businesses. The credit is good for 10% of their investment and tops out at $1 million
       each year.
    * Bonuses for rich school districts - a special $17 bonus payment per student
       for school districts that were rated either “excellent” or “excellent with distinction”.
       Not an incentive, this primarily goes to wealthy schools which are already doing well.
    * General Revenue Fund shift - $1.3 billion moved into the General Revenue Fund
       from state and local schools
    * Funding for charter and private school vouchers -Estimated $500 million increase.
       (Note: More charter schools also can be created because of changes in sponsorship
       rules, but the additional cost is not yet known because the funding is provided per pupil.
       Last year, charter schools got about $720 million and three different voucher programs got
       a total of more than $100 million. Based on these numbers I'm a estimating $500 million

COLUMBUS – As promised, Gov. John Kasich is pursuing job creation at every turn, but his biggest successes have involved offering packages of more than $240 million in grants, loans and tax breaks to convince a handful of Ohio companies to sit tight or move just a few miles rather than pack up and leave the state.

The Kasich administration is in talks now with more companies that are threatening to leave Ohio: Cincinnati-based Chiquita Brands International and its 350 jobs are being courted by Charlotte, N.C., and Eastman Kodak is considering moving 500 jobs from Kettering’s Miami Valley Research Park to either Indiana or New York.

In March, American Greetings landed a state incentive package worth $93.5 million to abandon any notion of moving 2,000 jobs to Chicago and instead move its headquarters less than 15 miles, from Brooklyn to Westlake near Cleveland.

That same month, Kasich announced a $17.4 million package for Bob Evans Restaurants to move its headquarters from the south side of Columbus to New Albany, an upscale suburb 18 miles away. The restaurant chain could have moved 150 jobs to Texas where it already owns property, the governor said. Instead, the headquarters will add 360 jobs and stay in Ohio, where founder Evans started making sausage for a 12-stool diner in Gallipolis in the 1940s.

And the Kasich administration gave a $56 million package to Canton-based Diebold Corp. in April to convince the company’s leaders to keep 1,900 workers in the Akron-Canton area. The ATM-maker was reportedly eyeing a move to North Carolina or Virginia.

Three deals alone – American Greetings, Diebold and Bob Evans — added up to $166.9 million in incentive money to retain and create 4,410 jobs. It works out to be $37,845 per job.

Look up the milion dollar plus yearly salaries of the execs at these companies and tell me if you still think they are hurting so bad that they need our taxpayer money or need to move to another state to survive, I think not.

So please anti worker posters please stop with these same old lies, they are easily disproved.

El Guapo

@man4551 you are incorrect.   Public workers include nurses/ nursing home staff which care for grandma/ grandpa.

It is Kasich that has ill will toward the elderly, just check the facts: Gov. Kasich’s plan would cut $1.4 billion from Medicaid, the state-federal health care program for the poor. Under the plan, doctors and hospitals would be paid less for treating Medicaid patients: source:


El Guapo, sorry YOUR


SO misimformed, or your one of these people collecting from tax payers for FREE medical care. Here is how it will work, just like the passed elections. AFTER months or years when people find out they voted incorrectly, guess what, They forget how they voted. Or dont remember what issue 2 was about. They just dont want to admit to mistakes, its a hard thing to do.



First thing to do is find out how much the Gov. gave out in raises to his broke OH team................. What a joke


Unions used to be the strength of a company. However, auto workers, steel workers, teachers, medical staff, city workers,etc, made it to hard for the company or city to stay under budget and make a dollar, that the only way they could get out of it was to move south. Of course the cities can't move so we have cities that are broke. We still have a big gap in the have's and have not's. Some people just don't get it, and the ones that don't get it won't get it until they are in the have not group.


There are a LOT of people that can not distinguish the difference between,


PUBLIC UNION and PRIVATE UNION. and this is our voting pool.