Perkins Township Fiscal Officer results

(UPDATED 9:40 p.m.) Preliminary results show Jane Gildenmeister has defeated incumbent Diane Schaefer in the race for Perkins Township Fiscal Officer.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 8, 2011


(UPDATED 9:40 p.m.) Preliminary results show Jane Gildenmeister has defeated incumbent Diane Schaefer in the race for Perkins Township Fiscal Officer.

With 10 of 10 precincts counted, Gildenmeister has 59.3 percent of votes counted, with 2,394.

Schaefer has 1,641 votes, 40.7 percent. According to the Erie County Board of Elections, 4,035 votes were cast. 



You GO Jane!


She walked by my house compaining and talked with neighbors.  She seemed very trustworthy and very nice.  Good luck Jane.


I expected this upset. Newspapers are very powerful in deciding elections.

The powers that be are thanking the Sandusky Register for helping unseat another honest and qualified public official from office.

I wish Jane a lot of luck with townships finances. Now it will be Jane's turn to return favors to those who helped elect her. The powers that be will expect a return of favors.

How many people who opposed Issue 2 voted against Schaefer? How many union people supported Jane?

Big party at the Comfort Inn tonight, Taxpayer?




Jane worked very hard at this campaign.  She spent many hours going door to door, talking with voters.  She ran a positive campaign and will work very hard for the taxpayers of Perkins Township.  Not sure how any one can say that the Sandusky Register helped unseat Schaefer when  Westerhold "endorsed" her. 


"will work very hard for the taxpayers of Perkins Township."

@ samiam, I will check back next year. Let me know how everything will be going in Perkins.

I predict that Jane will hire some deputy fiscal officers or assistants and will oversee the office as a part-time employee.

I warned the people in Cleveland about Dimora, Russo and others years ago but the Plain Dealer kept putting out "Feel Good" news about them to keep them getting elected time and time again.

The voters have made their choice in Perkins. So be it.


Just Asking


Do you really think the one little endorsement by Westerhold on the Sunday before election outweighs the months of biased reporting by the SR based on 'confidential' sources.  One guess who that was?

So what if Gildenmeister walked door to door.  What can she do to help the residents?  She is not a Trustee and has no authority to do much of anything except for keeping the books and records.  Schaefer on the other hand is in the office full time.  Time will only tell if Gildenmeister will do the same.

Will she hold the Trustees accountable for their decisions like Schaefer does?  My vote says not.




The SR beat on Diane for months, then after they had tainted the minds of the voters, they endorsed her at the last minute.

Tells you a lot about the people in charge at the SR.


Julie R.

I was really surprised, too, when I saw that in Sunday's paper that Matt Westerhold was endorsing Diane Schaeffer.   


The SR beat on Diane for months, then after they had tainted the minds of the voters, they endorsed her at the last minute.

@ Kimo      You are so right.  The endorsement was not sincere. Even I got fooled by Matt's endorsement. The damage was done months before Matt endorsed Schaefer. There are many Republicans and well to do people in Perkins. Plus there are many union members.

The fiscal officer's position is non-partisan. Jane is a registered Republican and Schaefer is a registered Democrat.

Schaefer did lose the election, but the Perkins residents lost much more. Perkins lost a very honest and open fiscal officer who stood up to the powers that be.

I view Jane as being very weak. The powers that be will take advantage of her weakness.

Turmoil will return to Perkins in a few months. The powers that be will control Perkins as in the past.

Mark my words.


That's a shame Diane lost. She was instrumental in bringing the McClung fiasco to a head. That alone saved the Perkins residents thousands in future thefts from that office. Could never figure out why Dwelle was voted out either. I guess we don't need proven honest people in Twp. Government.


 I guess we don't need proven honest people in Twp. Government.

The power of newspapers decide elections. For decades, the Plain Dealer supported those now indicted by the FBI in Cuyahoga County. Check out this link.

The voters of Perkins have spoken. I wish Jane and the residents of Perkins the best of luck.

Here is the breakdown of the townships 10 precincts. First column is the number of registered voters, second column is those who actually voted and third column is the percentage who voted.


0048 PER TWP #1                      1019        461       45.24
0049 PER TWP #2                      1203        602       50.04
0050 PER TWP #3                        833        508       60.98
0051 PER TWP #4                       787         386       49.05
0052 PER TWP #5                       308         140       45.45
0053 PER TWP #6                       921         509       55.27
0054 PER TWP #7                       844         491       58.18
0055 PER TWP #8                       957         510       53.29
0056 PER TWP #9                       713         406       56.94
0057 PER TWP #10                    1101       598        54.31

PerkinsTwp Fiscal Officer
  Vote for Not More Than  1
   01 = Jane M. Gildenmeister                      2,394   59.33
   02 = Diane L. Schaefer                              1,641   40.67
                                                         01    02
0048 PER TWP #1                       250   157
0049 PER TWP #2                       308   205
0050 PER TWP #3                       282   161
0051 PER TWP #4                       176   151
0052 PER TWP #5                        64    51
0053 PER TWP #6                       280   176
0054 PER TWP #7                       264   171
0055 PER TWP #8                       241   202
0056 PER TWP #9                       218   154
0057 PER TWP #10                      311   213



I liked that Jane went door-to-door. I was turned off by Diane's postings.


Could never figure out why Dwelle was voted out either.

@ cityslicker     It was false reporting and the repeated attacks against Dwelle by the editor who embraced the "best police chief" ever. The checks and balances will no longer exist in Perkins. It will be back to business as usual that existed when former Sandusky Register editor Todd Franko reported on the lack of transparency  and questionable practices in Perkins.

Those who supported Schaefer and honest and open government in Perkins would do well to cancel their subscriptions or let their subscriptions lapse to the SR. You can always go to the Sandusky Library and read the paper for free.

Matt's late endorsement of Schaefer would be like somebody beating up a person numerous times and then saying they are sorry.

Sandusky and Erie County needs a new newspaper that will report the truthful news.

Julie R.

The newspapers are supposed to be the watchdogs for the people --- but they sure weren't in Cuyahoga County for decades. They aren't in Erie County, either.  


All the contact I had with the "fiscal officer" was always negative.  It was the usual, I am supposed to serve the fiscal officer instead of her serving the questions and concerns of business owners.  That line about doing everything to SERVE the residents of Perkins Twp. was the stink that changed my mind.  So WHO was she serving?  How about that "quiet and hidden" deal to PAY herself a cut from permit fees?  Sounds exactly like a liberal democrack to me.  I am a fiscal Conservative and hope Jane luck in trying to straighten things out.  If Jane exhibits or performs for herself instead of the people, she will be given BOOT as well.  It is all about individual performance.  Take a hard look at a few members of the city commission.  They elected a few good new ones and retained others with CRIMINAL records.  Thank God I no longer live in a city of entitlement freeloaders.  I am thinking of purchasing some property in the city again so I can vote YES to every single public sector UNION levy so residents and property owners get taxed more.  After all, YOU love to be taxed to "FEEL GOOD" so why not help you DO it!  Ha! Ha!  "Raise our taxes so WE get MORE!  When do WE want it?  WE want it NOW!" (Liberal, public UNION members, Springfield, IL 2010)  Amen!  Ha! Ha!     


That line about doing everything to SERVE the residents of Perkins Twp. was the stink that changed my mind.

@ Taxpayer, I followed all of your comments. You slammed Schaefer many times. Never once did I ever see you write something nice or even neutral about Schaefer.

So WHO was she serving? How about that "quiet and hidden" deal to PAY herself a cut from permit fees?

@ Taxpayer,  Schaefer never paid herself permit fees. You lie. Former trustees approved the fees many years ago back to 1993 and previous fiscal officers received it.  How about that extra $25,000 that the previous fiscal officer paid herself plus the permit fees? The Sandusky Register refused to even mention that and neither did you. The Sandusky Register covered up the secrets of Erie County even though they have full knowledge of it.

I feel that this newspaper is in the beginning stages to self destruct. I also feel that a new editor will be hired to try to save it but it will be too late.


Taxpayer = Liar.  Don't believe anything that Taxpayer posts on the comments section.

  Taxpayer says 3/12/2011 Paul Ricci is a very good choice in the leadership of the department.  He deserves a raise for the management of UNION firefighters.  I can tell you first hand what a bunch of crybabies they are.  Oh, they do perform and respond in an excellent manner to calls for service for the city, but the under lying politics inside of the department will drive anyone crazy.  Good luck Paul Ricci.  I will call you later.   @ Diane   Does that comment give you a hint as to who it is you are dealing with?          

congrats to Jane


I love when morons get on here & try to "out" other posters

Julie R.

A Murray once went door-to-door in my neighborhood. I was turned off by it so I didn't vote for him. 



1. When you post "hate" or "childish" comments you invite speculation as to motive and identity.

2. Only he knows if the poster that "out'ed" him over a year ago had the correct person.

3. You been around long enough.... if your memory is still intact you should remember those posts.

4. If you don't want people to speculate about your identity, honesty and or your motive don't post.


Jane Gildenmeister

I want to thank the people of Perkins Township for exercising their right to vote. And a special Thank You for your votes cast for me. I met many wonderful people while campaigning; I am proud and honored that you have elected me to serve our township and community.

I want to sincerely thank my campaign committee for their hard work and dedication. A big thank you to my friends and mentors who supported and guided me along the way. My heartfelt thanks to my husband Dan for his encouragement and belief in me.

I'm looking forward to fulfilling my campaign goals as your Fiscal Officer.

Thank you. - Jane