Local candidates spend thousands on campaigns

A Sandusky city commissioner candidate blazed through stacks of cash to try and secure a second term in office.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 7, 2011


A Sandusky city commissioner candidate blazed through stacks of cash to try and secure a second term in office.

Commissioner Julie Farrar spent more money than any other area candidate running in the upcoming election.

This is according to unofficial campaign finance reports filed at the Erie County board of elections. Final results will be calculated following Tuesday, elections director Jen Ferback said.

Reports show Farrar spent $4,100 as of Oct. 21 — the latest such tabulation available.  A chunk of the money was used to post Farrar’s giant, red yard signs across Sandusky. Farrar’s election barrage also included buying T-shirts, decals and advertising spots in area media outlets.

“You have got to get your name out there,” Farrar said.

A major contributor to Farrar’s campaign includes area firefighters.

The Sandusky fire union contributed $2,000 throughout 2011, finance reports show.

Find out about other local campaign spending in Monday's Register.




Where do all these FUNDS come from?


What happened to going door to door to discuss issues?  Its free and makes a better statement.


Paid for by the UNION!!


Lightening McQueen

Julie has to keep her job so she can protect and defend the criminal losers in her own family.


$4,100 is "stacks of cash"? Seriously? In Politics?


Julie R.

@ FACTITIOUS: Considering the size of Sandusky and the fact that this is only a run for city commissioner, I would have to say YES, $4,100 would be considered "stacks of cash." 


Nonsense. It's mildly interresting that Farrar is the top spender (does she want to be the top vote getter so as to seal the Mayor spot?), but "Stacks of cash" is just cheap hyperbole to get an unremarkable story read.

On the other hand, your characterization of this election as "only a run for city commissioner" is telling; if the community would take these offices more seriously, perhaps the city would be less, er, "troubled."

Paying a respectful salary would be a start. $5000/year is part of the joke.

pow wow

      $4,100.00 by October 21st, wait until the final report comes in after the Tuesday election. Ms. Farrar will give the Police and Fire anything to get elected. In the end all of us raising families on 12- 15 dollars per hour pay the wages and retirements!


Diedre Cole must figure she is a shoe in. She has the backing of the SR. So why spend any of her "hard earned' money.


julie spent about what the city will pay her in salary. yet the police and fire unions contruibute 2000.00 to her campaing . yet the police and fire complain they have no money.....

I hope julie doesnt get re-elected then see what the fire and police do since they never contruibited to the other people running..




Spending $4100 on a job that pays $6500 per year.  That sounds reasonable.  /sarcasm


maybe more would be spent if they could by time and stuff with food stamps?     LMFAO

I Judge you



@Julie R

Considering the size of what.  I cant get off the couch without help.  Fatty.  Do you think I would vote for anyone that looks lazier than me.  Scratch off left and in the middle.  Please.  This is a joke.  Take back our city.


ALL of you should not worry or be suspicious.  The TRUTH is when they get elected, they WILL get all their money back one way or another.  Just wait and see.  WHY do you think they want to be elected?  For power, money or both?  I am grateful so many will be voting for the leadership of the city.  May you ALL enjoy the success of leadership, higher taxes and PAY more money for more failure.  Good luck to you all.  Ha! Ha!