Last day for Ohio in-person early voting

Ohioans have their last chance to cast to go to their local elections office to cast an early vote for Tuesday's election.
Associated Press
Nov 4, 2011


Ohioans have their last chance to cast to go to their local elections office to cast an early vote for Tuesday's election.

The state's top elections official has directed county elections boards to end the early, in-person voting at 6 p.m. on Friday. Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted says the cutoff that's coming sooner than in past years is required by changes to state law.

The early voting deadline in previous elections had been the Monday before an election. The change has been contested by Democrats.

Elections officials in several counties have reported heavy turnout for early voting. Some have said one reason is interest in statewide ballot issues, including the one that will decide the fate of Ohio's law limiting the union rights of public employees.



They said because of high turnout and to avoid lines if your voting FOR Issue 2 you should come in today, if you're voting NO you should wait until Monday.

Click here: Record Search - Sandusky Municipal Court ... please check out the people running for office in this election... talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel... the only one that looks good is mr. poole... maybe it is time for the good people to pack it in and move out of sandusky and i dont mean move to just the outer parts of sandusky...  if this is all that we have to choose from, that's not saying much... they break the law, show that they cant manage their own lives and we want to vote them in office and give them control over the city??? i am beginning to belive what others have been saying all along... its time to get out of dodge while the gettin' is good...

@ concerned

Mr. Smith doesn't have a record.....why not mention him too?  There are entries for when he TAKES people to court for eviction.....but nothing else.  You should probably check your facts before you post such nonsense. 


dear sanduskymom says... i said look at them which means ALL and use yor own judgement... as far as mr. smith goes, i was planning to vote for him so that is why i didnt bring up his name due to having talked with him and his wife at different times and had dined many times at the better half before it was sold but, thanks to you shooting off your mouth, you just cost him my vote... learn to read what is written and dont assume things... you are not good at... you have no idea of why i said it the way i did... 

Captain Gutz



You've obviously never met Mr. Poole.

so, dont keep it to yourself... enlighten us all... as long the reason is not a black and white issue... i am willing to listen but, have proof please... i dont do hear say... thanks

to concerned:  Why would you take something out on a candidate that someone else said?  That seems awfully narrow minded of you.  How do you know that he even knows that person?  It seems you are now assuming something not stated and are taking it a step further.  And before you jump my case, you posted online for all to see so don't be surprised that someone else is questioning your comments. 

As for the candidates running both Poole and Smith are fine choices.  Perhaps, instead of deserting Sandusky., you should stay and try assissting in making it a better place to live instead of placing all the burden on just those who sit on council.  

Try getting involved like Mr Poole has done for a very long time.  Take an active part in the community and offer to help out.  Do something, anything no matter how large or small. 

Every little bit helps.  That's what a community if....people helping people.  We all seem to forget that.  Including me. 


The Fox Hunt Begins


that all sounds just peachy but, alot of people know that in this town, its all in a name, how much money you have, connections and whos in bed with whom... and before you get your shorts in a twist, i dont mean "in bed" sexually all though that may have happen over the years... maybe you would understand the phrase " who"s in who"s pockets"... its been like this for years, only now it is starting to come out into the open... how do you know i am not helping in anyway???  its nice when someone one in a position stands around talking in public and not to seem to care who is listening to their conversation... you may be surprised at what you hear... the next thing you know, its brought up in meetings or someone is being let go from a job... it runs to deep for the nicest or well meaning person to change it all now... day late and a dollar short... you may make a dent but a dent doesnt open a door... and dont tell me to keep kicking... "does loop holes come to mind?" enough said...