Funds would boost services

The Ere County Health Department needs the public to boost its income by giving the office a shot on Election Day.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 4, 2011


The Ere County Health Department needs the public to boost its income by giving the office a shot on Election Day.

Health officials are asking county residents to vote for the department’s five-year renewal levy to both keep and enhance its services.

A $100,000 homeowner would pay $6.13 a year if the levy garners more than 50 percent of the vote.
If a majority of county residents vote against the levy, health services will be cut to offset the loss of income, health commissioner Pete Schade said.

“The levy helps support all of the activities at the health department, and all those activities will help prevent disease in the community,” Schade said.

Levy dollars help fund department programs, including primary care clinics and nursing services.

“The levy is a good value,” Schade said. “We use the money wisely and we are operating not only as a safety net for the community, but also as a business. I think we have been good stewards of the money.”

Voting for the levy is crucial for the health department to not only maintain the services it provides to county residents, but also for the entity to thrive, said health board member George Mylander

“The health department does an awful lot of good, and they serve a lot of people,” Mylander said.



How is the Health Department a good value for me?

If you believe in entitlement it's great value. 

If you are a health department employee and got a 6-8% raise it's a great value.

For those paying the bill maybe not so great.


Is it a great value like SPARC ?   The taxpayers pay $9 for every $1 taken in as fares.

Maybe it's a great value like Metro Parks ?   Millions of dollars spent on legal fees for the Greenway.


Time to stop government spending. Time to stop the entitlement.









Time to STOP government WELFARE to Factories such as

FORD, General Motors, General Electric, Dow Chemical, etc; etc: Just to name a few. And these monies are funneled down to Retirees and employees for THERE medical health paid by YOU GUESS IT, the TAX payer..


"The highest paid local government worker last year was health commissioner Pete Schade, who received nearly $118,700 in total income, according to the Erie County auditor’s 2010 payroll " Sandusky Register August 5, 2011

When Schade takes a pay cut or hopefully LEAVES the area, THEN I might consider voting for such a levy. 

Schade in my opinion is making a resume for himself so he can move up the states ladder. 

I will VOTE NO on this levy. I think Schade has a lot of nerve asking for us to dig deeper when he's making more than any other county official. I suggest he starts to cut his wages and then come back and ask for money. 

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DGMutley: With health care cost exploding through the roof one thing can't be denied we get more bang for our buck at the Erie County Health Department. No entitlement here just good cents.

But they don't provide healthcare, just more nannystate regulation, like harassing bar owners for choosing what they allow their patrons to put in their own bodies on their property, and frightening restaurant owners so they won't cook my burger the way I want it.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't think twice before voting for this levy - I almost always support renewal levies, and the department performs some useful services (although they could be handled more efficiently by the private sector.)  However, given their recent jackbooted gung ho enforcement of the smoking ban, it appears maybe the beast needs to be starved into respecting liberty.

Julie R.

Remember the assistant prosecutor, Terry Griffith, who retired on the taxpayers dime and then became the personal attorney for the Health Department on the taxpayers dime doing the same job for them that she did when she was the assistant prosecutor?



“We use the money wisely and we are operating not only as a safety net for the community, but also as a business."     Schade

"Voting for the levy is crucial for the health department to not only maintain the services it provides to county residents, but also for the entity to thrive"   Mylander

Also for the entity to thrive? As in bigger government? Private lawyer to boot? A $30,200 wage increase for Schade from 2006 to 2010 which is over a 34% wage increase in 5 years? How many taxpayers would like to see their wages increase 34%? How about those people on Social Security? They would love to get a 34% increase in benefits.

"As reported, the Erie County Health Department has increased revenue
from grants and cooperative agreements and we are working daily
to reduce our reliance on levy funds, as we increase our services."

Where are the health board minutes for the health department? Why are they not on line for the taxpayers to see? Can't see them unless a form is filled out for a public records request?  Like jumping through hoops? Why must taxpayers have to answer to the government big shots? The government needs to start answering to the taxpayers.

"It is the policy of the Erie County Board of Health that openness leads to a better
informed citizenry, which leads to better government and better public policy. It
is the policy of the Erie County Board of Health to strictly adhere to the state’s
Public Records Act. All exemptions to openness are to be construed in their
narrowest sense and any denial of public records in response to a valid request
must be accompanied by an explanation, including legal authority, as outlined in
the Ohio Revised Code. If the request is in writing, the explanation must also be
in writing."


=== Blacktigress,

Pete Schade is one who will never work in the private sector because of all the FREE benefits from the Tax Payers. Pete Schade jumped when people thought or was DUPED in thinking we needed a COUNTY FOOD INSPECTOR, gee I wonder what the STATE abd FEDERAL food inspectors are doing?

just as issue 2  we will be paying for FREE medical and a LOT MORE benefits by a no vote. WHY can't WE have FREE medical benefits?


@ Julie

Your link is so unsettling. Thanks for posting it, too bad others don't check out links more often.

""Griffith has the potential to bill more than $500,000 in fees for the period 2007 through the end of this year under the private contracts she has with the county Health department, the disabilities board, the county engineer's office and the city of Huron and Huron Township.

Erie County Health Department director Pete Schade and former county disabilities board director Jerry Plassenthal both signed contracts for Griffith's services."

Schade put our county in jeopardy and needs to go NOW!



I am voting in favor of this levy because I SO want bigger government, even more over-paid govermment employees, and higher taxes! NOT.

This has very little to do with healthcare, and a whole lot to do with an already bloated government. And what little it DOES have to do with healthcare could be done for less and with more efficiency by private entitites. Of course, the latter is true concerning virtually all government "services" now that I think about it...


PETE SCHADE job was invented and used trickery on voting words, Never Told the Tax Payers there were FEDERAL inspectors and STATE inspectors. $117,000.oo per year. Now since this job was invented a couple years ago, it will be more than

impossible to get rid of, or vote the job gone, these people are laughing all the way to the bank, at our expence.


 Sounds like the taxpaying public is getting fed up with the whine of entitlement. 

Public Housing

Public Schools

Public Welfare

Public Parks

Public Transportation

Public Healthcare

We all need money. We all need it now. It's your responsibility to pay and keep on paying.

Sorry, it's my responsibility to take care of my family first.


Just remember what happened last time we okayed a levy.  A twelve thousand dollar raise was given to Mr. Schade.


Exactly, Darkhorse. I usually vote for these levies but not after what Schade pulled last time.

In case anyone forgot:


 DG Mutley (Mrs. Schade),

Here's a crisis for you...... the taxpaying public has no more money to fund your, ever indulgent, bureacratic entitlement.


""An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." --Ben Franklin"



 Is anyone surprised the entitlement crowd needs more money?

Which entitlement is more important?

Health Department

Public Schools




Metro Housing

Food Stamps



Family Services



Schade's 2010 salary of $118,700 seems excessive.  Three years of Hamilton County government belt-tightening marked by extensive layoffs, wage freezes, furloughs and service cuts have not hurt the income of Public Health Commissioner Tim Ingram, who received raises and $22,000-plus bonuses in each of those years.

In Columbus, Franklin County Health Commissioner Susan Tilgner's salary is $99,590.

Wage freezes, layoffs and service cuts so that this particular health commissioner in Hamilton County can collect a fat pay check?

Could this happen in Erie County?




I made a list of the, always needy, public services you wish to protect. Please enlighten us on your priority of importance to our community. If I missed someone please feel free to add to the list.

Unless you have unlimited money to support everything and everyone, decisions need to be made. 

O wise one, we await your response.