Register hosts Issue 2 debate Wednesday at Sandusky State Theatre

The hottest topic on the ballot this year is State Issue 2, the statewide referendum on whether to curb collective bargaining powers for public employee unions.
Tom Jackson
Nov 1, 2011


The hottest topic on the ballot this year is State Issue 2, the statewide referendum on whether to curb collective bargaining powers for public employee unions.

The Register hopes to answer your questions on it at a forum Wednesday evening.

Senate Bill 5, backed by Gov. John Kasich and many Republicans, would still allow public employees to bargain for wages but would limit other issues that could be put on the table. For example, bargaining on health benefits would be off limits.

A “Yes” vote on the issue would keep the law in place.

A “No” vote, backed by unions and many  Democrats, would wipe the law off the books.

At Wednesday’s forum, the groups campaigning for a “Yes” vote, such as Building a Better Ohio, will be represented by state Rep. Terry Boose, R-Norwalk, and former state Rep. Seth Morgan. Boose, serving his second term, represents the 58th district. Morgan ran for state auditor last year.

Arguing for a “No” vote will be state Rep. Dennis Murray Jr., D-Sandusky, and Dale Butland, spokesman for Innovation Ohio, a progressive think tank in Columbus. Murray represents the 80th District, Erie County and most of Ottawa County, and is in his second term. Butland is a prominent Democratic pundit and speechwriter. The two sides will go head to head this week as voters prepare for the Nov. 8 election.

WHEN: 7 p.m. Wednesday
WHERE: Sandusky State Theatre, 107 Columbus Ave.
DURATION: At least one hour
WATCH: The forum will also be broadcast live at


Have a question? Please post potential questions for the forum below.




That should be one good and loud debate. I predict that tempers will flare.



When Issue 2 was passed by and along Republician party lines and aimed against unions has it not been explained that it hurts alot of the employed who work in public service areas that do not belong to a union.  The actions of this republican run state government have missed the mark big time, they have created a us against them atmosphere in a state where unemployment is a big problem.  Why is it not in the states best interest to set aside the party line and address issues that will in fact do some real good and drop alot of the self serving areas of this bill that the general public isn't paying attention to?.  Why have the Republicians worked so hard to cultivate this us against them atmosphere playing on the state of the economy?  Playing on emotions is a crass attempt to overshadow the true content of Issue 2. 

I could rattle off a couple of big time money savers and wonder why they weren't addressed, they far out weigh the items in this bill.  Our state government should be able to set aside party lines and take time and get  solid imput and start over.  We're really in this together, Columbus has just left alot of us out of the mix. 


I don't think the Vote Yes people did a very good job at getting their side of the story out.  The Vote No people ran deceptive ads. It is not about wages, it is about pension and health costs.


It will come down to which side can SCARE the most people. As it usually does in politics.

Who Dat

I've read a lot on both sides and so far the YES vote seems to have the better argument. It will be interesting to hear a face to face debate.


I agree with Hillside 100%. 

to Darkhorse: Can I assume that your post had a typo, and that your 2nd sentence should have read "The Yes people ran deceptive ads?"  For certainly, that was the case here:

Right-Wing Ohio Group Lifts, Twists Footage of Great Grandmother in SB 5 Collective Bargaining Fight

When Marlene Quinn first saw an ad from an anti-labor group pop up on her TV screen, she was astonished—and enraged. Quinn, whose great-granddaughter, Zoey, was rescued by firefighters who responded to a house fire, is an ardent opponent of Issue 2, the ballot measure that would essentially ratify Ohio’s anti-labor bill, S.B. 5, ravaging the collective bargaining rights of the state’s public employees.  The ad featured footage of Quinn, making it sound like she supported the anti-union law, when she knew she was against it. 

Read the full article here:


ISSUE 2 vote


NO is a WELFARE program for the wealthy teachers $60 per hour.

do the math

YES on 2 dont give more welfare.


I voted "no" (smile)

pow wow

   Glenn, will fire up the crowd for Sandusky Firefighters!  Commission Farrar and Glenn have done there homework. Yes, Sandusky will support a safety service tax now. Responce time is vital.


This evening's debate should be interesting "a tale of two cities".  Democratic Sandusky vs Republician Norwalk.  I can't wait. If I'm not there I will be online watching.  Hi Peanut Butter.

Vote No on Issue 2


I voted no, the fact of the matter is that they have declared warfare on the middle class. As far teachers are concerned, I feel they are underpaid. Anyway, issue two continues to say that salary and other parts of the bill are negoitable. Well, it may appear that way, but one has to look at who has the final decision, and it is not the people, the employer makes the final decision, so ultimately, there is REALLY no bargaining.  You cannot penalize the middle class for decades of political wrongdoings. You try to destroy the middle class, while the upper class get richer. Although I do agree with some of SB5, I do not agree with the whole bill, therefore I already voted no. It comes down to morals and values as a human being, this bill has parts that are just WRONG and penalizing the hard working middle class and letting the richer get richer is not the way to go. Kasich has already pissed off Republicans, so what does that truly say about his political actions so far.


what are YOU talking about

Streak ? Teachers are far from underpaid at $60 dollars per hour.


AJ Oliver

   I saw Dale Butland on public TV last night (Cle City Club) debating State Issue Three.  He is very, very good.   Dennis Murray is quite well informed on the Issue as well. 

   Issue Two is a turkey.  The GOPers backing it never even did a study of its economic impact.  Unbelieveable.  They really don't know if it will save any money, or how much. 

   The Pro-Issue Two side folks seem to resent anyone who has a middle class job.  I do not share that view.  "Welfare" indeed!!

   One of my former students at Heidelberg is the spokesperson for "We Are Ohio".  I'm so proud of her! 

Marcus M

Fact Check Issue 2;

There will be a shortage of nurses in the ER and Hospitals if Issue 2 passes.

FALSE-94% of all nurses in Ohio are non-government and not affected either way on Issue 2.

There will be a shortage of firemen responding to emergencies if Issue 2 passes.

FALSE-80% of all firemen in Ohio are volunteer and not affected either way by Issue 2, even for the 20% of union firemen staffing will be decided  on by elected local government officials.  Firemen and Police Officers can support and help elect local government officials that support their staffing needs




6079 Smith W

Ignore the union scare mongering and hype.

Several major OH newspapers are endorsing Issue 2:


6079 Smith W

Middle class? See union "fat cat" executive pay: