Meet Sandusky commission candidate Jeff Smith

Sandusky Hardware owner Jeff Smith is one of eight candidates for Sandusky city commission.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 7, 2011


Sandusky Hardware owner Jeff Smith is one of eight candidates for Sandusky city commission.

Smith is a lifetime Sanduskian except for six years of service in the Marines.

He's also a landlord and former owner of Joe Sundae and the Better Half restaurant.

See what Smith has to say about running for city commission in the video above.



Wow, a candidate with credentials and money managing experience. Long time resident and business owner too. He has my vote.



 MINE TOO!!! It's about time we get *real* candidates that want to serve Sandusky!! 

Now... if we could get "real" candidates to run our country, instead of career politicians that probably haven't worked an honest day in their lives...!


Let's see...he's a successful small business owner. He's worked long before now to improve Sandusky as a place to eat, shop, and live. AND he's now willing to step up and do even MORE??? Yeah, this is one candidate I'll actually be PLEASED to vote for!


Nice to see a successful person care about inproving the whole city and not just his pocketbook.


He looks like a Republican. 


How does he "look" like A Republican?



Look at him!

I Judge you

He does look like good choice, but I will say that drunk goat would look good next to the last couple of people they showcased. Good luck Mr. Smith.


 Where is his record since all the black candidates records always end up on here.




Maybe he doesn't have one.


Theres 132 entries for Jeff Smith in the court do i know which ones are his?


If he lives on shelby street the only court cases for him are forcible entry ones.  When hes the one charging other people... I agree with myname.... He doesnt have a record.  Well I think i found one of my candidates....

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Cityslicker: Wow, a candidate with credentials and money managing experience. Long time resident and business owner too. He has my vote.

Reminds me of a  candidate for president in the mid 20th century who, after a substance filled speech, was told by a supporter, "I'm certain you'll have the vote of every thinking person in the nation."

He responded "Ma'am, I'm afraid that will never suffice.  You see, I need a majority to win."

myname, what is it about him that looks that way?  The fact that he's well groomed and articulate? 



As usual your race card jumps out of the deck. You want to know the reason Smith's record wasn't posted like the BLACK candidates? Very simple, my overly diversified blogger, because he doesn't have one. He is a productive person in society and actually works and owns a business and is doing the right thing, unlike COLE, ADAMS AND JACOBS. Yes all 3 are black, so what's your point, should the people over look the fact that those 3 haven't been on a productive scale in society? You might say well those black folks work and should be able to run for office. Not this time, the people are fed up with the leeches that suck the very life out of the taxpayer and continue to wallow in the cess pool of entitlement. Having a hard time swallowing the truth? Why does COLE have a so called degree, had a scent business selling scents for the home, city commissioner, and lives in a METRO HOUSE on Hancrack St? At one time she had a building she rented but couldn't make it so she does it out of her taxpayer paid METRO home!! Wonder if she would like to see if the landlord has special insurance for doing business out of a home, you know LIABILITY, MEANING BEING RESPONSIBLE. Rest assured all the Cinderella's that are running for the office are in for a big surprise in the next few weeks to say the least. Maybe you could complain to Jackson and Sharpton and tell them they are entitled to have that office cause they are black.. Would enjoy seeing those 2 clowns unloading their soapbox they stand on and getting booed off the stage. Oh and one more thing, just what church is Jackson a REVEREND (LOL) of? Can't seem to find it anywhere unless I make a $250.00 donation first.


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Julie R.

Most people don't have a clue of who or what they are voting for. A perfect example is the ex-Cuyahoga County judge Bridgett McCafferty. Even after being indicted and accused of lying to the FEDS in the corruption probe, she ran for re-election and got 125,000 votes! How's that for stupidity? Even worse --- despite already being connected to the corruption probe, she was endorsed by the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party and dozens of local labor unions.


I've known Jeff for about a year now.  I believe he has good ideas on the direction the city should take.  What's refreshing is to hear that he wants to work with the other commissioners to fix the problems we have.  Too many times you hear candidates say "I'll do this or that".

Jeff Smith has my vote.


You make me laugh to say the least. It's not that I hate blacks, it's the fact that most people, including myself are fed up with your people that you see no fault with regardless of what they do, looking for a pass because they are black and when you are put in your place because of your raciest rant you pull the proverbial race card. Well pull it all you want because the horse you pick for this race doesn't need any help losing the election since people already know what her past is like along with Jacobs and Cole!! It's not societies fault that 3 of the candidates are losers before they have had a chance to redeem themselves in office, these are issues they brought upon themselves, oh wait I stand corrected, white people have suppressed these people. Does that sound better or should I call ACLU AND AFFIRMATIVE ACTION HOT LINE FOR YOU?


Facts are facts, you have seen the records.


 I think it's funny.... someone said that he looks like a Republican..... 

If THAT ain't typecasting someone, I don't know what is! Because he's white... because he's a business owner.. because he doesn't have a record.... he MUST be one of those HORRID REPUBLICANS!!

Good grief.... and if a Republican ever said that someone looks like a liberal.... we'd be racist or bigoted. 


I dont know what mrjsiah is talking about but i'm not against the other peopel because they are black. I'm against them because of there lack of finacial skills...which is a necessary skill needed for the position.  As you can clearly tell I looked up the white mans record too.  Its not my fault he doesnt have one....



That's the whole point, since there is no record for the white candidate they feel that they are being singled out. You know the old saying if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck!!!

Julie R.

How many times do I have to say this ---- the biggest crooks in Sandusky and Erie County don't have any records at all!  


@ Jeff Smith    How about you and the other candidates answering some questions on the candidate forums?

It appears to me that almost all of these candidates have their noses up in the air by not answering questions from Sarah and others including myself.

All of you seem to have an attitude problem as if you are saying "none of your business" to those who ask questions.

At this point in time, I feel that Sandusky is in big trouble with the current candidates running for election or re-election.

It appears to me that none of these candidates will do any good for Sandusky with their attitudes of avoiding questions.

How can the early voters vote intelligently when the candidates refuse to answer some basic questions?

I can see it all now. Concerned citizens will be going to city commission meetings and asking questions only to be told "shut up and sit down, it is none of your business" perhaps?

I know from experience in the past when some candidates were running for election. They chased you down, shook your hand and made all kinds of promises for open government. Once they got elected, they didn't want to hear of your concerns. Some cut your phone conversations short or didn't have the courtesy to return your phone calls. I made a list of these public elected officials and will work hard to remove them from office once they run for re-election.



Hello everyone

First of all i want to apologize for the lack of participation.  I think i can speak for the rest of the candidates when i say that we are all extremely busy.  I see everyone out going door to door, placing signs, public engagements, ect. and I do believe we all have full time jobs! I hate excuses, but, i actually came across this on accident. I get the paper delivered, so i really don't visit the paper on line.

I will try to get to everyones questions eventually and as quickly as possible!

As for the city managers search........I was disapointed in the fact that we went 2 years without hiring a fulltime city manager.  I do believe Don Icsman did a fine job, we definetly asked a lot from one person!!! 

As for hiring Novak to help in the search...... I'm ok with that.  It would haved been great if we could have done it in house and for free, but that was the decision that the commissioners made and, because of the assistance we recieved, I feel we hired a very qualified person.

I am very excited to work with the new city manager!!!!

I will check this site often.

Jeff Smith

looking around

 I think Smith and his wife have worked hard and done well for themselves, they are truly an asset to the community at large. They have invested in the city and now Jeff wants to help lead. That's all well and good, what I would like him and other candidates that have often said “I want this to be a business friendly community " is to further define that vision. What is it exactly that is lacking? What changes to you propose? What do you want to offer business that is not offered now and at whose expense?I