Kaptur may be challenged by fellow Dem. Dennis Kucinich

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, is facing a likely primary challenge next year from fellow Democrat Dennis Kucinich, a longtime member of Congress and former Cleveland mayor.
Tom Jackson
Sep 15, 2011

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, is facing a likely primary challenge next year from fellow Democrat Dennis Kucinich, a longtime member of Congress and former Cleveland mayor.

On Tuesday, Republicans who control Ohio’s legislature unveiled a redistricting plan that would extend Kaptur’s district eastward into Cleveland, putting her and Kucinich in the same district. The two are both longtime Democratic incumbents.

Kucinich responded by issuing a statement suggesting that he plans to run again, even if he has to challenge a fellow Democrat.

“It is an amazing turn of events that the legislature decided not to dismantle the district I represent,” he said.

The chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern, is threatening to force a statewide voter referendum on the new House districts if Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly don’t alter their plans.

Redfern said it is ridiculous to divide Erie County into three separate House districts, giving part of it to U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, who lives hundreds of miles away in Urbana.

Read more about the redistricting and Kaptur's response in Thursday's Register.



Neither one deserves to be on the public payroll.

Equally useless sponges who have never had a real job

Dennis: Go to Washington State

Marcy: Go for a long drive over the old Bay Bridge

6079 Smith W

Looks like good political theater. Let the mudslinging begin!


@ Pete:

Re: double naught spy.

When one clicks on his username from old postings "access denied' pops up.

I wonder if SR bounced him? Any ideas?


He was really going off the deep end right before he went off the reservation. Cussing etc. Lot of deleted posts. Was spelling 4 letter words backwards to get by the filter. So may have gotten the ban hammer

I honestly think he had a mental issue related to Obie's failure in delivering the Progressive Utopia he thought would make everything right in his world.

6079 Smith W

Mr. Kucinich said: “It is an amazing turn of events that the legislature decided not to dismantle the district I represent,”

H*ll, when given the chance, the Dems put the knife in one of their own. 

When I lived in the Cleveland area, I remember the Dems gerrymandering my conservative Democrat rep. Ron Mottl out (he was a Reagan backer - tsk, tsk) in favor of an eastside liberal one, Ed Feighan.





GOOD BYE marcy kaptur, YOU did NOTHING, You watched as the County destroy my home, and YOU do NOTHING.


Hello Dennis, you have my Vote.

Good 2 B Me

I agree!


Thank you for collecting a paycheck while so many others have not been able to Marcy.

You are an embarassment to Democrats. Good luck finding another cake job.


1 Vote for Dennis.


Never did care for her or Kucinich.


So my rep is either going to be Kaptur or Kucinich?? HAHAHAAHA!  Any chance we could get Al Sharpton or Anthony Weiner to move to Sandusky and challenge them?  We could form a lib-tard all-star team.


 Commissioner Shenigo placed all of Erie County's eggs in Ms. Kaptur's basket on the NASA runway project.  Now what are we going to do? I still remember this being Mr. Shenigo's top priority.


This race will be dumb & dumber......


 I dont think he could do any worse than Kaptur has


wowww!  both are totally worthless! 


Ms Kaptur has been and is a good Representative.  I will continue to vote for her as long as I am in her district.


It always blows my mind when people vote for Kapturd. She has never run a business in her life. Has never had to worry about meeting payroll etc. Has lived her adult life sponging off the sweat of other people. And yet they think she is the best person to revive the economy?

How may jobs in this area have been lost in the 30+ years she has been in the the House?

The New World Czar

It doesn't matter which side of the aisle you're from...both sides in one way or another are "taking one for the team".

On the blue side will be the Toledo Dems vs. the Lorain/Cleveland Dems.

On the right side you have the rest who wish they were in Latta's district.

This will be the most comical Democratic primary in a long time.



What makes you think someone who has run a business will be good at being a legislator? 

Just asking.


It at least gives them an understanding of what a company goes through, what different regulations, fees, tax changes, etc mean to the bottom line.

It also gives them insight on what drives an employer to upsize or downsize their operations and the corresponding changes in employment levels.

If someone has sat in an office all their life, the government has given them money to fund their "operation" as both Dennis! and Kaptur have, without having to worry about such things as if they can make payroll next week or keep the lights turned on and the doors open, then they have no clue.

Take Marcy's trips around here. Where does she go? Does she call up a business group or a chamber of commerce? Does she ask them what needs to be changed to stimulate employment in her district?

Nope. Union halls. And last I heard, unions do not create jobs other than a few administrative positions. But they are good at writing checks to her campaign fund!




I remember when someone went "trolling" they used a trolling sinker and a worm harness to catch pickerel.

Does anyone troll for pickerel in 2011?

Most people that troll today use a keyboard?



Tell me then Kimo what makes Marcy such a good Rep?

And I do troll quite a bit around here. But when it comes to Her Uselessness Kaptur it is not trolling

A trained Cocker Spaniel would be prefered to her

AJ Oliver

     Marcy & Dennis are both WAY better than any GOP alternative.  At least they stand up against the war machine, and for what is left of the middle class.  You know, Ohio workers lost nearly a dollar per hour of average wages in the past ten years.  That is flat out catastrophic.  And what does the GOP want?  Even lower wages!!  All they want to talk about is the "Three G's" (guns, God & gays) while they totally rip you off. 


AJ Oliver says


You know, Ohio workers lost nearly a dollar per hour of average wages in the past ten years.

Marcy has been in the House for ~30 years

Dennis! has been in the House for ~ 16 years

Let me ask you this then AJ:

If Marcy and Dennis! have done such a  fantastic job in standing up for the middle class it, then why did it happen?

The did NOTHING to stop what you stated as an example

They have however become very adept at cashing checks from unions for their campaign funds

Another clueless Kool-Aid drinker I see




These are the FACTS all Ohioans, and voters in general need to understand.

The state of Ohio was settled in 1788.  When it was originally settled, as with the rest of the nation, there were no homes built, no factories, very few stores, or market places. As time went on, the nation began to develop.

Building homes created jobs.

Building factories created jobs.

Inventing new products created jobs.

Investing in education was practical and profitable in most instances. 

I am posting  the current U.S. Census statistics on the number of homes built from 1790 to 1990.  

Population, Housing Units, Area Measurements, and Density: 1790 to 1990

United States

2. Population, Housing Units, Area Measurements, and Density: 1790 to 1990 [For information concerning historical counts, see " User Notes." Density is computed using land area. For definitions of terms and meanings of symbols, see text] United States  Year       # of Housing units   % of change  from previous census        Housing units pre square mile 1990        102,263,678            15.7%                                                        28.9% 1980         88,410,627              28.7%                                                        25.0% 1970            68,704,315           17.8%                                                        19.4% 1960            58,326,357            26.4%                                                        16.5% 1950            46,137,076             23.2%                                                       13.0 % 1940            37,438,714                -----                                                          10.5% 1930 through 1790           (No stats kept on this measurement through this period of  time.)                                                                            

The fact is, this nation is already established.  We already have enough housing units to meet our populations needs. 

Fact: Ohio over built, homes, in an effort to create jobs.  This began in the late 1980's and continued through until 2000. 

Fact: We only need so many doctors, lawyers, nurses, ect.  ( The over education of individuals is causing the unethical sect to "manufacture" problems in an effort to create jobs.)  Ohio has nine law schools.  That is more than any other state.      Ohio is also experiencing a problem with physycians who over prescribe pain medication and pharmasuetical narcotics.  (ie: too many doctors, not enough "real jobs" to support their families and pay their bills.  Too many lawyers mean the destruction of familes, life, homes, honest people's good reputations, ect.  (ie: They manufacture problems so they can support the lifestyle they want, and pay their bills.)  

Fact: Destruction creates jobs.  ( ie: The honest truth is that homes that sit delapitated eventually get torn down.  The hope is that this will create a job for a builder.)  Homes that get hit by cars, are harmed.  This means a job for a builder, contractor, insurance adjuster, potentially a medical professional, ect. )Destruction of a marriage through criminal activity creates a job for a lawyer, a job for counselors, a job family court professionals, child support office workers, ect).  Ohio's rating as the 10th highest death fatality for motor vehicles = a job for a potential job for a lawyer, a potential job for medical professionals, a potential job for car repair professionals, insurance adjusters, ect.)  Look at DUI cases. Many keep driving until someone get hurt.  Look at how many homes and business are catching on fire.  That is atypical for Ohio.  However, the fact is, destruction creates jobs.

Fact:  This nation was built on free enterprise. However, that system is breaking down now, because the nation is already built.  

Fact:   Destroying what already exists, in an effort to create "fictitious, manufactured" jobs, at best,  IS NOT THE ANSWER .   The entire U.S. system needs overhauled.  The public needs to be told the truth.

Question: Is all of this destruction, the result  people were seeking when they asked for job creation?  



[For information concerning historical counts, see " User Notes." Density is computed using land area. For definitions of terms and meanings of symbols, see text]


I don't want a businessman going to Washington to represent me.  I want someone who understands me and my circumstances,  Ms. Kaptur fits the bill quite well.  She is from a middle class family and in fact still lives in the home she grew up in.  She or someone from her office have always responded when we have had concerns. 

bored reader

She responds to you because she already has you in her pocket and your support. She does not however respond to those who for whatever reason do not support her or her ridiculous policy ideas. We all do the same thing with caller ID. I only answer the calls I want to. She only responds to those that her aides say are on her side.


tk says

 She is from a middle class family and in fact still lives in the home she grew up in

So using your logic, I would be the best person around to handle issues related to a seamless pipe mill or on how to operate a phone company

(my dad worked in a steel mill and my mom was a phone operator)

That's some good thinking there!


Pete she also has a lot of experience in the House of Representatives now.  It takes years to get on the important committees and to have an influnce in Congress.  She has that.  By the way I was once a telephone operator too.  I was qualified to raise a family and I did.  A darn good one.


tk says

Pete she also has a lot of experience in the House of Representatives now

What she has done, for over 30 years, is be a leach on society. She has never in her adult life contributed anything productive to this country. Never produced one saleable item. Never contributed to the GDP.

She has however cashed lots of campaign checks from special interest groups

Maybe she should become a bank teller. Would better fit her skill set


I am for "UFO" Dennis Kucinich!  Ha! Ha!  Yeah, BOTH of them are better than any GOP alternative alright!  I believe Dennis would be a welcome REPLACEMENT to Rep. Marcy "Spend Queen" Kaptur.  I would even donate to the Kucinich campaign fund.  Marcy feels her job as an elected official is an ENTITLEMENT!  She gets voted back into office by you liberal freaks and UNIONS for the same liberal FAILURE over and over so she can collect her magnificent Congressional pension and of course that extra, SPECIAL and PRIVILEGED Congressional health care for LIFE.  Ah, WHAT are YOU getting?  0bama care?  Ha!  Ha!  I really appreciate all that Kaptur HELP to those tornado victims who received absolutely NOTHING.  Oops, forget all about that?  Poor Marcy, she is going to have some competition for a change.  You know, all that "hope and change you can believe in" and we sure got plenty of it "spread" around.  We all knew Dennis was going to LOSE his seat because PEOPLE are FLEEING the liberal state of Ohio.  Oops, don't want to ADMIT that?  I am sure you must have forgotten.  I am GLAD Dennis is looking to keep his political position by running against poor little Marcy.  This should prove to be interesting and very entertaining.  You liberal democracks are now fighting against yourselves.  Once the primary WAR is over, then MAYBE there will be a democrack loser against "Joe the Plumber" for the seat.  Thank you liberal, loser democracks for all this wonderful entertainment.  I must remind you to use that 0bama "civility" and try your best NOT to prove how racist, sexist, resentful, hateful, execrable and malevolent you can be, especially against each other.  Let's review.  WHO called the TEA Party, Republicans and Conservatives all those vitriolic HATE names?  Oops, forget all about all that 0bama civility?  Yeah, we all need to follow the EXAMPLE set forth by liberals, UNIONS, democracks, socialists, communists, maoist, marxists, racists, felons and terrorist LOSERS!  "We need to take these tea party sons-of-bitches OUT!"  (UNION-STOOGE Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., 2011)  Now WHO are the "extremist" groups??  FOUR MORE YEARS!  Ha! Ha!      


Taxpayer, I don't need  "Obamacare" .  My husband was in a UNION so I'm well taken care of.


Well my neighbors are life long Republicans and they got immediate help from Ms. Kaptur's office when she was contacted by them.  You make it sound like I'm a personal friend of Ms. Kaptur when I have never even spoken to the lady, only to  someone in her office.  I just know she does her job and does it well and as long as she does so I will support her.