NAACP hosts candidate night

The NAACP Sandusky chapter hosted the forum for voters to learn more about Sandusky school board hopefuls and city commission candidates, as well as the two women who are vying for Perkins Township fiscal officer on Monday.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 15, 2011

The NAACP Sandusky chapter hosted the forum for voters to learn more about Sandusky school board hopefuls and city commission candidates, as well as the two women who are vying for Perkins Township fiscal officer on Monday.

The candidates got a chance to say why they’re running, but they also weighed in on other hot-button issues.

Incumbents Julie Farrar and Diedre Cole sat alongside challengers Wes Poole, Jeff Smith, John Jacobs, Keith Grohe and Patricia Ferguson as they all hit on hot topics culled from recent city commission meetings.

For instance: public comments at meetings.

While most of the candidates agreed that commissioners should listen to what residents have to say, some said the length of the comments should be limited.

Perkins Township fiscal officer candidates, incumbent Diane Schaefer and Jane Gildenmeister, addressed how to prevent controversy over permit fees from happening in the future. A recent attorney general opinion indicated elected officials should not be compensated beyond their salaries — which was permitted for the fiscal officer in Perkins Township under local rules since 1993.

Gildenmeister said the township should have followed the Ohio Revised Code in the first place to prevent the problem.

See what else the candidates said by picking up a copy of Tuesday's Register.


Diane Schaefer
I again wish to thank the Sandusky chapter of the NAACP for hosting the first of several candidates' nights. And I thank those people who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend. I am thankful for those who want to be informed and seek the truth for themselves, not relying on hearsay and sometimes slanted new coverage.    One question I did not address last night was why I was seeking re-election. Just today, when talking about the 'drama' currently surrounding the position, someone asked me "And just why do you want to run?"   My answer - because I care about Perkins Township. I believe that I have one important quality that not everyone has - the ability to be my own person; not to compromise my beliefs because of pressure from others.   When I was helping with a pension issue in the summer of 2007, there were people who were more than willing to tell me things they believed were wrong with the Township. So I spent that entire summer researching issues by going through the minutes which were not online at the time. I requested documentation of payments made for various things. There were many accusations being made by former Chief McClung. I did not make my final decision until I sought documentation to disprove his accusations.   Finally I decided to run for the position of Fiscal Officer because I knew that I would do a better job than the current Fiscal Officer - one because I have a stronger accounting background and two because I would not let anyone intimidate me.   Why am I seeking re-election? I was not able to achieve some of my original goals because much of my time was required for the Federal and State cases against our former police chief. It is my belief that a large part of this was made possible because the Trustees and Fiscal Officer were not requiring enough documentation of purchases. I would like the opportunity to finish those goals.    Goals:  -          Computerized cemetery records so that people can do genealogy searches on their own. -          Computerized inventory records so that department heads do not have to maintain. -          Completing our move to 2610 Columbus Avenue -          Networking within the Township offices.    I believe that if you ask a number of the staff employees you will find that I am usually helpful and willing to explain, sometimes in too much detail. Unfortunately, my position is a political position. And like all politics there tend to be issues.   I look at my position as mainly accounting and try to keep the political issues out of it.    In closing I would ask that each resident, voter or not, ask their own questions, do their own research. Don’t rely simply on someone else’s version of who Diane Schaefer is or what she does. This would also go for many of the Register’s articles about me. I can only hope that I will be able to prove to them that the accusations made about me recently are not as correct/complete as they are reported to be. My only regret is that articles are sometimes printed based on confidential sources before the ‘facts’ are validated. 

Readers can e-mail me direct at and I hope to have my website back up soon.

Diane Schaefer

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Diane Schaefer

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