Monroeville mayor booted from ballot

Monroeville Mayor Sharon Miller has been removed from the November ballot because she didn't put her address on her filing paperwork.
Annie Zelm
Sep 15, 2011


Monroeville Mayor Sharon Miller has been removed from the November ballot because she didn't put her address on her filing paperwork.

Huron County elections officials asked the state elections commission what to do about the error, and they were advised that Miller must be excluded from the ballot. She also cannot be a write-in candidate.

That leaves former Huron County commissioner Mike Adelman as the only candidate in the race. Other write-in candidates can still file until Aug. 29 by contacting the Huron County Board of Elections.

For more on this developing story, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.



MIKE ADELMAN FOR MAYOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she didn't put her address on her filing paperwork

When questioned about his State Senate residency he said that the controversy did not lead to his abandoning his election bid for retention of the seat. He also said: “No. That’s false.”, when asked whether he tried to make it appear he lived in the 2nd Senate District while actually living in the 11th Senate District.

Lawyers can get away with residency rules


My question is, why does that preclude her from running as a write-in candidate?  As I recall Mr. Baumgardner of Perkins Twp Trustee fame had rejected petitions several years ago and was still allowed to run a write in campaign


She can run as a write in but she needs to register at the BOE as a write in and still have her address verified.  Maybe she moved since the last election and doesn't want anyone to know?


This is Monroeville they are talking about.  Monroeville is a little hick village where the rules and laws don`t alway apply to everybody.  It all depends on who you know and who doesn`t like you. Always has been that way.


 FST: Your new personal icon is disturbing, but true.


Hey SR,

You may want to spell check your headline on this article.



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