Leaders ponder poverty problem

Politicians and community leaders agree on one thing - poverty is a problem in Sandusky. What they have trouble agreeing on, however, is how big a problem it is, and whether it can be fixed.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 15, 2011

Politicians and community leaders agree on one thing — poverty is a problem in Sandusky. What they have trouble agreeing on, however, is how big a problem it is, and whether it can be fixed.   

Twenty people traded their thoughts and personal stories about poverty Monday during a community meeting at Sandusky City Hall.

City commissioner Dave Waddington organized the gathering as a follow-up of sorts to last month’s community forum, which focused on a suspected jump in the number of violent crimes in Sandusky.   
Waddington said he wanted to focus the discussion on class issues, and how they may contribute to problems such as violence and crime.

Among the speakers were State Rep. Dennis Murray, D-Sandusky; Sandusky Schools superintendent Tom Tucker; Erie County health commissioner Pete Schade; and Erie-Huron Community Action Commission president Janice Warner.

Others contributed ideas and asked questions.

“I am absolutely convinced the solutions we’re looking for, some of them exist already,” said Jerry Garrett, who helped facilitate the meeting. “They are arcs in a circle that is detached.”

Most of the organizations that can offer help are no doubt facing funding pressures in this troubled economy, Garrett said, which makes it all the more critical for them to work together.   

“We need to take those arcs and connect them and make them an impactful circle,” he said.

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I'm just curious about something. There ARE jobs out there - we are talking about jobs for teenage hoodlums whom are committing the violent crimes. How does providing more jobs keep these worthless kids from committing crimes? Hint: It doesn't. If they wanted to work, they would be doing it now, if they wanted to be good little kiddies, they would be doing it now.
The way to stop this violence is to arrest them - put them in jail - and keep them there until they learn their lesson - and then start it all over again until they either leave town or straighten up.

Matt Easterhold

shouldn't diedre cole be leading these talks, isn't she our local expert on poverty?


The only way most of these people will get a job is if they bring back the chain gangs picking up garbage in orange jumpsuits.


Politicians and community leaders agree on one thing — poverty is a problem in Sandusky. What they have trouble agreeing on, however, is how big a problem it is, and whether it can be fixed.   

They have trouble agreeing on how big the problem is? Really? Here is a hint. Poverty is affecting the entire state of Ohio and the nation.

The politicians and community leaders gave a "feel good" presentation. All talk and nothing accomplished.

Perhaps lawsuit reform against companies would encourage more companies to stay or come to Ohio as one step in creating jobs.

The city should make it easy for companies to locate in Sandusky instead of making potential entrepreneurs and companies jump through hoops and make it difficult to set up a business. Change some of the outdated city ordinances as a start.




Now theres smething that really needs to be fixed and fast .I am one that is diabled not by drugs or something I may have done wrong in my life , But rether something that I was born with .

I know what Murry means about  having to either pay my bills or not take the meds needed to sustain my life .

I am not lazy and would give anything to be able to go and and find a decent job just to be able to life modesly .I am talkin g about just being able to pay my bills and at the same time be able to by the meds needed at the same time

I challage not only the local goverment , but also the state and at the federal level to find a answer to this problem . Its not going to go away on its own and its ggoingto have to take Our goverment to find ways not to have just a tempary fix , but more of a permant fix


To start with a panel of community leaders with 6 figure incomes will have no idea how to deal with poverty. The juveniles that committ most of these crimes are products of there enviroment.

The courts should hold the parents responsible for the actions of there minor children. If the judges could dole out the same punishment to the parents as they do to the juveniles perhaps we could get there attention.

Rather than jail time, let them perform community service such as cleaning up trash along the roadsides and weeding flower beds in our neglected parks. Then maybe some of the adults will start paying attention to there children.

The police and the courts should come down hard on the young juveniles in hopes that they can be saved before they repeat the cycle with another generation of welfare babies.

Children have to be TAUGHT the value of provideing for yourself and not expecting the government to feed and cloth you from cradle to grave. This is the only way that anyone can get out of this vicious cycle. They have to want to succed not just get by.


The Answer Person

Were the Waterfront Watchdogs, (Sharon, Tim etc.) in attendance?  They seem to have answers regularly.  Maybe they could offer some sort of help?  Job creation for the city?

Just sayin'...



You and many like yourself are what Social security was made for.  Not the brain fried drugie.  Not to mention foremost the people that worked their whole life and paid into it and want to retire.  That is where the problem lies.


 Eagle eyes,

How much do you need to live on? That means food, clothing and shelter only. Everything else is a luxury.

Ask the other 95% of the remainder of the world and they will settle for three basics. So what's your definition of enough to live on?


donut-I couldn't agree more. Some of these welfare rats and people crying about a living wage need to visit a real third world country it puts things into perspective. The poorest person in this country doesn't even come close to what the rest of the world experiences.


For people that want to work, there is work out there.  Granted it may not be the pay you want but you make do until somehting better comes along.  I have heard people that were supposed to be looking for work say "just go to the phonebook and pick out businesses and write the address down" they never check them.

My husband lost his job in June to downsizing and my son started looking for full time work in June after graduation.  They both found full time jobs with benefits this week.  My son has a great job for a first full time job and will start school soon also.  My husband was not able to get the pay he wanted but is working full time and also part time to help make ends meet.  I have had a full time and part time job for over 2  years after our medical benefits went up over 75%.  Learn to rely on yourself and not others to support you.  That is the problem, people think they are owed everything and shouldn't have to work for it.



We still need to keep in mind that it isn't the "lack of jobs" that's causing the youth problems in this city. It's the youth themselves - and a little bit their parents. It's not poverty, it's not lack of work available, and it surely isn't geography. There could be a severe lack of education, but that would only prevent some from working some jobs. Many who have been commenting can't put three words together to make a sentence, and if they did, you wouldn't be able to understand it because most of those words would be mis-spelled. This is a showing of the lack of proper education and/or the laziness of the students to actually learn something.
I can assure you, noone what to hire someone to a real job who can't spell or speak proper english with decent grammar skills.

Captain Gutz


"...noone what to hire someone to a real job who can't spell or speak proper english with decent grammar skills. "

You almost made it to the finish line.


Hmm! Keep shopping yourself out of jobs. Even Wally World who had a large part of moving U.S. manufacturing to China along with hundreds of thousands of jobs is feeling what they created LOL. Pretty smart for a couple of the richest people in the world, what next maybe they should run for president, or better yet, congress who sits and allows our economy to be hijacked. God are they stupid or what!


Just saying!!

Captain Gutz

 “They are arcs in a circle that is detached.” said Jerry Garrett.


The first person who can explain the above sentence to me gets a cookie.



Captain Gutz says

 “They are arcs in a circle that is detached.” said Jerry Garrett.


The first person who can explain the above sentence to me gets a cookie.


---McDonald's golden arches??




LOL good catch guys - that was actually supposed to be no one WOULD want - oh well, the finish line was in sight -just didn't make it all the way - ran out of gas I guess....


At what level is it poverty?  No Beer each night?  No Bar hopping Friday nights?  No cell Phones?  No new car?  No Steak on Saturday?   No Crack today? 



Sorry, but the Social Security Act was not established for the disabled. It was signed into law in 1935 as a old age retirement act. Somewhere along the line, people who have never paid into SS started being able to receive it for disability. That is one of the reasons our children who are paying into it now through their employers will not see any of the benefits. Or if they do get any, it won't be enough to live on. If you want to know why and who Social Security was to benefit, look up it's origin.



you have incorrect information regarding social security and disability.

fyi -

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) requires you to have an earnings history in order to qualify for benefits (in addition to meeting the definition of disabled). You must have worked and paid into Social Security to qualify for disability benefits.  The benefit amount for disability depends on your earnings history and how much you have paid into Social Security. Spouses and minor children of disabled workers may also receive benefits under the Social Security disability insurance program.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are two very different programs. SSI is managed by the Social Security Administration, it is not a Social Security program.  SSI is funded by the US Treasury, not Social Security taxes. SSI is a program for low income people who are age 65 or older, or who are disabled or blind. Children who are blind or disabled may also qualify for Supplemental Security Income.  SSI is a need-based program, which means that you must have very limited finances to qualify. Social Security looks at both your income and your assets available when determining if you can receive benefits. The basic benefit for SSI is the same for everyone. In 2011 the monthly benefit is $674 for individuals and $1,011 for married couples. SSI is a federal program, but many states also provide benefits in addition to the federal benefit.


circles are comprised of arcs;  arcs form a circles.  the circle represents connectedness, wholeness, perfection, the divine.  what pieces [arcs] may be needed to design a system [circle] to deal with poverty?

do i get a cookie?

Captain Gutz

SMF1-- no cookie , you're confusing arches with arcs.


KM - are you off your nut?  You have not explained the statement, you have only compounded the issue. No cookie for you.


LOL @ Captain...when I read the "arc" statement, for whatever reason all I could think of was that big gold McDonald's "M". And I think you're going to have to go straight to the source for an explanation of the broken arcs....and even at that I doubt you'll get a remotely understandable explanation LOL! :)


“They are arcs in a circle that is detached.”  

“We need to take those arcs and connect them and make them an impactful circle,” he said.

I've got it...it's so clear now. He's talking about handcuffs!





All I know is I see alot of young people on SSI that are in good enough shape to run after someone for half a mile and catch and rob them!


Mr Waddington's heart is in place, but his logic is somewhat off base.

How is it that he links himself with one of the wealthiest lawyer familes in Sandusky, and the topic is how to curve poverty? 

Lets think this over for a few minutes..... Ok, I'm ready.

Lawyers charge ridiculous amounts of money for their services. Just last week one hour cost me $645.Guess what, I have to pass this on to my customers which have possibly 62% that are 'poor'. So, does Mr. Murry beliieve that poverty is the root of the problem? If so, what is he doing personally, out of pocket, not lecturing?

Just this week Warren Buffett, a BILLIONAIR said the rich needs to pay their fair share. Guess what, NO CHECK WAS EVER SENT TO THE IRS marked "give to the poor'.

What about Obama who made over $7 million last year, wheres his check that was written without mandates to submit it? Don't HOPE for that contribution poor people!

Kennedy's have ALWAYS said how government should help the poor; while they live in areas that requires an hour flight by jet to even find someone that doesn't own a GUCCI bag!

Pelosi, $7 million like Obama, no check, and John Kerry who was rated the WORSE polititian ever in terms of helping out organizations says the RICH need to pay more taxes. Hey John, tell us how you registered your sail boat in Conneticut to avoid the +$700,000 sales tax in Mass. Sounds hypociritical there John.

I find it interesting that those that scream that the rich needs to pay their fair share of taxes never write a check out unless theres something in it for them. Also, it has been reported that the wealthiest in this country is from the Democratic party, where did they get their money from.....  and we were led to believe its all about the poor.

Ok, Dave, how about you and Dennis writting out a HUGE check to solve this problem that Jesus said we will always have among us. Why not write it to the worst slim in Sandusky and see if they change their ways....



Arc: A segment of a differentiable curve (geometry).

Snickerdoodle please.

Captain Gutz


I know what constitutes an arc, in order to qualify for a cookie you have to explain what Jerry Garrett meant.

No cookie.