The Mailbag: What happens if no one runs for an elected office?

Q: I recently reviewed all of the candidates running for a local office for the November elections and noticed no person is listed for the fiscal officer position in Vermilion Township. What happens if no one decides to run? - Bob from Vermilion
Andy Ouriel
Jan 15, 2012


Q: I recently reviewed all of the candidates running for a local office for the November elections and noticed no person is listed for the fiscal officer position in Vermilion Township. What happens if no one decides to run?  — Bob from Vermilion

A: Both Vermilion Township trustees and the Erie County Board of Elections officials weren't 100 percent sure of what will happen, but here is what they had to offer.

Elections director Deborah McDowell said any candidate vying for any office can still become a write-in candidate up to Aug. 29. To become a write-in candidate, contact the Erie County Board of Elections at 419-627-7601.

If no one decides to run for office, township trustees will most likely appoint a person to the fiscal officer's seat, said trustee chairman Chris Decker. The fiscal officer's seat expired on March 31.

We're not sure why incumbent Joanne Kensik isn't running. She served in the position since 1998. She didn't return two phone messages Friday seeking comment.

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 "she did't return two phone messages..." WTF? leave these people alone, if they didn't call you back after one message she obviously does not want to talk to you.



Is this another excuse for a "Ballbuster" comment?

Julie R.

Maybe nobody is running because of all the problems going on in Vermilion like the so-called theft that they charged the former finance director Michelle Bowens with.

Wonder why the Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter brought up the fact that this so-called big theft of ten grand was under the watch of the former mayor, Jean Anderson. After all, when the employee in the Erie County Treasurer's office stole almost 150K of taxpayer monies Baxter sure didn't mention the fact that it was under the watch of Jo Dee Fantozz. Could it be because the former Vermilion mayor filed a lawsuit against Vermilion's law director and his Lorain County law firm of Stumphauzer & O'Toole -- the former Baumgartner & O'Toole?   

I'm also curious as to how Vermilion's law director is getting away with using his Lorain County law firm of Stumphauzer & O'Toole to handle all legal issues for the city of Vermilion. One would think that would be a real ethics issue.

Julie R.

I don't live in Vermilion and I don't know Michelle Bowens but that "theft in office" charge sure does sound fishy.

Being paid twice ($1,081.00) by check and direct deposit doesn't sound like THEFT to me. It sounds more like a mistake made in the payroll department --- which is a mistake that is made quite often in all payroll departments. The $9,674 payout for accrued sick time and personal leave doesn't sound like THEFT, either. I thought all county workers were entitled to accrued vacation and sick leave when they left their jobs. That's how it works when they retire, anyway. So if the State Auditor's office is saying she wasn't entitled to accrued sick and vacation pay because she quit her job it sounds more like a misunderstanding on her part ~ either that or maybe this is another one of those past practices that's been going on for DECADES in Erie County that they are just now saying was illegal.  

I also noticed in the Journal's article that Ms. Bowen's Sandusky attorney, Peter McGory, requested that he be removed as Ms. Bowens attorney. Now THAT sure does sound familar. Didn't somebody say that the infamous Krista Harris went through at least 6 or more Sandusky attorneys who all requested to be removed from her case because she refused to plead guilty to the charges the Erie County prosecutor's office brought against her ~ i.e. theft from her elderly aunt as the aunt's legal POA? 

I would be curious to know if that was the reason that attorney Pete McGory requested to remove himself as Ms. Bowens attorney ---- did she refuse to plead guilty to the charges the prosecutor's office lodged against her?  




@ Julie   What happened to your stalkers Woody and Sam?


Julie R.

@ Centauri:  I was wondering the same thing.................


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