Too few city commission candidates as deadline nears

Less than three days before the deadline, only three people have officially filed to run for one of five city commission seats opening up this fall.
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 8, 2011


Less than three days before the deadline, only three people have officially filed to run for one of five city commission seats opening up this fall.

Wesley Poole, Keith Grohe and commissioner Julie Farrar have turned in petitions at the Erie County Board of Elections.

Other prospective candidates have until 4 p.m. Wednesday to turn in their signatures at the board of elections.

By Aug. 22, elections officials must check the signatures to ensure they’re from eligible registered voters.
Commissioners Diedre Cole also said she will run for a second term, and resident Jeff Smith has thrown his name into the mix.

Others have circulated petitions in the city, but no one has confirmed they plan to file before the deadline.
The top four vote-getters in November’s election will fill four-year terms, while the fifth will earn the two-year unexpired term left by former commissioner Kim Nuesse, who resigned in December to accept a job as police chief in another community.

Dick Brady had been appointed to fill the vacant spot earlier this year, but he has decided not to run in November.

Poole and Smith were also finalists to fill the vacant seat, but the majority of commissioners chose Brady.
Two other commissioners, Dave Waddington and Dan Kaman, hit their two-term limits at the end of 2011.

Commissioners Pervis Brown and John Hamilton are in the second year of their four-year terms.



Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get your signatures in.  Either they are disorganized or can't get the signatures, or waited too long to even obtain the signatures and they ran out of time. 


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This will make it easy, we won't even have to bother voting. They will all win by default !


    I hope Sandusky gets more candidates! Keith Grohe would make a nice choice. I 'm not sure about Wes Poole, but I'm certain about Farrar. Julie needs to take care her family and personal crisis at home.


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The Answer Person

Why aren't Tim Schwanger and Sharon Johnson on the slate??? 

They need to get on there so they can make things right.


They went through everybody with adjendas at the last election.


Back in the day, the leaders of the businesses in the Sandusky community took on these chairs in an effort to move their city forward.  Now there are no businesses or should I say, businesses in the city limits whose leaders care about the city.  We didn't need to worry about backbenchers like Schwanger and the rest know it alls who can't walk the talk.  What a shame.  This city has plummeted to a new low and nobody wants to step forward and fix the problems. 

We were just in town for a class reunion and were shocked to see the condition of the city, the vacant run down houses, the unkempt yards, the litter, graffitti all over the place not to mention the thugs running around shooting everybody yet nobody seen nuttin. With that kind of attitude, you are lost.  It is really a sad state of affairs.  Pretty soon Sandusky will be like Washington DC, a total absence of leadership.


Bailey is spot on again. I enjoy his blogs.


 I knew it...Just as always..Why isn't this person running? why isn't that person running? so on and so on. This person should run, blah, blah, blah...So and so needs to clear up this or that...So and so is a worthless piece of crap...he or she shouldn't run..OK Sandusky's your chance..Put up or shut the (F) up..WHY DON'T YOU RUN??? Instead of blogging on this site and talking all that you know what stuff..BLACK OR WHITE) STEP UP..toss your hat in and make a difference...Just as I thought  All talk and no (F) ing action. Do something positive instead of writing about someone else, making personal attacks about people and running their credit and public reports all over the internet. just to get a point across that has no meaning or bearing on the situation...

Woody Hayes

Where is Dumpster Don when you really need him.


Baily you were right about the town hall meeting last week.   It came down to the fact that we are not doing enough for the community.  We need to meet our neighbors because 'it takes a village".    The parents are part of blame, as chief Lang suggested.  He was silenced very quickly.  The black community is silent and will not accept ANY resposibility.  The meeting solved nothing.    


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I know I wouldnt run for this Job , theres not enough money for me too . To big a mess



Yo Taxpayer, gonna turn in a petition???


I know I wouldnt run for this Job , theres not enough money for me too . To big a mess

@ gene44870     Sometimes it is not about money. Many people make a better place to live without seeking compensation. Concerning Sandusky, simpleton voters, simpletons in general, I do not blame you. Too many negatives and few positives for effort.

@ Bailey     You are an intellectual.  Powers that be come after intellectuals. Intellectuals are a threat to the powers that be. The Nazis went after intellectuals.

@ The Answer Person      Tim Schwanger and Sharon Johnson are best in their present position as concerned citizens of Sandusky. They provide ideas, critique and opinions that should be heard by all.


Hello all.  If someone  is intelligent, a business owner, and want to clean house, do they have to live in "city limits" to run ?? Just curious, Thanks


By the way, I could find that out but running out of time now........


I heard that the people with petitions have their signatures but haven't handed them in.  Are these people having second thoughts?   I can't blame them because they don't know what they are getting into.  No city manager has been appointed as yet and it is hard to step into something without knowing who you will be dealing with.  It is tough enough being a new city commissioner and having to deal with a new city manager.  The new city manager will have to be a strong one who can hit the ground running with very little hand holding or on the job training.  We need a city manager who the commissioners can trust without looking over their shoulder all the time to keep track of what the manager is doing.

  The only way to straighten out this town is to lower the wages of all the top management in this town.The top official wage to $100,000 and by same percentage after that for the rest. And the number is 17.3 %. If these people dont like it tell them to go some place else to work. Remember we the people were basicly told the same thing. I would run under these conditions

I suppose that people have been looking at the crap in the comment section of the SR and decided that getting involved with the City Commission would be the worst mistake a reasonable human being could make! Who would want to do that to him or herself?


LOL !!! They removed my post because I a BLACK MAN stated things about my BLACK race ???

THE MODERATORS ARE COMPLETE IDIOTS, how can I be a racist towards my own race? 

BW1's picture

Having organized a petition initiative, I know that the smart move is to be out gathering signatures right up to the deadline.  Half the people who sign end up not being eligible, because they aren't registered, aren't registered in the relevant jurisdiction, or haven't voted in the last two elections.   You can never have too many signatures.  I've seen half the signatures on a petition ruled invalid.

If you want to draw conclusions about the number of candidates, the time to do that is after the deadline.



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