Special election Tuesday for Margaretta School District voters

A reminder for voters in the Margaretta School District: There will be a special election on Tuesday to renew a 7.75 mill levy.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 1, 2011


A reminder for voters in the Margaretta School District: There will be a special election on Tuesday to renew a 7.75 mill levy.

The levy would support operating costs for the school district, raising $1.2 million a year for five years if approved by voters.

The same levy previously failed in late May when the results were 754 for and 744 against in Erie County, and 115 for and 207 against in Sandusky County.

School officials were disappointed by the levy's failure in May because the renewal would not have raised taxes. The levy, first approved in 1998, will expire at the end of the year if not renewed before then.

“We feel that the programs we offer are important to provide well-rounded kids coming out of our school system,” superintendent Ed Kurt said after the May election. “We’d like to continue to offer clubs and sports.”

The levy now costs the owner of a $100,000 home $184.24 per year. That would not change if voters approve the five-year renewal.



this should pass easy!  all of the people on here slamming kasich and his sb5 bill should all vote yes on this!



indolent indiff...

M-ville:  turn them in to the board office.  This is something that is a crime and not just unfair.   If you don't have the guts to turn them in then be quiet



Captain Gutz

I don't believe it.


You have three types of voters. Informed voters. Uninformed voters. Simpleton voters that don't have a clue.

here in ohio

so if this dont pass by the end of the year i gut to keep $184.24   YEAH RIGHT !!


Magaritaville, is that really your reason for voting no on a renewal?  Wow.  What they are doing is likely illegal, but it isn't cosing taxpayers any money.  I agree with indolent.  Turn them in or shut up.  Then I'm sure you'll come up with another reason to vote no on this renewal.



margaritaville88 ....Quit your whining turn them in or stress out every time you see them so what's your decision....... LOL


Umm, margaritaville, kids attending school via open enrollment are in a sense paying for the services.  With them comes tax dollars that is taken away from the school district that they live in and is sent to the district that they are enrolled in.  They are not attending for free.  Why do you think most of the schools have went to open enrollment?  They did it to increase revenue for their schools.  If the kids you are seeing are open enrolled then what they are doing is really not illegal.  Open enrolled kids are entitled to the same school services as the kids who live in the district, and yes they can ride the bus as long as they are catching it inside the district boundaries.  It is no more illegal for them to do it than the district buses who pick up kids and drop them off at St Mary's in Sandusky (do they still do this?)