Brady will not run for Sandusky city commission

After weeks of considering whether to run for city commission, Dick Brady said he will not run to fill the remainder of his appointed term.
Jessica Cuffman
Jul 26, 2011


After weeks of considering whether to run for city commission, Dick Brady said he will not run to fill the remainder of his appointed term.

Brady, owner of Brady Electric and other businesses, filled the spot vacated by former commissioner and police chief Kim Nuesse after she left in December.

Commissioners Julie Farrar and Diedre Cole are up for re-election and have said they will file for the spots.

Terms expire for commissioners Dave Waddington and Dan Kaman, who cannot run again because they’ve reached their two-term limits.

Residents Keith Grohe, a Cedar Fair maintenance employee, and Jeff Smith, co-owner of Sandusky Hardware, plan to run for two of the seats.

Candidates will have to declare whether they are filing for one of the four, four-year terms, or the unexpired, two-year term.

The filing deadline is at 4 p.m. Aug. 10 in the Erie County Board of Elections.



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Too bad... Mr. Brady has been doing a good job as a commissioner.


Who, What, Where, When, Why, and maybe How, should be the journalistic questions asked and reported as applicable.  In this instance the Why Brady is not running again was not reported and it seems pertinent. 


This is not a good news at all. I wondered what happened to make him change his mind back again. What I understood was that he was going to run, but I can certainly understand his decision not to run.  You are on call all the time no matter where you go and what you do. If you have a business to run, it doesn't always mix, too much stress, plus, the city has a lot of problems that one person cannot fix. I will say that Mr. Brady seems to work very hard at being commissioner.  He is professional at all times.   It will be a great loss.


It's again a loss for sandusky,  a great qualified person,  but the city does not support these canidates,  not much changes in my 5o years here...


I agree, it's a shame that Mr. Brady is not running again as he has done a great job and he is the type of person the commission needs.  I can only hope that some of the other candidates can live up to the citizens expectations

Team Striker

Not surprised Mr. Brady is not running. He is a true Sandusky success story in the buisness industry and I am sure that he realized the $5k salary for Sandusky Commissioner did not equate to the amount of work and public scrutiny that comes with the job. Sandusky is losing by Mr. Brady not running, but we should all say thank you to Mr. Brady for his time and committment to the city, political and personal.


    Mr. Brady losing commissioners Kaman and Waddington certainly weighed in on his decision. Imagine how the commission could look in 2012, Cedar Point Admission tax, safety service taxes and declining revenue.

The Answer Person


T. A. Schwanger


Dealing with Mr. Brady as a regular attendee at City Commission meetings and discussing City issues with him one on one, I can honestly say I'm disappointed he is not running. I find him to be relatively open minded, research oriented  and honest--exactly what is needed as we move forward with a new City  Commission.
Amerian Dad

Good........ He was on the committee along with Mr. Kaman for a new Chiefs position a number of years ago. We see what good that did for our City....... Ironis that he tool the same person's place on the commission.........


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What a loss for Sandusky! We can only thank him for the time he served and wish him well.


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