Bellevue residents to vote on income tax hike

Bellevue officials say they've cut expenses as much as possible, and now they're turning to taxpayers to help boost revenue.
Annie Zelm
Jan 28, 2011


Bellevue officials say they've cut expenses as much as possible, and now they're turning to taxpayers to help boost revenue.

City council on Monday unanimously agreed to place an additional 0.25 percent earned income tax on the May ballot, for a total tax of 1.75 percent.

Bellevue auditor Steve Smith said the tax increase would generate at least $500,000 for the city.

If voters approve the proposal, it will be imposed for five years beginning in 2012.

If they reject it, the current 1.5 percent income tax will remain in place.

Residents in Sandusky and Huron county, as well as a few in Erie County, will be asked to vote on the issue.


Read the full story in Thursday's Register.



It seems apparent that taxpayers all over the U.S. will be getting or really needing tax increases to dig this county, state, city, villages out of debt.  time to bite the bullet and pay up...and I think bellevue is showing the lead.....AS my very elderly grandmother of many experiences used to say.. Quote"..."sometimes you just need to close your eyes and pay the price."  unquote.....this looks like the time!


I have heard, "Sometimes you need to LEARN how to acquire the taste for excrement sandwiches."  Ha! Ha!  Here is a tip.  With 0bama spending taxpayers into $5 TRILLION new DEBT, how are we supposed to support ALL these levy's?  Come on, THINK for a change.  The simple truth is the PEOPLE will end up PAYING for EVERYTHING.  Got money?  Operating levy, SCHOOL levy, state taxes, public safety levy and of course the liberal source for their miserable solutions,.....FEDERAL taxes.  We have PLENTY of money.  Go ask Marcy Kaptur, she will tell you.  NO being a liberal crybaby when gas goes up, food goes up, cost of living spikes, I better NOT hear a PEEP from you liberals.  After all, we are all living in the liberal dream of entitlements.  Ha! Ha!  If YOU want to VOTE to give more of YOUR money and YOU feel you are getting your monies worth, then VOTE yes to all these levy's.  It is the American way right?  Ha! Ha!   


ok taxpayer, i  hardly know anything about politics, but can you explain to me what this means-->with obama spending taxpayers into $5 trillion  new debt.  i don't know any politic words either, whats a liberal dream mean? where does obama spend this $5 trillion dollars?  don't take me for being a meanie, i'm not, i'm really just trying to understand what you said. are you saying that you don't think we should pay  for things like, schools, state taxes, public safety, stuff like that? if so, who would pay them? if thats not what your saying, nevermind. haha  who is marcy kaptur? i'm not trying to start a huge debate here on the register,  just looking for answers. haha thank you


When will the city of Bellevue  stop wasting money by having the Christmas lights on after Christmas?   It still  wastes money.  

That town needs to have a audit so that all the council members are held accountabloe as well as the mayor , safety service director and all their cronies.

They are all guilty of wasting money.



Bellevue needs to do something about chasing business and industry out of town.  Try filling some of the Downtown store fronts with businesses.  More jobs = more tax dollars.