Dem state senator to run for Ohio Supreme Court

Democratic state Sen. Mike Skindell is running for the Ohio Supreme Court this fall.
Associated Press
Jun 27, 2012


Democratic state Sen. Mike Skindell is running for the Ohio Supreme Court this fall.

Skindell, an attorney from the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood, has been a central figure in Democrats' legal and policy battles over privatization and hydraulic fracturing in the state.

The Ohio Democratic Party's state executive committee voted on his nomination Tuesday after the party's original candidate dropped out. A party spokesman said Skindell was the only applicant to formally request the nomination. Skindell would challenge Republican Justice Terrence O'Donnell.

An outspoken critic of Gov. John Kasich, Skindell has served four terms in the Ohio House and was elected to the Ohio Senate in 2010. He also worked as an assistant to former Ohio Attorney General Anthony Celebrezze Jr.


Erie County Resident

Oh goody. Just what we need an activist judge legislating from the OSC bench.

His views are known so it's obvious he has a political agenda to further from the bench.

If you are in the Senate or House you should not be allowed to serve on the OSC no matter what party you belong to.

The Big Dog's back

 Actvist judge? Oh you mean like 6 0f the 7 judges now? Why is it when a Dem runs they are "activists"?


Big Dog,

           I have been in all 33 Senators offices in Columbus several times.  At the most there are only two who I would trust for the Supreme Court.  One Democrat and one Republican and it sure isn't Skindell or our own twerp Mark Wagoner.


 Please enlighten us 'ol master Big Pup and tell us what decisions these 6 judges have made that are considered "activist" or legislating from the bench?