Murray has more contributions, Krabill has more individual contributors in House race

State Rep. Dennis Murray, D-Sandusky, is outpacing Republican challenger Jeff Krabill in fundraising. Both candidates agree, however, money isn't everything when running in Erie and Ottawa counties. Murray's latest report, filed July 30, showed $26,598.04 of cash in his campaign treasury.
Tom Jackson
Oct 12, 2010


State Rep. Dennis Murray, D-Sandusky, is outpacing Republican challenger Jeff Krabill in fundraising.

Both candidates agree, however, money isn't everything when running in Erie and Ottawa counties.

Murray's latest report, filed July 30, showed $26,598.04 of cash in his campaign treasury.

Krabill's most recent filing, turned in on June 11, shows that he has raised $11,479.04.

Murray's biggest contributions include $11,395 from the Ohio State Association of Pipefitters, $11,000 from the Ohio Assocation of Public School employees, $2,500 from the United Auto Workers of Ohio and $2,000 from the Ohio Association for Justice PAC.

Krabill's largest campaign donations came from individuals. He reported the following $1,000 contributors, all from last year: Physician Vimal Kumar, physician Brian R. Murphy, physician Alfred A. Kafity, physician James Fanning, Laurence Bettcher of Bettcher Industries and schoolteacher Karen Roshon.

"He gets the big checks, for example, from labor unions, but what he isn't getting is a lot of smaller checks," said Krabill, a businessman who lives in Sandusky. "We get a lot of contributions from individual citizens."

Both candidates said money is a lesser factor in Sandusky than it would be in an urban area. The willingness to spend endless hours going door to door is important, they said.

Candidates in Erie County enjoy a personal relationship with voters, Murray said.

"There are 11 parades in this district," he said.

The two are running for the Ohio District 80 seat, which represents Erie and Ottawa counties.

The third candidate in the race is Libertarian Judy Kayden, a Wakeman resident. Her campaign filing shows an empty treasury, with no contributions listed.

The real estate saleswoman loyally gave a $65 contribution to the Libertarian Party of Ohio, records show.

Erie County voters also are electing a county commissioner, choosing between Democratic incumbent Bill Monaghan and Republican Mike Pisarsky.

They also will pick a county auditor, either Republican Richard Jeffrey or the current Democratic officeholder, Tom Paul.

Monaghan filed a June 10 report listing $6,846.38 of total funds available, with most raised from a $5,000 loan he made to his campaign. Pisarsky reported $508.64 of available funds, almost all from a $500 contribution from the Erie County Republican Party.

Jeffrey reported $3,190 of total contributions and a $2,873.03 balance on hand. Paul reported $1,516.62 of total funds, including a $1,000 loan he made to his campaign.



 Mr. Murray received $11,000.00 from the pipefitters union. How many pipefitters are there in Ottawa and Erie County? Mr. Murray received $11,000.00 from the Ohio Association of Public School Employees. That's janitors, cafeteria workers and bus drivers not teachers. Do you think these area people know they donated to his campaign? No unions or corporations should be able to donate funds for political office. Individuals only and only a specific amount under the law. Let's get our government back and out of control of special interest groups.

Mr. Info

I agree with you, Outsider. Unfortunately, our extereme right-wing Supreme Court recently voted 5-4 to allow corporations to contribute as much as they want to political campaigns. It's sad, but true. Bush put Alito and Roberts on the court, who both bow to big business' every whim. They think corporations should have the same rights as individual people.


Big Unions and  Democratic Party have been in bed together for years.Kind of like same sex marriage,except Taxpayers pay all the bills,and recieve little,or no love.


I once belonged to a union. I didn't like the idea of the union always contributing to Democrats only. That was my money. Then when the union was running low on funds, they have the nerve to raise union dues. What happened to that ethics ruling when Murray was a city commissioner?


What GREED has joined together,let no man put asunder.New "translation"

hussein membrane

 BJ Card has a great idea: Taxpayer should pay for gay weddings.

Outsider, according to what you propose, you are against free speech as handed down by the super conservative Robert's Supreme court in Citizens United. How about if Duke Energy wanted to give a million to Mr. Krabill, would that be alright?

Sally Boy, Unions give to Democrats because Retropublicans oppose all things unions stand for. Did you enjoy the higher wages when you were in the union? Do you enjoy your pension now? Oy! what a putz!

brutus smith

 Oy sal, only money from the union PAC which you had to agree to give went for candidates. Regular union dues were not PAC money. 

BJ, Republicans are in bed with big business, so what's your point?

Outside lookin in

My question to all you voters is....Why would anyone vote for a LAWYER? and yet a lawyer from a family worth over a billion dollars!!!!!  Democrats don't belong to country clubs, have yaughts, live in multi-million dollar houses on Cedar Point Road and fly alll over the world.


to Outside lookin in...Sure they do...look at John Kerry, Ed Kennedy, Dodd and Barney Frank, Michelle Obama, and the list goes on and on...


 hussein membrane,

Did you read what I wrote? Let me state again, no unions or corporations. Only individuals and only a specific amount.  Oy! what a putz!


This liberal paper closed comments concerning Cole.

Whats up SR, is logic confusing for you? 
You pay a socialist like Ruffus and then when someone posts the truth concerning a PUBLIC official you remove the post and close the discussion? 

LOL, how can any reader take this paper seriously with such an attitude.

And BTW Ruffus, it WASN'T a TREAT that I would cancel the subscription, I DID. Want the account number? 


Bailey, the proper response to those asking if I'd like to subscribe to the Register is this: No thanks, I don't have a bird.

brutus smith

 Hey samadams, try freedom without Gov and let me know how that works out.

Forward Looking

I am voting for Krabill...I think we need someone that understands what needs to be fixed in this area besides jobs.  How about school funding?  Stop laying teachers off and then blaming the remaining teachers for dwindling grades like at Margaretta.  How is a teacher suppose to teach effectively with 27-30 students in a classroom?  It is not the teachers faults and more responsibility needs to be given to the parents not only for raising their kids, but to elect people that are going affect change.  I think we need to hold all of our elected officials accountable to what they say they will accomplish.  We all see what happened with Mr. Obama when he was running--He was going to change the world, but then he realized he didn't have a clue what he was saying.  Everyone loved his BS, now we are paying for it.  It is time to hold our elected officials accountable and don't re-elect them if they don't perform. 

It will be interesting with Ms. Cole starting in the coming weeks to see if she can do what she has preached.  Too many times we elect people because they generalize too much and people fall for it.  I wish Ms. Cole and Mr. Krabill all the best in their future endeavors. 


Too many working people in the unions.

Working people should not be allowed to contribute.

Only big corporations, Wall Street Bankers, and wealthy people should be able to contribute.

If you allow working people that belong to unions contribute, the next thing you know retired people will send a check.




The stash needs trimming.

How can he run anything, if he can't trim a stash?


And another thing.

It seems as if the people that boast about not supporting the SR, are the biggest posters.

Kinda like birds, cheap, cheap, cheap..............


re: forward looking.

That you Glenn?



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