Woman's night out turns into night in

Officers find customer still in bar at 3:30 a.m.
Aug 16, 2014


A woman was found inside a Columbus Avenue bar long after it closed Friday morning.

An alarm sounded at Daly's Pub at 3:38 a.m. Friday, prompting Sandusky police officers to respond to the scene, according to a police report.

Officers found the doors locked, but soon spotted a 41-year-old Warren Street woman sitting at the end of the bar, with no one else around.

Police asked the woman to come outside, but she motioned that she wasn't able to, the report said.

The door was locked, she explained, and she'd been trapped inside.

Officers tried to call a worker, but couldn't reach one, but an officer was eventually able to enter through the bar's sliding doors.

The woman said she was at the bar earlier with friends, then went to the restroom.

When she returned, the bar was closed and everyone had cleared out. She guessed that she'd fallen asleep.

The woman called her adult son, who picked her up then took her home.

Officers locked up the bar after making sure no one else was inside. 



So she got hammered and passed out in the bathroom. Classy.


What is this lady's name? If this were a police officer, fireman, a politician, or a school official you would demand the name so you could put it in print. Why not in this case. Do some investigating and put her name in the article like you would with the above people!


GREAT point!!!!


When getting hired or elected in as some type of authority, the phenomena you stated just comes with the territory. People demand to know not only what these officials have done, good or bad, but to also know their names. In this instance, it was a hammered woman who passed out on a toilet. I don't think anyone wants to know who (or even cares about) who this was.


Right on.


I agree with you,,, THE Sandusky Register has got sensationalism down to a science!


Good lord, leave the poor lady alone. Gosh. Big whoopty doo, she had a good time and passed out in the bathroom. Glad she's okay. I thought they checked the bar before locking it and that includes bathroom checks.






Ladies and Gentlemen! You have just witnessed more of the dumbing Dumbing Down of America!

It is now, completely acceptable to pass out in a bathroom of a bar! And as is tradition, blame it on the owners of the bar!

I smell a lawsuit coming. This drunk will try to win the hillbilly lottery because none of the workers woke her and told her it was time to go home!

By the way, welcome to the comment section, CommonsenceNow! Since you just created that screen name to come on here and defend yourself. How comfy is that tile floor in Daly's bathroom?


This is embarrassing but not news!

From the Grave

Party hearty!!!


It must be somebody of prominence or connected because no name was given if you get a DUI or whatever they make sure your name is blasted out there.

How about the word public intoxication?

From the Grave

She wasn't charged with anything. I mean, the people closing the bar are more at fault for not checking the bathroom, right? If I were the owner, we'd be having a long talk about this.


public intoxication is two words


How about tresspassing ?


She did not do anything that rises to the level of the public intoxication statue. Being drunk alone is not against the law.


At least it kept her from getting behind the wheel drunk



You need to change your glasses


Rolling on the floor LAUGHING!

Little Giant

So when do the bathrooms get cleaned?